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"Now around me, you'll see various obstacles in our training grounds. Today's lesson: effectively using your surroundings."

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Asher Evans

Personal Information

Age 26
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 6"1'
Weight: 140 lbs.
Nationality: American

Written Description:
Asher is a full grown adult. He's tall and has a slight muscle build- nothing too buff. You'll only see it when his clothes are off. He has pale skin with no scars or marks at all. His silver hair is usually like the one seen in the picture, but he'll cut it sometimes.
His usual casual attire includes a white T-shirt from Echo Unlimited and a black hoodie designed for Winter with navy blue jeans. During missions, he wears a dark attire with a crucifix (the picture right under the name; Asher does NOT have that many swords).
In school, when teaching, Asher has a buttoned up shirt on (various colors), a tie, and black slacks complete with matching dress shoes and a belt. It's formal, but the only difference would be the rolled-up sleeves.
Now, for his face. Asher has a pair of icy blue eyes. He is mostly seen with a smile that would calm anyone down and tell them that he's a kind guy. Of course, there's a certain aura around Asher that makes certain people intimidated, but that same aura makes others think he's dependable and trustworthy. During battle, Asher's face turns to an emotionless one. The only hint about what he's doing is that his eyes move everywhere, examining everything.

Weapons, Equipment, and Abilities:
Uchigatana: An old Japanese sword. It was popular in it's time for being light and easy to carry as well as to attack with. Asher uses this sword to attack quickly and sheathe his sword into a scabbard he always carries in his hand during battle for defense purposes (the scabbard is secretly reinforced for this purpose; no one knows how).
Shadow Manipulation: Asher's power is the element of darkness, specifically the shadow itself. His power grows greater at night, when the shadows are purely black and is everywhere. Asher can bring the shadow out of the ground/wall, making it into an actual object that Asher can use. The shape can be anything, from a sword to a human. However, Asher struggles more with considerably large objects than himself, so he tends to use it as a sword or spear.
Strings attached to blades: In addition to his sword, Asher is also seen fighting with strings. They're used as trip wires or set like them to cut through Asher's opponents. Asher also has strings attached to the blades of several hidden knives, so Asher can easily throw his knives and pull them back to trick enemies and backstab without getting too close.


Once you meet him as an ally or student, Asher is actually a nice guy. He welcomes anyone into his class, and his teaching plans aren't boring. Despite knowing that fighting is a serious thing, Asher tries not to make his class so monochrome. He's loose and doesn't give out homework other than to practice. He makes up activities for each lesson in order to make it fun. On the other hand, though, Asher is definitely serious when it comes to certain things. At the event of something occurring, Asher drops every loose string and commands the class to do what they're told. He cares for everyone, and if there was an attack, no one's getting lost. If there's an appropriate time to be angered and/or agitated, Asher would stay calm anyway. If there's a class clown, Asher will simply make them as a temporary target for the sparring days.
When it comes to strategy, Asher's your man. He can easily pick out the best strategy even IN battle, fully participating in it in the front lines. His eyes also help along with this, as they take in everything with a photographic memory. With Asher's line of thinking, a single crack can mean a break in a chain; just strike it.
In social life, Asher's a fun guy to have around. He's not one to drink, but give him a call and he'll drive home with you. Asher would make a lot of jokes to make everyone laugh, and obviously he's the right friend to have around in parties.
With love, however, it's a different story. Let's just say that Asher can love, but he's too afraid to have a relationship...
+ Partying
+ Being with friends
+ Seeing people smile
+ A good fight every now and then isn't harmful to anyone.
+ Strategy Games

- Selfish people
- Having to deal with paperwork
- Anyone who dares to attack his friends
- Using lethal force against other people, no matter which side
- Betrayal

+ Strategy
+ Being fun
+ Able to be quite the adversary
+ Able to make the bleakest moments seem bright

- Is love-shy
- Around flirtious women, Asher is practically rendered useless
- Seduction works best against him to break concentration and removing his edge in battle


Asher, as a boy, was a normal innocent child with latent powers. There were no hints until his early teenage years, when he started to dream about "being sucked into the darkness." These dreams became progressively worse until they were at the point of actuating his dormant abilities. When that happened, his parents spied on him late that night to see what was happening, and they were caught within a maze of spikes created from the shadows- Asher's unconscious defensive technique at the time. And thus, for the next three years, Asher's family had become afraid of Asher's ever-growing powers. they feared that Asher might kill them, intentionally or not.
At that point, the parents didn't know what to do, until they heard about the Greenfield Academy. From there, Asher prospered until he decided that, after college, he'd go back there to teach the new generation to hone their powers.

First Time Teaching Here?
Love Interest:
n/a (May change)
Relatives at School:

So begins...

Asher Evans's Story

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A silver haired man walked through the doors of his new place of work and living. It seemed that at least half the students had already arrived... Meaning that he might be late already. Nah. I think they'd give even staff members a day or two to find where we should go. The man mentally chuckled. There was a large grin on his face, obviously meaning that he's new to the job. Students who have gone here before might think he's easy picking. However, he always have a plan to counter any... unwanted behaviors. Asher HAD been a student in this academy before...

As Asher went to the principal's office to pick up his keys, the teacher began to whistle a tune from a random anime video he watched. It was catchy, but if anyone bothered to read the English translations, they'd realize it was just a song about a person being forced to kill a prince, only to fall in love. Asher still whistled it until he reached the floor he was in. Looking around, he walked through the hall to find his room. "305... 307.... 309..." Asher muttered, then realized that he's on the wrong floor. Idiot. Asher thought as he ran into the stairwell and up to the next floor. There, the teacher found his room: 413.

Having the keys fly around his finger, Asher approached the room. He knocked, but no answer (this is just assuming he past Jillian on the way as she spoke to Eclipse) and proceeded to unlock the door. Cool, air conditioned air was what greeted the new teacher. Sighing, Asher brought himself and all his things into the room, unpacking all his stuff onto one bed. "Hm... I wonder who my roommate would be..." Asher muttered. "It feels like I'm a student again..." Finding space for himself on the bed, Asher laid down on it, figuring what he should do next.

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A black and gauzy ribbon-like line was swooping around the hallway walls. It was growing and disappearing at the same time. Suddenly, the whole floor got pitch black. The blackness shattered in pieces, which violently started moving around the hallway, to the stairs and most likely - to the other floors.

Each of the pieces invaded the mind of every single living creature in the dorm building. It attacked their five senses, sped up the pulse and breathing of most of them, and started fighting with their psyche. Some could barely feel it, although they were affected enough to notice it.

"What was that?" Togame thought.

Others almost got a mental breakdown, as both their organs and mind state were struggling with darkness.

Sora collapsed on her knees, holding her head, screaming for help. Her thoughts were rushing and fighting, her heart was pounding. She went silent and started breathing heavily.

It affected each of them differently. However, everyone now knew something was wrong.