London, Ontario, CanadaSaidi May

15 Year Old, Redhead Freshman

a character in “Green Hills Highschool”, as played by kkpigs

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Saidi is very sweet and caring. She tries to help everyone and will always come right to your assassistance if you need it. Although she is normally quiet, she likes to sing and she also likes to write. Her voice is very beautiful. The only sports she plays are basketball and tennis and she always wears shorts and hoodies, even in the Winter.

She doesn't get veyr romantic, ever, and she has a reputation of being a royal bitch when she needs to be. Her teeth are perfect, her eyes are blue and her hair is always straight. She loves to swim and she loves birds and dogs.

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Saidi smiled and went out to help him but ended up falling herself. She started to laugh and tried to get up, but fell again. Hopeless.