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Egan sat down in his desk and sighed, slightly out of breath and set his books down. He looked around the classroom before opening his binder and removing a small amount of lined paper. Then he pulled out a blue pen and rested it on top of the paper and opened his textbook to the subject they were on. It was all ritual for him as he dated and signed the note paper, placing the subject on the top line followed by the chapter and "in class notes". He hated this class. Junior English was almost insulting and extremely boring. All of the material they were reading he had read before he was 11 and had already published a paper on the main novel they were studying. He tried to pay attention and tried to be polite by taking notes but instead he found that he was distracted by thinking of ways to burn calories while he sat in class. But today, his thoughts were going to coke and the desire to get high and get lost in an essay. His leg bounced anxiously under his desk as he looked around, tapping his finger on his pencil and spotting Ada and Devlin. He had noticed them around and saw them at breakfast this morning but he didn't know the others although he was in Health class with one of the guys sitting with them in the caf. He had noticed how hot the dark haired guy was in his class but Egan was way too shy to ever approach him and he assumed that he was way out of his league. Quickly, he clicked his tongue, another nervous habit of his whenever he was thinking about something that he had now decided he absolutely had to stop thinking about; he stared out the window and started thinking about the book he was reading.