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The finest rehab center in all of the United States. This is the only rehab center built just for teens. (ACCEPTING!!)

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Jared and Jeremiah

"Look who finally came out of his room." Nina whispered to him.

Jared looked up and noticed Jason eating his food just as everyone else was supposed to be doing.

"Amazing right?" Adalya added in.

Jared smirked and simply shook his head. He may have met Jason maybe once or twice since his arrival, and every encounter was always a good one. He really had nothing bad to say about Jason other than the helmet he wore should be removed. He honestly didn’t see why he wore the darn thing. He had saw Jason probably once in the entire time the guy had been at the rehab center without the helmet, and that was when he was taking a shower and Jared walked in and caught him off guard. Of course Jared didn’t say anything to him, merely waving and carrying on with his own business.

“Have any of you tried to get to know him? You may be surprised by what you find out,” Jared stated as he went back to picking at his food.

Jared felt that if they got to know Jason, they probably wouldn’t feel the way they did about him. He was odd, that much was true, but behind the helmet was probably a cool guy.

“YO JASON,” Jared yelled waving to signal Jason to come over, “COME HERE MAN!”

Jared smirked and winked at Nina.

Jeremiah sighed and turned to look at the two girls causing commotion in the cafeteria. Hadn’t they realized that this was not the place to be fighting. If anything, they’d have consequences to pay for even throwing a punch in this place. Still, most of the time the guards would let the fighters get their frustration out before intervening. Jeremiah was getting annoyed and really wasn’t in the mood for all the yelling and screaming. That’s when he heard Jared yell for Jason and he turned his head in the direction of Jared’s voice.

“Wow,” Jeremiah stated, “He’s on the prowl.”

Jeremiah laughed softly to himself and looked back at the two girls fighting. From what he knew, one of the girls was known as Devlin, and the other one he couldn’t quite remember. Standing to his feet, he walked over to the two and stepped in between them.

“Do you really think that’s wise? Fighting only leads to more trouble. Just go your separate ways and try to stay out of trouble. This place is a place of healing and rehabilitation, not backsliding and fighting.”