Guerra di Madre Natura

Guerra di Madre Natura

The year is 2035 and the world has changed greatly. Technology has grown to an all-time high along with natural resources shrinking to an all-time low. Wars between countries have ceased but a war between each other has rose.

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The year is 2035 and the world has changed greatly. Technology has grown to an all-time high along with natural resources shrinking to an all-time low. Wars between countries have ceased but a war between each other has rose. Government has become one, The United Nations. We thought it was going to be grand. To finally have peace, but we thought wrong. Unless we gave up our land, our thoughts and opinions, and our morals then we were outcast into poverty.
Those who live in the city are rich, level wise. You have the millionaires, upper class, and middle class. Crime is a lot worse than in the Dead Lands, people in the Dead Land still have their morals where as those in the city gave it up for chemical induced food and water.


Dead Land is where those who are banished in poverty live. After experiments with chemicals to reproduce fruits, vegetables, and livestock faster the land started to die out. A lot of the land died quickly after and the little land that did survive the experiments without the government’s knowledge is hidden by the poor. Some sneak into the city stealing things they need back in the Dead Lands.


They have seen, they have heard, and now they are stepping in once again to save the world from the disease that seems to be killing their home. They are the Zodiac Gods. All twelve have been watching from a far as Mother Nature slowly dies. From them they created a human, demi-god, with their powers. Each born in a different time and place but always knowing what their mission is.


Zodiacs have to have to act and have some characteristics like their sign. (If you have any questions just message me or ask in OOC)

Government Officials:
Leader of United Nations
War General
(Reserved by Zymoth)


March21-April 19
Ruling House: 1st
Element: Fire
Ruling Planet: Mars
Symbol: The Ram
Stone: Diamond


(Reserved by Polka)
April 20-May 20
Ruling House: 2nd
Element: Earth
Ruling Planet: Venus
Symbol: The Bull
Stone: Sapphire


(Reserved by GrimBones66)
May 21-June 21
Ruling House: 3rd
Element: Air
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Symbol: Yin-Yang
Stone: Agate


(Reserved for Fallen)
June 22-Juy 22
Ruling House: 4th
Element: Water
Ruling Planet: The moon
Symbol: Crab
Stone: Emerald


(Reserved by Szeptanie-tosia)
July 23-August 22
Ruling House: 5th
Element: Fire
Ruling Planet: The Sun
Symbol: The Lion
Stone: Onyx


(Reserved by WARRIOR)
August 23-September 22
Ruling House: 6th
Element: Earth
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Symbol: The Virgin
Stone: Carnelian


(Reserved by afreerobin)
September 23-Octorber 22
Ruling House: 7th
Element: Air
Ruling Planet: Venus
Symbol: Scales
Stone: Chrysolite


(Taken by sky_onanangelswings)
October23-November 21
Ruling House: 8th
Element: Water
Ruling Planet: Mars
Symbol: Scorpion
Stone: Beryl


November 22-December 21
Ruling House: 9th
Element: Fire
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Symbol: Archer
Stone: Topaz


(reserved by Deacold)
December 22-January 19
Ruling House: 10th
Element: Earth
Ruling Planet: Saturn
Symbol: Goat
Stone: Ruby

(Taken by BumbleDrop)
January 20-February 18
Ruling House: 11th
Element: Air
Ruling Planet: Saturn/Uranus
Symbol: Water Bearer
Stone: Garnet


(reserved for Hao)
February 19-March 20
Ruling House: 12th
Element: Water
Ruling Planet: Jupiter/Neptune
Symbol: Pair of fish
Stone: Amethyst

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0.00 INK

When the new laws set in and the Dead Lands were created a border went up between them. Guards were set to watch them, making sure that no one in the Dead Land would come in and take note of those who went out. If caught sneaking in or sneaking out would be punishable by death, unless the Leader of Nations say otherwise.

The Shift- when the soldiers on the wall switch out with the other batch. Occurs at 6 A.M-2 P.M.; 2P.M.-10 P.M.; 10 P.M-6 A.M.


Blair waited till the 10 P.M shift to sneak out past the wall with the food and clothes she bought. Mark Sumpton, who knew Blair since before the wars, helps her past the wall and back over. Some of the older people in the city come to her home and donate food and clothes to those in the Dead Land. Some even have family members and asks for her to give stuff to them. The first time she went over the wall was when she was 16 and Mark was 19. She had only a back pack full of canned food and two gallons of water. It was a hard risk and she almost got caught but she made it over. It took her almost all night to find her grandparent’s house. On the way there she was almost robbed and killed. It took her about half a year for the people to trust her and to keep her food house safe.

Blair takes these missions to heart. She knew what was going on in the world was wrong. Her heart shrunk when the news of more than half of the land and water on Earth was unusable. How could anyone live like this? She sighed and drug the two back packs through the doors and took off into the dark. The air was tight and dusty. She couldn’t turn on her flashlight till she was clear out of view of the wall. She had learned that the hard way. Her eyes finally got used to the darkness and she made her way over to the dried out river that lead to her grandparent’s house. With a huff she tighten her grip on her bags and hurried to the house.


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Character Portrait: Gavendra Dume

0.00 INK

#, as written by Polka


Gav and Ollard had been patrolling the city walls for most of the day. It had been the usual trip of collecting items from within the walls to smuggle them out.

The pair had set up camp with a small family and an elderly couple a few miles outside the city walls. The family had an 18 month year old baby and they desperately needed food and clothing for the infant.

Sneaking into the city had not caused too much of a problem. Neither had collecting goods. Sometimes the higher up would question you if you bought too much produce but the pair had been lucky. The both elected to wear disguised to hide their identities as the last time they entered the city they were recognized.

It was just striking 10p.m and it was time to take action.
Ol, the gates are opening. Now is our chance!'

Ollard held out his hand and the pair scurried to the wall. Each made their way over and scurried into the darkness.


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Character Portrait: Lyrik Czech Character Portrait: Gavendra Dume Character Portrait: Blair Finley Roche

0.00 INK

Lyrik would use his tounge to play with his lip piercings. Recently, he had taken a liking to watching the city gates through camera's he'd hacked. Through several nights of watching footage he noticed people escaping from the gates and returning like clockwork. Lyrik knew that this new world was one of despair and he couldn't help but feel, that it was his duty to help these people survive, so each night, he installed a fake transmission into the guards audio system. This allotted an extra 90 seconds for the people to pass undetected. He smiled at his computer, loving the thought of being immortalized for actions he completes like these.


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Character Portrait: Lyrik Czech Character Portrait: Gavendra Dume Character Portrait: Tegan Atlas Character Portrait: Blair Finley Roche

0.00 INK

Tegan sat at the inn, drinking in the strange sights around her. She'd only been living here for a few days and she still wasn't accustom to it. The people were loud, and drank large cups of beer while conversing with strangers. Never once did Tegan see this back at her posh community.

The owner, a nice old lady walked up to Tegan and put a hand on her shoulder. She didn't say anything but laid a plate of something in front of her. Smiling in thanks Tegan stared at the bowl. Whatever was in it was gray and lumpy but the men and women around her seemed to like it. Never one to not try new things she scooped a bit in her spoon and tasted the goop.

The taste wasn't horrible, but it wasn't the carefully made food she had back home. If Tegan was going to live here now, where her evil fiancée could find her, she'd have to either eat this or get her own food. Deciding to ask the owner tomorrow if she could make her food in the kitchen Tegan walked up to her room which had been given to her by the owner as long as she did the dishes.

Her room was cute as she could make it. Light purple pillows replaced the old leather ones the room at at first and the bed sheet was an fluffy darker purple. She launched onto her bed and grabbed her pillow. Closing her eyes Tegan let sleep overcome her.


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Character Portrait: Lyrik Czech Character Portrait: Gavendra Dume Character Portrait: Tegan Atlas Character Portrait: Blair Finley Roche Character Portrait: Zena

0.00 INK

Zena silently watched first the lone woman and then the two who went over. She waited exactly one minute before moving towards the wall she's scaled so many time, the clothes she created herself helped her become one with the shadows. As she moved the shadows wrapped around her as if to protect her, mingling with the dark grey of the fabric. Once she was to the wall she lifted up her gloved hands and inspected the claws she implemented in their design. The claws were made of a very strong metal she tempered and colored black, shining only enough so they could only be seen up close.
She took her time knowing that no one would ever see her having done this so many times and being aware of the way the shadows moved with her. She liked to believe that they were her parents, looking out for her, guiding her on her path to new treasures and adventure. Smiling at this thought she looked up then launched herself up digging her claws into the imperfections of the wall. Scaling the wall was child's play to her as was climbing down the other side. After noiselessly landing into the dust and dirt she crouched down and sneaked a few yards away from the wall. Looking back she grinned to herself and flung herself into the dirt and rolled around a bit giggling quietly to herself and breathing in the air.
After about five minutes of goofing off she got up, dusted herself off and looked around deciding to go back to an abandoned city she's been to many times and always found something new. She turned and waved at the city before turning and running off to the east, the air flowing through her hair made her feel as if she were flying. Made her feel for at least a moment she were free to be with the land and listen to it's whispers as it told her of it's past beauty.


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Character Portrait: Artashir

0.00 INK

The stars shinned, slipped past the heavy clouds, also seek into his bedroom. As he twisted in the sheets, his bare skin showed with a shiver, from the cool air that leaked through the open, wide, double, arched doors leading out toward the balcony. Red silks rubbed on the exposed flesh leaving a smooth comfort.
Artashir stretched awake slightly by the fingers tracing over his bare chest.
The room was filled with deep royal gold drapes, lion portraits, his collection of bows, books filled with stories of pirates and how to tips, with a fragrance of expensive taste.
"Enough." His voice was deep, thick and filled the whole room, the fingers dropped down palming.
"Were you asleep?" Her voice was an annoyance and regrets of her staying over dwelled inside of his mind.
Had he remembered her name he would of asked her to leave at that moment. In the come stained sheets she had become less attractive, and everything about her become more apparent that he had made a horrible choice at the club choosing her over the others. Her hair was dyed and damaged with a smell of chemicals, each freckle boomed in complete average. And that is when he realized she was as boring as any other girl he had been with.
Art wanted more, he thought that a long boat ride around the ocean would calm his desires and made a note to go as soon as possible, but first he would want to sleep in his warm, soft bed.
"Mhmm." He finally answered, this was not what he wanted to hear though.
"Let's get away together Art. Just you and me. Like we talked about before I came." Artashir wasn't sure which came she was talking about, nor did he know what he had promised her to get her undress.
"We will talk more about that later." His fingers were then trapped inside her damaged hair, 'causing him to stay close to her, while he tried to remove them as gracefully and softly as possible.
"You do this a lot, yet I told myself I was going to change you!" Her tone turned vicious.
"Can we not do this?" His tone was soft but his eyes rolled.
"Damnit Art." She jumped up, but his fingers were still locked away, tugging at her hair, causing a sharp pain, making her to over react and scream.
Artashir couldn't help but grin, it wasn't supposed to be funny, but he couldn't help to let out a thick laugh.

It only took twenty minutes for the girl to get dress, yell, and leave. And then Art just sat outside on the balance and breathed in the city air. "What a fun night." He grinned as he turned back inside and laid in bed.


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Character Portrait: Lyrik Czech Character Portrait: Gavendra Dume

0.00 INK

Lyrik would roll to the other set of computer from him. This screen, unlike the other, held row upon row of text commands. A set of code he would particularly be interesting him would be this [enter] [sadexserver] [password:] [laedex787] [UserID:] [LyrikalJazz] [AccessCodesNeeded?] [insert data here]

In this code he would input this data: [known wallhopper information] When Lyrik hits enter, rows upon rows of code appear before him. The most interesting piece of data he received were names. So, they know they hop, they just aren't doing anything about it. Next, he would input one of the names into the server.

[enter] [sadexserver] [password:] [laedex787] [UserID:] [LyrikalJazz] [AccessCodesNeeded?] [Gavendra Dume]

He received a small list of information, but it was all he needed. It listed coordinates of a place just outside the city walls, he assumed it was their hideout. He slid over a few more computers, and inputted the coordinates into a satellite and came up with a picture of a house. "Sweet!" Lyrik would then slide back over to find one command for the data about [Gavendra Dume] left.

With a few keystrokes, the computer system wiped the data of Gavendra Dume from the system. He proceeded to wipe shut the towers down, and swung a backpack over his shoulder. The young man would hop down three flights of stairs in his damn-near empty apartment building and into a back room. Before entering he would glance over his shoulder, and find no one. He would enter and strip down to nothing but a set of boxers. Shoving his bag into a water proof back, he then climbed down a ladder into the sewer system. From here, he dived into the natural ground water spring that had been forming for the last ten years and swam as hard as he could with the current. He would see light ahead, and would throw himself at it. He would surface outside the walls in a cave, he had learned this by studying some old city blueprints, and since the only two things he was good at were swimming and computers, it was perfect. His way in may have been a little gross, but it was safe, and there was a nice shower waiting for him. It wasn't that long of a walk after he had dressed himself, and when he arrived, he laid his stuff down, and approached the door without anything with him. A knock sound from his fist, and he waited in silence.

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