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The finest rehab center in all of the United States. This is the only rehab center built just for teens. (ACCEPTING!!)

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Jeremiah just simply looked at the two girls as they went their separate ways. One was angry the other nonchalant. He smirked as he shook his head and decided that it was time to get to his first class. Walking back to the table he had sat at, he picked up his tray and walked over to the trashcan where he dumped his trash and walked over to Jared. He whispered into Jared’s ear and waved at Nina. Walking towards the exit, he was approached by a friend of his. A girl named Samantha gave Jeremiah a hug and started conversing with him.

“How are you Jeremiah? I haven’t seen you since last week.”

“I’m good, can’t complain. What’s up?” Jeremiah replied.

“Oh nothing, just thought I’d let you know that the guy you have a crush on has been pushing himself really hard. Maybe you should talk to him or something. You’ve always been good at helping others with their issues, which has always made me wonder why you are here.”

Samantha smiled and placed a soft hand on Jeremiah’s shoulder. She mouthed the words “talk to him” and proceeded to exit the cafeteria. Jeremiah stood there shaking his head. Was it that obvious that he liked Egan Henderson? How did she know about his little boy crush? He sighed and made a mental note to visit Egan at some point to talk to him about any issues he may be having. After all, he has helped a ton of people at the rehab center. With a smile, he made his way towards his first class of the day, Chemistry II. He hated this particular class for reasons even he didn’t know. He currently had an A in the class, but he still despised it. Making his way back to his room, he grabbed his backpack and headed to Chemistry II.