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filertextThose born with feathered wings must live in the air, and those born with gills must live in the sea. It's only natural for those born with forked tongues to live in a lie.

ROLE: Divine 3 | FC: Melusine [Ibuki Notsu] | BEAST NAME: Qi (Kí)
✘ ✘ ✘ ...Sly..but not by choice..xImage


Divine Three | Horned Serpent

Guardian Three | Junichi Takahashi




Quinn has the ability to harden her blood into ruddy crystals. The durability of the crystals is similar to granite and the crystals fade back to blood if they are left outside of a certain range related to her. At its peak, a drop of blood could yield a foot-long crystalline spike where as a smaller puddle could create a large crystal shield for protection. However, in her severely weakened state, all the blood in her body can only yield a crystal the size of a fist.

Imagex..I'm going to bite you now!! ✘ ✘ ✘

4'11 [Normal/Half-beast] || Varies [Beast]xxx101 lbs [Normal/Half-beast] || Varies [Beast]

XXXXLight LavenderXXXXXXXXXXXxxxXXXXXXXXxxxCrimson Red


xxxxxx xxx xx xxx xxxxx. xxxxxx xxx xx xxx xxxxx. xx Quinn is a soul of passion, eyes of deep sanguine and a mane of lavender flame. She possesses a svelte thin figure, with a pale complexion. Her arms reside within a limbo between fat and thin, possessing no muscle whatsoever, but unable to be described as bony either. Her body is adorned with various markings, a rather novel way of marking one's own property that Quinn has allowed the various generations of Divine that she had partnered up with. Not so much a way to mock the curse, but an emphatic gesture to the partners she enjoyed her time with. With so many generations, ways to reminisce are quite limited.

When transitioning to half-beast form, she grows red horns and a large ruddy tail. Sanguine scales form on her arms, legs and chest and her teeth sharpen into a sizable set of fangs. Her pupils noticeably slant, allowing for greater vision in the night, but worse vision in the day.

Her divine form is quite the spectacle. Taking on the form of a giant snake, complete with deep red scales that cover her whole body. The snake form itself is about 60 yards long and 6 yards thick. The full divine form has noticeable cuts throughout the body, allowing for use of her ability.

✘ ✘ ✘ ..The god slaying serpent..the world eater..xImage


A free and energetic spirit, when among her fellow divine she acts out of instinct, not etiquette. Not one to pass up a prank, or friendly banter between the siblings. Emotion adorns her every word, and passion makes up her speech like a backdrop. Quinn talks fondly of cage-less prospects, and life without the routine. Within her own kind, she is content.

The eldest divine were keen on protecting the youngest from any exposure. This cage paved in milk and honey, Quinn wasn't taught to detest their captors. Quite frankly, her older siblings brushed off any inquiries. Though, even the great Divine aren't immune to letting their emotions run wild. Some nights, she can feel a deep sorrow from Ofi, and cold killing intent from Adonis. Ever curious Quinn wasn't fond of secrets..and hated that they didn't know the difference between being protected and being kept in the dark.

To put it lightly, she is a spy. But to put it accurately, she is a traitor. Placing tight leashes on a moderate group of runaway beasts that Quinn herself had become the de-facto leader of, the royal family, and more accurately the queen promises the freedom of her beast friends and her divine family. All that is required, is her unquestionable loyalty. Quinn plays the part of the perfect figure-head for her divine siblings, and begrudgingly reading her lies to the T. Alongside spying on her siblings to bring to light any secrets that the guardians are unable to notice.

Quinn tells herself that this is the only way. She would surely die for any one of her siblings..but she finally secured a escape. They all must crave freedom as much as she did, right..?


Her own thoughts call her a traitor..a snake.

Imagex..I have to..it's not treason.. ✘ ✘ ✘

┍━━━X LOVE & HATEX ━━━┑

LOVE ; Laying under things
HATE ; Liars
LOVE ; Her siblings
HATE ; Too much sun
LOVE ; Reiji~♡
HATE ; Hot things


✘ ✘ ✘ ...I have my methods. It's in your best interest not to question them.xImage

Q U I R K ;
Lying under/among things; To relax, Quinn has a rather excessive ritual. When outside, she has to find tall grass that can at least go up to her waist while sitting down. When inside, she will lay within a fortress of pillows, only to poke her head out for air.
Fiddling with her tail; As of the younger half of the divine, she resides in her half-beast form more often than her normal human form. When nervous, she has a tendency to play with her own tail.

S T R E N G T H ;
Silver tongue; With many years of social gathering, parties and appeasing under her belt, she is skilled at using her words to her advantage.
Obedient; With the exception of a select few, she is keen on swallowing her pride and following orders.
Acrobat; In human or half-beast form, Quinn possesses impressive flexibility and agility.

W E A K N E S S ;
Stubborn; She is quite insistent on her beliefs, not one to have her opinions easily swayed. When she beliefs this is the only way, she damn-well means it.
Defiant; To the select few, namely the guardians, she lets her true personality show and rarely cooperates with them. She doesn't exactly get much respect from them, and acts as if she has a bone to pick, even if she has never met them before.
Strength; Her normal and half-beast form is not physically strong in the slightest.

F E A R ;
Abandonment; Quinn feels as if she is between 2 sides. Being cast out and not accepted by the other divines would drill a hole in her heart
WhoAmI.png?; Despite her many human years of life, Quinn fears not being able to find her own identity. One of the great divine..or a pet for their slavers?

S E C R E T ;
Freedom; Quinn still longs for her freedom, and earnestly tries to tell herself that being obedient and keeping her secret will eventually lead to their release. However, something inside of her screams that she is sorely mistaken.
Wrong; Despite her overwhelming stubbornness, realizing that her whole life of gratifying her slavers was all for naught would break her.

Imagex..The hatred is my own.. ✘ ✘ ✘


__F A M I L YOfelia // Unknown // Older Sibling__
Adonis// Unknown // Older Sibling__
Lyssa // 759 // Younger Sibling__

__Quinn retains no memories of life outside the garden. As a child, she stuck close to her fellow divine, but quickly found herself gravitating towards beasts. Inside the castle, her interactions were a bit limited, but she eventually befriends a select few. A group 6 red collared and white collared beasts with a purple collared leader became her only friends outside of the divine. A light at the end of the tunnel of endless bondage. They kept her company when her siblings were out, Quinn tricking her guardian to allow her another few minutes to talk with them.

They all had many defining quirks and quips, but they all longed for freedom similar to Quinn. Over the span of 100 years, the beasts have crafted a plan of escape and Quinn was at the for-front. Personally, requesting an audience with the master of her friends and distracting him long enough for their escape. While Quinn longed to have escaped with them, she stayed behind to not bring attention to her friends. However, in a single month, they were all captured one-by-one. Their purple-collared leader who longed to see the sun more than anyone was the sole reason they spent so much effort to find a few runaway beasts.

Naturally, when burdened with the news, Quinn confessed to the royal family and took full responsibility for the escape. She knew the life that awaited disobedient beasts.

She awaited a sore wrist, but instead was greeted by a proposal. A palliative guise for what was clearly blackmail. She would now serve the queen in secret, ending her previous rebellious streak and becoming a watchful eye against her own family. Her hatred for the royal family and the guardians has been groomed since this day.

From this day, she felt nothing but malice towards the guardians. Her partner almost always had a stick up..somewhere and arrogance to match. She found herself arguing and biting back whenever she saw fit. These acts of defiance weren't enough to get her partners to snitch however..as they must permeate the guise of being perfect guardians. Though, things change..with Quinn's steadfast opinion seldom one of them. Until..10 years ago..

It started like any other drab partnering ritual. Quinn waded through the 20 hours of formalities before finally being alone with him. She awaited something along the lines of "know your place" or "I'm the captain now" to be shoved down her drums. However..his first words were different.

"Where would you like to go first?"

Was it a trick? She had been told by her siblings that humans weren't above such tactics..especially guardians. Shooting puzzled looks of bewilderment, Quinn asked the man to repeat himself. To which a chuckle escorted by "You don't go out much, do you?" shortly followed.

A promise kept through to the end. These 10 years alongside her partner were filled with joy and splendor. Most days started outside the birdcage. The man taking her out on walks and such around the kingdom had become the daily routine. They spent nights talking and listening to one another. They even tried to sneak out of the kingdom one time..though they didn't get far. Quinn knew why most took on this title. The burden comes with riches..usually used to adorn oneself. Genuine care for the divine is thrown out the window in favor of tugging the leash tighter. This man was a different world, with Quinn acting on her best behavior so that he wouldn't get in trouble for his kindness. It was safe to say that dear Quinn developed a bit of a crush on him.

But that's in the past now..the cycle repeats itself once more. Quinn has heard all about her new guardian from Reiji, supposedly an all business type of individual..a quote unquote "tryhard". She prays that Reiji's kindness isn't a recessive trait.

Imagex..The compassion was a gift.. ✘ ✘ ✘

CS - Verix
CS Edits - Scra
Inspiration - Verix & Scra
Played - Phantom
Dialogue #8E0000Thoughts #B266B2

So begins...

Quinn's Story


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#, as written by Maestro
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"He was one of those creatures who are just simmering there all the time with a silly sort of wickedness. Miserable devils who have no business living at all."---Joseph Conrad.


Seventy-four times. That was how many times they had been forced to endure the same trivial and mundane pageantry. There had been seventy-four Guardians, and Lyssa/Lycaon would, if they had not already, outlive them all. And once the next cycle had ended, it would repeat… a chain of events that seemed to have no end in sight. The seventy-fifth would be no different. Just as insignificant and fickle as the last, or the next for the matter.

Lycaon drug his feet as he walked, lacking any enthusiasm for what would surely be a dull political affair. His arms hanging by his sides, he was flanked by two beasts, one to each side of him. The one to his right was named Roxa. She was rather small, a creature with the horned head of a wolf, and the strong legs of a dragon. With dark-purple hair and blue scaly-legs, she was an odd sight, walking quietly behind her master, her wings wrapped around her and tail bobbing behind her as she remained ever close to Lycaon. To his left was Falkor, a creature that had a looming presence. A hellhound, he had midnight-black fur and paws that were large enough to crush a man's skull. With snarling canines and a vicious demeanor, his frigid blue eyes scanned the area, wary of any potential threats to Lycaon. While Falkor and Roxa could not have been more different, the one thing they did have in common was an undying devotion towards Lyssa and Lycaon. Being that their form was that of Cerberus, who once stood guard at the Gates of Hell, it was not unusual to see that most of the Beasts who surrounded them were of a canine variety.

“Cheer up, Lycaon!” A sprightful voice could be heard - but only in the recesses of Lycaon’s own mind. “Why would I do a dreadful thing like that?” Lycaon could be heard mumbling under his breath to himself, his eyes glancing at his siblings suspiciously as if he were afraid of drawing attention to himself. “Well, aren’t you a little chippy? Would love to be there, but you have always had a ‘thing’ for humans. Personally, they disgust me. Frail bodies and weak minds… the only pleasant thing about their lives is how meaningless and short they are.” Lycaon scoffed, “Yes. Because you are so high and mighty. Maybe if you had any balls…” His words were cut short as Lyssa interrupted him. “Now, now. No need to get testy. You know how I adore making a proper entrance. Someone must keep these pathetic Guardians on their toes because if I do not, who will? Not like we can expect anything out of you. Sometimes I wonder if I should have been the one born with balls.”

Lycaon tensed up, his fists clenching into a ball. “They are not all bad!” His outburst would no doubt catch the attention of others, but he seemed to shrug such concerns away as he continued walking – as if nothing had happened. “Besides, with seventy-four Guardians, there were bound to be a few bad apples.” Lyssa’s laughing seemed to almost echo in every corner of his mind. “Hah! A few? That is the understatement of the year. I should know. I have been counting a miserable 759 of them. I swear, sometimes I think you take for granted everything I have had to do to keep US safe.” Lyssa had done many things over the last seven centuries to protect them; ungodly things done out of necessity. It was a cruel world, and Lyssa of all people made no mistake in accepting that they were anything but prisoners. Their purpose, their very existence, was one of eternal servitude to the powers who ruled over Eden. She had no other recourse but to play along… at least for now…


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And it's your dream to be the king of all creation
As far as I'm concerned you've hung your shadow on the wall
And though your fingers never really pulled the trigger
Your hands are just as guilty,
You're the one who bought the blood

DIALOGUE #800000THOUGHTS #6d6d6d

xxxxxAdelaide had been keeping a close eye on her father since they arrived in the audience room. She had taken only a moment to survey her surroundings- Addie had been in dozens of similar throne rooms, and the luxury was familiar to her like it wasn't to many of her peers. She looked to the King for approval- she had been a Guardian for three weeks now, a feat neither of his other children had accomplished. However, the man hadn't given her a sideways glance since they'd been led in like sheep to be watched and discussed by the nobles and priests. Addie was used to these affairs; she had an endless tolerance for small talk and fancy dresses. Her mind, on the other hand, was whirling with thoughts of the Divines. She'd been going through the motions for almost a month now, but still hadn't gotten a glimpse of her partner, the first Divine.

As much training as she'd done, and even though she'd been picked as one of the final four Guardians, Adelaide still felt unprepared. From an outside view, she and the Priestess's boy probably looked the most at home here- but the princess hated being out of control. She had a few castle servants posted around the grounds keeping an eye on things, and one or two officials who owed her a favor in case something went terribly wrong, but it wasn't enough to soothe her nerves entirely. She shifted her weight slightly, feeling the stiffness of a hidden knife pressing against her calf.

Addie didn't dare break her poise, but surveyed her companions with a stoic air. The other three Guardians were an eclectic mix of people. To her right was Lord Valerys, part of the massive and convoluted bloodline stemming from the Priestess. The Guardians hadn't gotten much unsupervised time together, but Adelaide saw a kindred spirit in the boy. Both had been raised with high expectations, in close proximity to royalty and power. The two had been familiar with each other long before they had entered Guardian training, in fact, since the church and state were so closely tied. He was intelligent and observant, and a worthy opponent in battle- someone who truly deserved the title of Guardian.

The other two, Addie was less sure about. Junichi and Galaya were both commoners, giving them little esteem from the start. However, the princess knew better than to underestimate a street rat- they were fierce, and clever gamblers. Neither struck her as outright poor, though. Galaya had been an orphan, and Junichi the younger brother of one of the previous Guardians. Both were much more reluctant to interact with her, and the blonde seemed outright intimidated. From the brief interactions she'd had with Junichi, he'd seemed to have something to prove- a chip on his shoulder that kept him driven and dedicated. She respected that, sure, but he was also abrasive and reclusive. Addie hoped that he wouldn't cause any trouble for the rest of them with his stubbornness and need to prove himself. She could understand having a desire to be validated, but there was a right way to go about it- and Junichi was going the absolute wrong way.

Galaya, on the other hand, was a mystery. She was small and fragile, and looked completely out of place among royals and priests. Adelaide hadn't been able to figure out what reason the girl had for pursuing a Guardian role- she lacked the bold charisma or strategic cunning that the other three shared. Galaya seemed to simply want to be there. The girl was sweet enough, and there was something refreshing about her- like a salty ocean breeze among crowded city fumes. Adelaide almost found herself drawn to protect the girl- even though being a Guardian meant that she could take care of herself, in whatever manner it happened to be.

Adelaide's attention returned to the king as all of the officials filed into place. Was it finally time? Dozens of sets of eyes turned to the ornate doors, and the tension in the room thickened. This was what they had been waiting for, all this time. They'd read scrolls, taken tests, undergone rituals, all for this moment.

But did anyone truly feel ready?


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"The LORD God said to the serpent, "Because you have done this, Cursed are you more than all cattle, And more than every beast of the field; On your belly you will go, And dust you will eat All the days of your life"

Imagequinn (qi) \\ divine 3 \\ horned serpent
Imagedialogue:#8E0000x thoughts:#B266B2

All she wanted to do was return to her pillow-infested bedroom.

Back then, Quinn was numb to this fated ritual. Every 10 years, she was forced into a single day dedicated to frivolous ceremonies and formalities. Honors of the highest caliber given to her captors as she fit into her well-formed role as trophy. To say she was sick was an understatement, she was used to tight leashes, but some creeper breathing down her neck was highly unnecessary.

Though..she wouldn't mind if said creepy was named Reiji.

All divines were obligated to attend the ceremony, but it was the first in a long-time that Quinn was looking forward to it. Not so much because of the induction itself, but because of a certain someone's presence. Dashing Reiji would've been present for the transfer..though Quinn was not fond of how quickly their time together came to a close. Their days together seemed like they could never end, something Quinn never thought she would say about her guardian. Coupled with the fact that Quinn couldn't tell the difference between 10 years and 10 months truly places Reiji in her good graces. He was undoubtedly her best guardian to this date..and he looked amazing with his hair slicked back like that.

She was awakened from her drooling daze by a nudge on the shoulder. The 2 red-collared beasts that were accompanying her pointed to the corridor she was supposed to turn into.

Quinn was usually more on top of things such as this. From birth, she had been forced into this play, given a role she doesn't want to perform and lines she doesn't want to read. Despite this, Quinn follows orders without question. For the ensured safety of her friends, and the promised freedom of her family.

She glanced at the grotesquely muscular guards. One possessed the head of a lion, clenching tightly on a 10 foot long halberd. The other was noticeably shorter, but had the head of a snapping crocodile. They've been her..retainers for as long as she could remember, but she possessed no attachment to them. Getting close to another group of beasts would surely end poorly and she knew without doubt that the queen had enlisted them to not only guard her, but to guard against her as well.

Quinn tugged on her constricting dress. Like a prey struggling for life against a fierce python, Quinn always felt that she was in eternal combat with the clothing the royals expect her to wear. She'd rather wear much less, or nothing at all, despite the implications of being unladylike. Although, she felt like a porcelain doll, maybe Reiji would appreciate the change in wardrobe?

As she made her way to the entrance, she caught glimpse of her younger sibling. Despite her meager advantage in age, Quinn felt the need to rub it in their faces. All she wanted to do was hug them, or Ofi..but she had to exercise some form of etiquette. Disregarding that thought instantaneously, Quinn snuck up and nibbled on their ear to get their attention.

"You ready?"

Only a few more hours of straightening her back, then she can go back to her pillow fort.


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#, as written by Kilgannon




There exists a limit to the force even the most powerful may apply without destroying themselves. Judging this limit is the true artistry of government. Misuse of power is the fatal sin. The law cannot be a tool of vengeance, never a hostage, nor a fortification against the martyrs it has created. You cannot threaten any individual and escape the consequences.

DIALOGUE #d0726cTHOUGHTS #3feaea
DIALOGUE #559f0fTHOUGHTS #f5bb4a

The woman who called herself Ofelia, at least in this place, frowned at the pillow on which she had been resting her head. Typically, sleep would come easy to her, as the setting of the sun acted in tandem with her metabolic processes and the earth and her body temperature alike cooled. Though this process of hers - like all acts of nature - was a mechanism of her own design; and when her thoughts rattled around her mind like a caged bird it threw a wrench into its moving parts. To fall asleep was important and she knew this, of course, which only added to her growing frustration in turn.

She had much to ruminate on, her brain slowly chugging away on the thoughts like a cow did cud, and as the moonlight pooled through the many windows of her room she wondered if Adonis was experiencing as much difficulty with his own task. At the thought she let out an audible laugh, a thunderclap compared to the silence that preceded it, and repositioned herself in her bed.

For reasons that needn't be said, she expected that he was having no trouble at all. Instead, she turned her energy once more to calming her thoughts and hoped that sleep would overcome her soon, lest her sibling grow annoyed at her increasing length of absence.

And so, it did.

A sweet sigh escaped Adonis' lips, "Oh. Ofi is thinking about me~"

"What?", the human huffed. Adonis peered down at the dazed man, occupied with other things, he hadn't noticed that the cloth provided for Uryan had slipped off. Opps.

"No wonder you stopped making sounds on the third round." Adonis fastened the cloth back onto Uryan's mouth, though it would do little to help the damage already done, "There we go. Much better~"

Uryan gasped, "...Thanks." He took a second to breathe in the unpolluted air, his mind slowly lifting from the foggy daze. When he started to regain most of his senses, he remembered his question once more. "You were speaking that language again. What did you say?"

Adonis grinned, he was honestly surprised that Uryan was able to hear him in his confused state. He had known the human for a little over five years, and recently he'd begun showing small signs of resistance against the scent of his lotuses. Granted, Adonis made sure to never give off a strong enough smell to harm him. "Divine Aui, you being on top of me - grinning - makes me feel as if you're going to devour me."

"Didn't I already?" Adonis gave him a playful kiss over the cloth and jumped off his body. "Now... To answer your question, Lord Uryan, my words were that you 'felt so good' that 'I'm going to be sad to see you leave'."

Uryan rubbed his beard with one hand while holding the cloth with the other, and eventually he let out a sigh of defeat. "I suppose that is you nicely telling me to leave." Adonis didn't say a word and instead began walking down the stairs towards his lotus pond. His long, green hair gently flowed with each step. "No clothing?" Adonis merely waved at Uryan. The man took that as his final warning to leave. Without further delay, Uryan donned his official clothing as swiftly as he had taken them off and headed toward the exit.

By the time he had reached the door, Adonis was already standing at the steps of his lotus pond, patiently waiting for the human to leave. Uryan had never witnessed the Divine's half beast form, and it would have been a lie to say he wasn't curious. However, he knew better than to risk his life and Uryan looked around the cold exterior of the Divine's room one last time. No matter how many times he came here he couldn't help but notice how beautiful and lonely the large room was, just like its occupant. How sad. With one last glance at Adonis, he left the Divine's room.

Adonis waited until he could no longer sense Uryan's presence before gazing at his pond, which was now displaying an image of Ofelia's dream world. "Well, that certainly took longer than expected. Hopefully, Ofi isn't too upset with me." Adonis proceeded to make haste as he didn't want to keep his sibling waiting any longer.

Time was difficult to track in her world, as it seemed to pass at varying rates depending on nothing at all. An ambient light hung and shifted intensities in the sky, but no source of it could be seen. Ofelia herself stood in an open field, surrounded by knee-high grass and various types of trees - which appeared to flicker between their seasonal states every other moment. Leaves shifted color and wilted, slowly falling to the ground as new leaves burst into being just as suddenly. Typically Adonis manifested himself to her via water, and just as she began to grow impatient she felt the cool touch of a raindrop hit the tip of her nose. The single drop gave way to a downpour around her, though not even the slightest amount of water would touch her again. It too ended as soon as it came, and in its wake had left Ofi surrounded now by a lake, seemingly stranded on the last little island of grass.

Entirely unimpressed, Ofelia crouched down at the water's surface and looked into it as she held her knees.

"Here I thought that I was the one making you wait on me. Really, Adonis, when are you going to quit with your silly little theatrics?" She spoke into the water, but the smile on her face betrayed her chastising tone.

"At least you were kind enough to not get me wet, this time, and I thank you for that."

Green scales glowed in the dark water, as Adonis gazed at the beautiful creature smiling lovingly at him, "Now Ofi, I would never try to get you wet on purpose without telling you." Adonis laughed with genuine glee. With a single whip from his massive tail, Adonis had swum toward the surface of the water. Now face to face with Ofelia he laid his chest on the little grassy plain, while the rest of him gently moved along with the water.

"Hello, my dear Ofelia. I apologize for the wait, but if it makes you feel any better I have only been thinking about you the entire day. I even cut my last session from four rounds to three, simply to see you."

Taking the flattery in stride, Ofelia reached out with a hand to softly caress the side of Adonis' face. "Now, now, there's no need to lie so blatantly to my face, is there?" She gave his earlobe a playful tug. "Let's fast-forward over our usual pleasantries and get right to business, yeah? I know you've been a real good boy for me and must have something juicy, so, go on. Out with it." Giving his cheek a gentle little pat beforehand, Ofi withdrew her hand from his face and her expression hardened.

"What have we found out?"

Adonis slyly smiled, "So~ I learned something that might help that female human of yours. You know how the Duke you've been eyeing was invited by the King to attend the ceremony tomorrow? Well, he almost lost the privilege because of his little marriage candidate's messy mistake. It seems like the trap we laid out for her was too tempting to ignore and she was caught. Now they aren't talking to each other and the Duke is even thinking about annulling the marriage agreement between the two." Adonis twirled his hair playfully, laughing to himself as he imagined the look on the young woman's face when the scent of his lotuses wore off. Sadly, he couldn't be caught so he had a proxy deliver the concoction for him, though it was quite a nasty one. Even still, the human proxy he sent with it would have had a dandy little time with its recipient.

While pondering through his thoughts, Adonis' tail wagged happily - causing large waves to emerge, "Such stupidity, I thought she would have been smarter, but I guess not. Isn't that just delightful?"

Ofelia had returned his smile and had been nodding along as he spoke, though she couldn't help but roll her eyes as Adonis was distracted by his hair-twirling. Sometimes she thought that he derived too much pleasure from her little assignments for him, and other times she wondered if he even really deserved such pleasures to begin with. She eyed his now-active tail warily before responding. "Delightful is just the word I was thinking of, but I've told you time and time again that you should come to expect stupidity from humans more often than smarts. I fear if they were truly intelligent that our defeat wouldn't have resulted in an existence so... tame."

She shuddered for a moment at the thought and pushed herself back up to a standing position, looking down now on Adonis. "You were right, this will be extremely helpful. This is information that our lovely little friend will enjoy, and it brings us one step closer to the fruition of our endeavors. As always, Adonis, you have made me proud of you. You're lucky I respect you enough to resist showing you just how appreciative I am. But that aside, we still have much to discuss. You know what comes tomorrow." She was, of course, referring to the induction ceremony for their now 75th pair of Guardians, though the transferal of their power over the Divines had already happened outside of the public eye.

"These charades we must maintain make me weary, my love. We've long discussed our desire to break this cycle but sometimes I feel like our efforts are in vain, especially when I am reminded that another ten years have passed. For our sake and the sake of the others, we must be at our absolute best tomorrow. Not just to keep appearances, but to ensure that this little romantic plot of ours lands well. I need you to promise me that you'll behave, Adonis, and that you'll keep the others in line as well. I'm not as worried about Quinn as I am that Lyssa will, well, you know. Just don't instigate anything, please." She looked pleadingly at him, but also knowing him well, added one last thing.

"Lie to me if you have to."

Adonis had always loathed the new cycle of Guardians, but this batch would prove to be worse than the others. Especially Adonis'. This Divine had always been able to evade two types of humans, Royals and the Priestess' bloodline, for all the years he had been confined to this accursed country. Now, after all these years, a brat from that foul blood had become his Guardian. Truthfully he wanted to cause mayhem, but as the years had passed, Ofelia had become more alert about their actions. He understood that she truly wished for everything to remain perfectly in place and Adonis was incapable of disappointing her, but only her.

Her last words stabbed at what was left of Adonis' past self and he could only let out a sigh of utter defeat. She knew very well he could never lie to her. That was a feat that Adonis wouldn't even attempt, and yet he couldn't be mad at her words. He understood she held no cruel intentions within them - they were pure, just like she was, and therefore Adonis could only answer those feelings with the same amount of purity despite his feelings toward his new Guardian.

As always his lips formed upwards, but this time his eyes didn't hold any sly intentions or gleeful looks, no, they were simply tired. "I can't promise about the others Ofelia, but I will behave. And if the younger ones get out of control I will use every ounce of my being to stop them." He stared straight into Ofelia's eyes and this time gave her the most genuine smile he could muster, "I swear to you, Ofelia. This will be the last year. No more Guardians, Eden, or this curse. We will end this all."

With a soft sigh, Ofelia raised a hand to wipe away the tears that had begun to well up at the corner of her eyes. "Thank you, Adonis, that will have to be enough." She took a moment to process what he had told her before letting out another, this-time-exaggerated sigh and stretching her arms out above her head. "I grow tired, however, and this subject matter does nothing but wound me. Let's call this meeting done and get some rest for tomorrow. You can stay here and dream with me if you'd like. It's been a while since we last got to do that together."

"Well I would love to, but I believe we should save that for another time. It seems reality is calling on the both of us." Adonis showed Ofelia an image of his room in the water, where a single Beast was patiently waiting for him to resurface, "I'm assuming that your room will be looking the same. So, let's both wake up and prepare ourselves. Bye, my dear Ofi~" Without waiting for a reply, as quickly as he had appeared he was gone. His figure sinking into the dark depths, and then the depths themselves receding away until Ofi was left standing once more in an open field.

Ever annoyed at the rate of actual time, Ofi awoke as well and almost immediately after was greeted by her Beast servant. They exchanged the usual pleasantries and Ofi - having already been through the motions 75 times prior - silently followed behind her servant as she leads her to the grand doors that opened into the audience room. As she approached, Ofelia could see the others waiting there with their servants for her, including Adonis who was peacefully smoking on his pipe while being closely guarded by his two massive centaurs - one being female and the other a male. She flashed him a glance as she passed him to take her appropriate first place in line and then greeted her siblings as a whole.

"Good morning, my lovelies. I hope you're ready - and remember - behave." She turned her head back towards them one last time to cast an accusatory glance at Lyssa and then remained forward facing, anticipating the moment the doors would swing open and they'd be greeted by their ever adoring public eye.


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#, as written by ઽ૮૨α

The Audience Room vibrated with the low murmuring of the impatient crowd who had come to witness the first interactions between the 75th Guardians and Divines. Each one dawned their own schemes and reasons for attending the event. Yet no one questioned their motives, as was a tradition for important figures of Eden to attend such an event. Out of the people who were awaiting the arrival of the Divines, four were held as most important - Radu Greywater, Ruler of Eden, Priestess Circe, Reiji Takahashi, the 74th Guardian, Vaharys Kargaryen, High Commander of the Army and 73th Guardian, and Duke Ezra Hasofer, Head Commander of the Navy. There were certainly a few others who were in attendance, yet these political figures were the ones who could not simply be ignored. Everyone in the room could feel the pressure from their gazes, especially the servants. In particular, those manning the doors.

They felt the fierce stares, already knowing without words what they were wanting. Where were the Divines? The servants shivered, imagining the punishment that awaited them if the guest had to sit any longer. And like an answer from the heavens, the signal knock rang on the door.

With relief, the servants' voices boomed throughout the hall, "Attention! Announcing the arrival of the Divines!"

Like a rehearsed theatrical play the doors opened, trumpets blew, and drums rolled. The sound erupted throughout the hall causing an ear-deafening echo. Everyone held their breath gazing at the Divines entering the Audience room, their guards respectfully following a few feet behind them. Once again, as if rehearsed, the Divines stopped, a couple of feet away from the Guardians. Followed by a heavy silence swiftly enveloping the room, unlike the previous one, this wasn't one of irritation or impatience but of pure curiosity. All eyes were on the eight individuals on the floor and their next moves.


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#, as written by Kilgannon

Ofelia did not hesitate, and immediately focused her attention on the King as she drew herself into a bow.

"Your Majesty and his gentle people of the court, you once again grace and honor us with your presence." She spoke with a graceful clarity, a lilt in her voice that she always adopted when publicly appearing.

"We are as eager as you all are to move into yet another cycle of peace and cooperation between humans and Divine, for the betterment of Eden and the prosperity of her peoples." This speech would seem familiar to those fortunate enough to have made it to repeat ceremonies throughout their lifetime, as it had come to be a formality expected of Ofelia. As she continued, her eyes stayed locked with the King's.

"It is thus with great dignity that I, Divine Oeui, formally introduce myself to my new Guardian, so that all may see for themselves the testament of our good intent. Let all those who may witness it on this day go and speak the truth of what they have seen, for those who doubt the foundation of our good Eden are a true poison to the well of its glory." Simultaneously breaking her bow and eye contact with the King, Ofelia moved with a fluidity to position herself directly in front of they who would be her new Guardian; Adelaide Greywater, third child of the King.

Crossing her left forearm against her breast, Ofelia offered Adelaide a bow similar to that which her father had received. Smiling sweetly, Ofi then dropped her arm and instead extended her right towards Adelaide, hoping that she would meet her in the middle with her own and complete the formal greeting in which two parties grabbed each other's forearms and shook.

"Your Grace, it is with great honor that I enter with you into a partnership. I hope that we may work well together in order to ensure the glowing status of our great nation." She spoke directly to Addie, but at a volume loud enough so that all may hear. Only those well acquainted with her would pick up on the subdued sarcasm beneath her words.


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#, as written by Zodia195

Dialogue- #8A2BE2 ~ Thoughts- #337147

The longer she stood there, the more anxious Galaya got. It must have been obvious that she was starting to fidget a little because she sensed her fellow Guardians looking at her briefly. She would ignore the stares. Instead she remained focused on the doors in front of her. She was so focused that she was a bit startled when the servants announced the arrival of the Divines. She actually gasped a bit when that happened. Luckily it seemed all eyes were now on the doors, which swung open. The noise of the drums made Galaya want to cover her ears, but she didn't. She was already embarrassed by her surprised reaction anyway.

She hoped she looked calm again as she saw the Divines and the beasts servants with them come forward. The moment Galaya laid eyes on them, she felt this instinct desire to bow to them in servitude and homage. However she fought against that desire. She wasn't too surprised by her behavior though since these four were the 'leaders' of the beasts in Eden. Of course technically they weren't in a position to be in charge. They were just as much a trophy and pet as other beasts. Of course she knew the history of how the Divines and Beast came to be servants of humanity. About how the beasts and Divines invaded Eden and how the humans stopped them through trials and sacrifices. Still there was always that small part of Galaya that wondered if that whole story was true. She once heard a line somewhere in how it was always the victors of a battle that wrote history. Being the instinctual person that she was, Galaya didn't question that voice.

For now she wouldn't think about the past, but instead focus on the now. Looking at the four Divines she couldn't believe how beautiful they all looked, even the 2 males. She was about to focus on her Divine partner when one of the females came forward. She looked more regal the the king and queen here and that was saying something. She knew this divine was in a weakened state and even now it felt like the Divine outranked them all.

Galaya listened as the Divine introduced herself as Oeui and addressed the audience. Her speech felt too perfect to Galaya, like it was rehearsed. She wondered if there were hidden meanings behind these words. While Galaya had no experience in interacting with high society, she had heard stories about from Headmistress Rinson, who did have interactions with nobility. After all, most of the money that was funded to the school came from high society.

As Oeui's general greeting ended, she saw the Divine go to Princess Adelaide and greeted her. That had to be the signal for the others to follow suit. Taking deep breath, Laya looked at the other Divines. One was half snake and looked younger then her, but Laya knew these creatures were way older then her. She also looked very uncomfortable in what she was wearing.

~I know how you feel. I'd love to be out of this ornate attire too. Be patient, Laya. You're almost done.~

The first male divine was just as regal and intimidating as the Oeui. She felt something about him, but couldn't put a finger on it. Regardless, she turned her attention to the Divine she was connected to. His hair was a lot lighter then hers, almost white. Galaya knew this one was the youngest due to her having the lowest score out of the Guardians. She was actually relieved because the oldest ones would have a better chance of recognizing her half beast side. Already she wanted to leave.

~Well, no time like the present, let's get this done and over with.~ Galaya thought before walking towards her partner.

She bowed politely before standing up and said cordially, "Greetings, my name is Galaya Rinson. I do hope we can get along. It's nice to finally meet you."

There, she done it. Now she would wait for her Divine partner to introduce himself and hopefully they could leave this hall soon. All the while, she kept being aware of the other Guardians and Divines.


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#, as written by Maestro
Dialogue #715DC0Thoughts #376928


"He was one of those creatures who are just simmering there all the time with a silly sort of wickedness. Miserable devils who have no business living at all."---Joseph Conrad.


Lycaon carried a lot of disdain towards his siblings, a sentiment that may not have always been clear. But his disinterest in their affairs, or even their company for that matter, was always on display beneath his emotionless veneer. There was Quinn, little miss perfect. Lycaon could not help but think she was their favorite. As Quinn came up behind him and tugged on his ear, he did not so much as flinch as he kept walking in the direction towards the audience room – his Beast familiars still in tow along with the rest of the entourage surrounding the other Divines. “Do you insist on doing that?” Lycaon grumbled in his usual monotone, lifeless fashion. He truly felt like his siblings only mission in life was to torment his very existence on account of being the youngest, with Quinn not being the exception to the rule as she felt the incessant need to always subtly remind him of that fact.

Ofelia’s accusatory glance did not go unnoticed either; however, Lycaon knew she was referring more to Lyssa than himself. In some small way, Ofelia was the more practical of the lot, and while he knew little of her scheming, she at least appeared to promote peace with the humans – something Lycaon also wished for. Adonis, on the other hand, could not have been more different. He was an agent of chaos, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Lycaon could not escape the feeling that something was afoot between him and Lyssa, but unfortunately, Lyssa had closed off parts of herself to him so he could not deduce with any certainty whether there was any truth to it.

Unenthused as he entered the audience hall, he did his best to avoid the gazes of the nobles who surely were monitoring his every move. When Ofelia was done with her usual spiel, a speech they had heard far too many times already, he stood there aimlessly – fidgeting as he toyed with the gold clasp around his left wrist. Lycaon, as usual, had his hair tied back neatly, away from his face, and wore a flowing purple robe with gold trim made of the finest silk that draped along the floor as he walked. A wardrobe fit for royalty. Or... a Divine. As he continued standing there, waiting impatiently for the drab affair to conclude, he caught the eye of his next Guardian to be. A woman who would no doubt be considerably different than his previous Guardian, Mylenna – a woman who surprisingly had a lot in common with Lyssa and Lycaon considering her split personality.

Ten years was a long time to get accustomed to someone, but going on the 75th generation of Guardians, Lycaon was slowly getting used to change. As the calendar flipped by from one year to the next, the change was slowly becoming even more inevitable, with Lycaon losing track of time and accepting the fact that he seemingly had an endless amount of it. Now, instead of Mylenna, there was this clumsy, shy girl standing in front of him. “We are pleased to meet you, Galaya.” Lycaon spoke softly and showed little interest in the girl while failing to give away which of them Galaya was addressing. Although, any Guardian worth their salt should be able to deduce as much on their own. Meanwhile, he could hear Lyssa picking his brain. “WE are PLEASED? Pshh, speak for yourself. I can’t wait to tell her just how PLEASED my happy little ass really is myself…”

Offering a small bow in the direction of Galaya, Lycaon was restrained, a feat that Lyssa was incapable of. However, for the moment, she was seemingly quiet, showing little interest in revealing herself. At least not yet…


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#, as written by Tanman

Finally, it was time for things to begin in earnest. Junichi had to resist the urge to take a step forward to meet the Divines halfway as they made their entrance, the four emanating an impressive aura that commanded attention from everyone around. Scanning his eyes over them, from his time studying the beasts, he was quickly able to assess who each of them would belong to. The elder two of the Divines would go towards the upper class of the Guardians, while the younger would be assigned to himself and Galaya, the commoners. It made sense, even if it did annoy him on some level to be left with the ‘inferior’ of the Divines. Still, it wasn’t all bad to be assigned to Ki. After all, this was the beast his brother had been assigned. If anyone would have answers, it would be her or the journal he left behind. With the amount of posturing they’d been doing over the past three weeks, Jun hadn’t had time to consult it at all. Hopefully after tonight that would change, but when the opportunity arose, he’d have to take the time to find out what she knew about Reiji and his actions.

The speech was grandiose, but thankfully, short and to the point as far as presentations go. Junichi did his best to pay attention, but honestly, his eyes were wholly focussed on his Divine and the area around her, as if he could bore a hole through her skull with his gaze. Briefly, his eyes played over the guards next to her, and despite the apparent greatness of these creatures, he found himself strangely aware of how short she was compared to her towering and imposing servants. For such a powerful being, it was amusing to him how helpless she actually looked, but he’d been informed many times during his training not to underestimate the creatures; particularly the elders of the four. Nodding as his partner for the next 10 years made her way towards him, Junichi decided to formally introduce himself.

“Junichi Takahashi. I’ll be your guardian for the next 10 years.” As he spoke, he couldn’t help but steal a glance towards his brother, who was undoubtedly staring at the two of them. Flicking his eyes back towards Ki, the younger Takahashi brother extended his arm for the shake. “To the future.” He stated simply. The future would determine everything after all. And this would be the start of this future. Jun wasn’t the kind of person to smile much. His mother always told him to try to do so more, but he personally thought it looked unnatural and weird. Somehow though, he made his best attempt, especially in such a public setting. Hopefully no one noticed his discomfort, particularly the small snake woman before him.


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ImageImageImageImage - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Though wisdom is a house built; and by understanding it is established; and by knowledge shall every room be filled with precious and pleasantries."

- Proverbs 24:3

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Descendant of the Priestess


xxxxxAfter a series of glances all over the chamber, Valerys decided to just keep his gaze fixed at the grand doors, calmly awaited for the moments to come. Judging from the bickering of the attendants and the frowns that were starting to become visible on the King's face, it went without saying that heads would probably roll if another minute passed by and the doors remained intact. As much as Valerys found it distasteful for the time being meaninglessly wasted, however, there was no sign of displeasure presented on his face. Either he was a good actor or his patience was just simply remarkable.

Behind the four of them, Valerys could feel that his uncle was also in quite the anticipation as well. After all, it was Vaharys who was standing on this exact same place 20 years ago. Although he didn't care much for praises, Valerys quietly prayed that from then on, he would at least live to the name of his well-respected uncle.

Before Valerys, the Guardian on behalf of the family was Mylenna from the Celnaryen line - another one of his cousins. Her condition was... quite interesting, to say the least. Yet, Valerys had heard on the grapevines that using that very specialty, she had managed to "tame" her Divine - who was quite a handful. She told him she had intended to attend the ceremony today, but the Celnaryens seemed to have some business for her to handle, so Vaharys was the only family that was watching him.

In the meantime, he quietly recalled to the things that he had read about the Divines. The long tradition of being Guardians had brought the clan with much knowledge about them, except the one that was assigned to him.

The Second of the Divines, who went by the pseudonym Aui, or Adonis, as Valerys could then rightfully refer as. The Deceiver. The Accursed Harbinger. The Forsaken Viper. His clan had bestowed many titles upon this Divine and none of them showed the slightest bit of respect. To say that the whole family abhorred him was a bit of an understatement. But of course, how couldn't they? Every leader of the three branches had never seized to relentlessly remind their members about the poisonous words spoken from the mouth of this being to their ancestor centuries ago. And they had even gone all the way to make sure that the representative Guardians of their clan would never have to watch over Adonis.

Until Valerys, due to some miraculous twist by the hands of Fate.

By the time the outcome was settled, it was already too late for Talar to intervene. With the influence of the Astraryens, switching the results shouldn't be a problem. But the hassles and the risk of tarnishing their name were simply not worth it. Hence, they now had no other choice, but to place their only prominent heir to the line of this generation at the mercy of the most deplorable of beings.

For Valerys, though, this was indeed a challenge to overcome. Was he scared? Of course he was. But knowing him, the excitement stemmed from the unveiling of mysteries was bigger. To be able to find out the truths that no-one from family had ever gotten to before? Valerys couldn't possibly come up with any privileges better than that.

"Attention! Announcing the arrival of the Divines!"

And finally, it was time. As deafening sound of trumpets and drums filled every corner of the hall, the doors were sprung open at last. Emerging from behind were the four most "prized treasures" of Eden, gracefully approaching them in tandem. Valerys couldn't help but gulp a bit. This wasn't the first time he got to see a Divine in real life, but to observe them in their entirety in such a close proximity, it was more than he had ever imagined.

They truly befit the title given to them.

The leader of the four - Divine Oeui - stepped forward to make a speech with fluency, as if she had gone through over it countless of times. Valerys' main focus was not on her speech, though, but on the youthful man with long, green flowing hair so smooth that the finest silk seemed pale in comparison and a seemingly innocent smile that can charm the most stoic of hearts. There was this strange charisma emanating from Adonis that Valerys couldn't explain, as if it was telling him to abandon everything he had ever treasured to fall into the sweet embrace of the Divine, and to indulge in nothing but his honey-glazed words.

This man... is terrifyingly dangerous. Valerys cautiously reminded himself. He had to make sure to never stray from his path and focus on the only one goal that mattered, or else it would be very likely that he would be enraptured in the trap laid out by Adonis. That much he can tell from locking gaze with the Divine alone.

As soon as Oeui finished her speech, the expression on Valerys' face turned from that of sternness into a relaxed one, with a gentle smile finding its' way on his lips. "My utmost pleasure to meet you, my exalted Divine. I presume you have already known, but allow me to introduce myself once more. I go by the name Valerys of the Astraryens, and may the coming decade of our partnership be fruitful."

Having been taught about etiquette and manners all his life, making a grandiose introduction was not much of a problem for him, but he knows for sure that humans' niceties are not entirely applicable to that of the Beasts, and the Divines were not any different. And it was by then that an excerpt from the journal passed down to him from the previous Guardians popped up in his mind.

"And, to start out our relationship. May I ask you, why is the letter E important?"

A greeting by a riddle was simply the most anti-climatic thing one could possibly come up. Valerys was well-aware of this, but he hoped that this would at least get both of them off to a good start, and a small test on the wits of arguably the most ancient being in the entire world. He slightly tilted his head in anticipation of the response, with his smile unfazed.