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Gungrave: Deliverance

Gungrave: Deliverance

The story of Millennion's new star Sweeper, and the courageous True Grave unit that follows him.

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After the events of Gungrave, Millennion rebuilt with a new power structure. However, the once powerful organization is now facing new threats from smaller outfits, and the peace between Millennion and Volcano is beginning to break down. Only one man can make sure that Millennion does not fall, and that's Kenjiro Hiroshi, Millennion's new star Sweeper. An admirer of Brandon Heat, Hiroshi has taken what's left of the Overkills and combined them with his own handpicked team to ressurect the True Grave unit. With the sword of Millennion back in place, Kenjiro will fight to protect his organization, his friends, and himself. Are you ready to enforce the Code of Iron and fend off rival families?


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Character Portrait: Kenjiro Hiroshi Millennion's new star Sweeper, and the head of the resurrected True Grave unit.

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