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The finest rehab center in all of the United States. This is the only rehab center built just for teens. (ACCEPTING!!)

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Jared Daniél Knowles

His room was silent and dark. His curtains covered his windows blocking all attempts of sunlight from entering into his room. Music played softly in the background, and a figure lay in a very comfortable bed. The room was decorated beyond belief, and the wall’s neon colors went perfectly well with the black décor that littered the room. The figure rolled over in the bed, tossing the black comforter to the side as he reached for a small electronic device. He grasped a small remote in his hand and pressed the power button. Instantly the background music stopped. A male figure arose from the bed, and stretched, rubbing his eyes and taking in the view around him. He had been here for an entire year, working on two years, and he felt that his problem was being solved. He missed his dad, but he never let his emotions show regarding the issue.

Silently he made his way to his dresser and pulled out a pair of underwear. He grabbed a tank top, a pair of sweat pants, and a pair of socks. He pulled out his Nike shoes and grabbed the rest of his necessities. Heading towards the bathroom, Jared checked to make sure everything was in order in his room. His room was one of the most organized, dust free rooms in the entire rehab center. Aside from his cousin’s room which was extremely neat and organized, Jared’s room was about the same. After checking everything, he made his way to the boy’s bathroom and did what he had to do. The shower was exuberating and the steam just removed his aches and pains. Sure the sight of naked guys turned him on a bit, but the therapy he had been receiving was helping. His urges were still there, but he was able to control them, at least for a short amount of time. He left the bathroom with sex on his mind, and though he was sure he wouldn’t commit any sexual acts in the rehab center, he made sure that he cooled off before making his way to the cafeteria.

Once those things that were stimulated had calmed down, he put in his hoop earrings and made his way towards the café. He grabbed a tray and stepped in front of his cousin Jeremiah who had made it there before him. Jeremiah rolled his eyes and smiled, letting his cousin cut in line while picking food that had little to no blemishes. Jared finished choosing his food and made his way to a table that one guy occupied. He decided not to speak to the guy, because he looked as if he was lost in thought and Jared didn’t want to disturb. He had seen this guy around, one of the officials had called him Guy, Guy Meyers Jared recalled..

“Jared, how are you managing?” Jeremiah asked after sitting down next to Jared.

"So far so good cuzzo,” Jared replied as he took a bite of food.

Jeremiah sighed and picked at his food. He normally didn’t eat things he himself didn’t prepare, but he knew Jared would probably curse him if he didn’t at least try the food. Jared looked up and around the café, noticing a few of his “friends” if he could call them that.

Jeremiah Shávon Rowland

A nearly identical room, layout exactly the same as Jared’s, was silent. The only difference between the rooms was that Jeremiah’s room walls were silver, while Jared’s room walls were black with a splash of neon color here and there like a brick wall design. No music or alarm clock in sight as a figure moved around in a floating bed. There was absolutely nothing out of place, and no dust to be seen amongst the marble floors and various artifacts. Jeremiah rolled over at least three times before removing the comforter from his body. He was dressed as he always dressed before bed. Nothing on but a pair of pajama pants, not even a pair of underwear to be seen on his body. As he went about his daily routine of finding what he would wear, he looked at the clock on his wall and noticed that he was up early yet again. He picked up a pair of black skinny jeans, a button up pink plaid shirt, and a pair of knee high boots to wear. He grabbed his set of hoop earrings for the day and put them in.

“Wonder if Jared’s awake,” Jeremiah stated as he made his way towards the boy’s bathroom.

After he had finished what he had to do, he made his way back to his room and tossed his dirty clothes into a hamper that set neatly against his closet. He wrapped a metal bracelet around his right wrist and checked to make sure everything was in place. As he liked, his clothing was a little form fitting, but it showed the right parts of his body. He smiled and walked out of the room before making his way to the café. Once there, he stood in line with his tray, though it wasn’t long before Jared appeared and jumped in front of him. Jeremiah laughed a little but made it through the line with enough to eat.

He and his cousin talked for a little before his eyes took in his surroundings. Yes, he had made a few friends since he had been at the rehab center. He had made great progress with his addiction and disorder. Only time would tell if the therapy had worked, but as far as he’d seen, it was helping a lot. His thoughts weren’t as clouded with perfection and sex as it was when he first arrived. He hadn’t had a violent outburst in over a year, and he hadn’t drunk any alcohol for three years.

“Hey man, what’s up?” Jeremiah asked Guy attempting to make conversation. “Haven’t I seen you around? You haven’t been here long have you?”

Jared looked up when he heard Jeremiah talking and wondered if he was actually trying to make conversation with a guy he really didn’t know, then again Jeremiah was a little bit more outspoken than Jared was.