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The finest rehab center in all of the United States. This is the only rehab center built just for teens. (ACCEPTING!!)

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Devlin, after finishing her coffee, stood and stretched. She needed something other than coffee this morning. she needed her fix. She ran her fingers through her hair unsure how to get an adrenal rush in a place like this. Short of punching someone to get a fight, she had nothing.

She stood, not paying attention, and ran into someone, their food landing all over them. She looked up to find a pretty blond girl with big blue eyes that where filled with fury.

"Ah...oops" she said

"!" the girl screached.

"Hey, name calling isn't nice, i prefer to be called a conisuer of the unusual." Devlin said with a smile. The girl was getting on her nerves.

"im sure it will come right out." Devlin said.

"This is designer!" the girl screeched again.

"oh, you must be a shopoholic...i see...well, my bad, on the bright side it makes your outfit look better" Devlin said with a wicked grin. the girl blanched the took a handful of food from her shirt and fling it at Devlin. Devlin ducked just in time, did a back hand spring across the table and landed on the other side before turning to face he girl yet again.

"now now that wasn't very nice." she said and shook her head with another wicked grin.