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The finest rehab center in all of the United States. This is the only rehab center built just for teens. (ACCEPTING!!)

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Jared Knowles

Jared had nearly eaten all the food on his plate, and hadn’t thought about sex or alcohol at all while he ate. Truly he was making much progress at this center. A smile was plastered on his face, but as he looked down, he noticed that his tank top was rather revealing. It was a little bit transparent, but he didn’t care, so long as no one approached him with an offer he couldn’t refuse. Sighing, he looked at Jeremiah and wondered why he had taken the incentive to strike up a conversation with someone who probably didn’t want to converse with anyone today. At that moment, he heard someone whispering his name rather loudly. One could wonder if the person was whispering at all. Jared turned around in his seat and noticed Nina. She was a beautiful girl, but she had problems just like everyone else here. Still, he had become friends with her and hoped to try to help her with her problem so long as she helped him.

He lifted up one finger, which indicated that he’d be there in a minute. Standing to his feet with his tray in his hand, he moved over to her table and sat down beside her, but not before kissing her on the cheek and giving her a hug.

“What’s up Nina? How you doing Adalya?” Jared said as he started picking through the remaining food on his tray.