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The finest rehab center in all of the United States. This is the only rehab center built just for teens. (ACCEPTING!!)

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Indirah was by herself the whole time, hiding somewhere... she just wasn't sure where... exactly. She missed the time in the Cafeteria, and planned to miss the rest of the day; tired of all the noise and people. She just had no tolerance for ignorance and noise. Something she should probably work on... Indirah looked at the time on her Eiffel Tower Shaped charm necklace that had a little clock on it. She bit her lip and stood up knowing it was probably time to head on to her first class. She wished to be by herself, but what if someone caught her? It would be a drag to have to go through all that trouble just because she simply wanted to get away for a tiny moment.

Shaking her messy hair. She made a her way through the twists and turns of the place, it just made her dizzy and irritated. She licked her lips. Finally finding her way into her classroom, she instantly felt anxious. She had the burning desire to regurgitate... from only eating grapes for breakfast? Indirah made a face of disgust. God she felt so pathetic. She inhaled deeply then exhaled, trying to let go of all her temptations and urges.

( Sorry for late start . I've been kind of distracted by things . )