Granger Acadmey

Granger Acadmey


Granger Academy for monsters to learn about themselves, other worlds, and how to use their abilities.

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Granger Academy is an elite school for monsters, only accepting the best and the bravest to come train at the school to have their abilities become even greater, and even train them how to live in the human world. Along with other monsters in the human world and other dimensions, Count Granger had established the school to prepare the younger generation of monsters and instruct them so the monsters can continue into the future with strength and knowledge of all other things from monsters, humans, and even to aliens that it has in the past. Future students get the chance to come to the school and be the best monsters the world will ever see, with their only being three rules at the school: You must always stay in human form, never reveal what type of monster you truly are, and no humans allowed. If humans were to know the school existed Count Granger knew they would most likely try to find their weaknesses and kill the monsters for being different.

Count Granger doesn't blame the humans for their fear of them, for some of the most famous and dangerous monsters attend Granger Academy. Count Dracula, one of the most famous monsters in the world, was a vampire at the very top of his class at the academy. He never missed a day, made all A's, and was one of the most popular monsters at school. After graduating he lived in the human world and became known as a dangerous vampire, giving the academy a bad name. After monsters like him were being released in the human world Count Granger made it that if any monster that attended his school and became a cruel monster in the human world would be hunted down and killed.

But for now enjoy your stay at Granger Academy and have fun learning.


1. Alena Mor Ley// 16 // Siren // Female
2. Ophelia Cheshire// Centuries, Appears 18 // Ghost // Female
3. Reserved Female
4. Male
5. Male

1. Female
2. Female
3. Male
4. Male


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Character Portrait: Alena Mor Ley
Character Portrait: Ophelia Cheshire


Character Portrait: Ophelia Cheshire
Ophelia Cheshire

"I just want to die"

Character Portrait: Alena Mor Ley
Alena Mor Ley

"My species doesn't choose who I am, my mind does."


Character Portrait: Ophelia Cheshire
Ophelia Cheshire

"I just want to die"

Character Portrait: Alena Mor Ley
Alena Mor Ley

"My species doesn't choose who I am, my mind does."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Ophelia Cheshire
Ophelia Cheshire

"I just want to die"

Character Portrait: Alena Mor Ley
Alena Mor Ley

"My species doesn't choose who I am, my mind does."

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