GrimmtownEmilie Barnes

a character in “Grimmtown High”, as played by Midnight's Work

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Emilie Nicholas Barnes

Once upon a time...
That's how it always starts right?

Full Name: Emilie Nicholas Barnes
Role: Briar Rose
Fairy Tale: Sleeping Beauty
Description: Emilie has long golden hair, which is sometimes easily mistaken for light brown. She has chocolate brown eyes and stands at about 5'4". She isn't extremely gorgeous, but she is in no way bland either. Her clothing style is mainly comfortable clothes, but no matter what she wears, her outfits always match her personality. She may seem delicate, but not all is as it seems.

The Magic. The Romance...
The Evil Stepmothers. The Dreams Come True.

Personality: Emilie is in no way shy. She has a free, fiery spirit that cannot be tamed. She loves running through the forest barefoot, feeling the ground under her feet all but come alive. She loves music, and can play piano, and guitar. She often criticizes herself over what she's done, even if she's done good. She's loyal, always there when needed, but she's also stubborn. If she's chosen not to listen to you, there's nothing you can do to change her mind, but sit back and watch the impending scene unfold.
  • singing
  • running barefoot
  • being outside
  • music in general
  • drawing

  • restrictions/rules
  • fire
  • being completely alone
  • staying inside for too long
  • arrogance
  • mediocrity
    • Loyal-Once she's made a friend, she sticks by them.
    • Free Spirit-She has a spirit that cannot be tamed.

    • Stubborn-Once she's chosen not to listen, there's not much anyone can do
    • Snarky-She's got a quick wit, which can be both a blessing and a curse.

But what comes between the beginnings,
And the Happily Ever Afters?

So begins...

Emilie Barnes's Story