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The Academy of Unseen Arts

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[font=aa:izcwm4zc][left:izcwm4zc][center:izcwm4zc][img:izcwm4zc][/img:izcwm4zc] [img:izcwm4zc][/img:izcwm4zc] [img:izcwm4zc][/img:izcwm4zc][/center:izcwm4zc][/left:izcwm4zc][justify:izcwm4zc]Desdemona had grown used to the barbs Bodhi sent her way. To be completely honest, any stranger would probably assume they were sworn enemies, rather than close friends; their relationship was funny, that way. Perhaps it was a consequence of their respectfully dysfunctional upbringings, but that was simply how they displayed affection to each other. Hence, the only reaction Bodhi's harsh comment received from Des was a wry smile, followed by an equally vicious rebuttal. [color=#a2a7b8:izcwm4zc][b:izcwm4zc]"No apology necessary. You had to take inspiration from [i:izcwm4zc]someone[/i:izcwm4zc], after all. And I'd hardly recommend your [i:izcwm4zc]own[/i:izcwm4zc] mother."[/b:izcwm4zc][/color:izcwm4zc] Bodhi's step ahead was, strangely, far more offensive to her, and Des' brow rose in slight indignation before deciding to ignore it. Perhaps she was feeling jovial today, or perhaps Bodhi simply looked especially pretty all in white, but she chose to tether her irritation. Instead, she smirked, letting Bodhi have her fun. Especially when that fun was directed towards Lucia, irritating glutton that she was. Normally, a witch such as Lucia would be nothing more than an irrelevant, if slightly irritating mar to Des' periphery. The girl was not the sort to attract Des' attention, neither positively nor negatively, and such a nonexistent relationship is one she's sure they would have both been satisfied with. Lucia's relationship with Emrys, however, had soiled any such possibility. Emrys was hardly prey to the black widow, he wasn't nearly so malleable, but the French witch brought out something in her brother that made him reckless for all the wrong reasons. It frustrated Des, and sometimes it frightened her. [b:izcwm4zc]β€œMy father writes that the standards here are falling behind expectations. I agree with him of course. These days it seems that they’ll admit anyone. Even gluttonous drunks it appears.”[/b:izcwm4zc] Eyeing the pair now, she replied to Bo with venom in her voice, [color=#a2a7b8:izcwm4zc][b:izcwm4zc]"Standards have most certainly slipped. I'll be sure to amend that when I inherit my father's position."[/b:izcwm4zc][/color:izcwm4zc] Neo, who up until that point had remained quiet, tutted playfully at the girls, [color=#896767:izcwm4zc][b:izcwm4zc]"Then again, aren't we encouraged to revel in sin? Perhaps Lucia's just ahead of the curve."[/b:izcwm4zc][/color:izcwm4zc] She said it lightly enough, with no argumentative edge to her voice. It was nought but a gentle musing posed to ease the tension. A tension that always seemed to rise when witches with egos as big as those of her current companions' were in the same space together for more than a brief moment. Des scoffed, resting an ebony-nailed hand on Neo's shoulder, [color=#a2a7b8:izcwm4zc][b:izcwm4zc]"You're too soft, Neo. Revelling in sin is one thing. Fixating on it to the point of primality is [i:izcwm4zc]quite[/i:izcwm4zc] another."[/b:izcwm4zc][/color:izcwm4zc] [color=#896767:izcwm4zc][b:izcwm4zc]"Perhaps I am, or perhaps I don't want my roommate to hex me while I'm asleep because you and Bodhi insisted on throwing shade."[/b:izcwm4zc][/color:izcwm4zc] She retained her light tone, but her casual attempt to diffuse the situation went about as successfully as she expected. Des removed her hand from the girl's shoulder, offering her a faux-apologetic smile and a [i:izcwm4zc]what-can-I-say?[/i:izcwm4zc] shrug, and Neo to raised a brow in a mixture of exasperation and resignation. [color=#896767:izcwm4zc][i:izcwm4zc]Oh well, at least I tried.[/i:izcwm4zc][/color:izcwm4zc] Emrys, meanwhile, wasn't listening to the conversation whatsoever. Their words, familiar in their disdainful nature, passed over him as though he were caught in a separate, silent world. A bubble of his own thoughts. And in that bubble with him was Lucia. He glanced at her, remembering their exchange from the night before. They hadn't spoken since then, not that they had had any opportunity to, but still, the air between them was thick with words left unspoken, and actions unexplained. [i:izcwm4zc]'Get out,'[/i:izcwm4zc] he had said, deftly twisting what was initially a mutually reckless and untethered relationship into something far less comfortable. Just like that, someone had come, uninvited, to catch him at one of his weakest moments. He looked away.[/justify:izcwm4zc][/font:izcwm4zc]