Divinia Doriano

"The tinman does have a heart. You just have to dig to find it..."

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"Welcome to the lion's den. Now kiss your ass goodbye."


“I'm not going anywhere, so I guess you better suck it up and stop being a whiny little bitch.”

Full Name
Divinia Dmitria Doriano

She has plenty of nicknames that she answers to (Div, Divvy, Vinny, Nia, and Dori) but you'd have to be very close to her for her to respond -well- to your usage of her nicknames. There are a very select few that she allows to call her Dimka.

December 25th // 19

Palermo, Sicily, Italy // Goodfellow, Washington – HAGS

½ Russian and ½ Italian


Divinia stands at 5'10” and weighs in at 129lbs with a defined figure that is neither too shapely nor without shape altogether; The girl can really rock a yoga outfit. Her hair is naturally platinum blonde and hangs down in ringlets just past her waist, though it's not unheard of for her to dye or straighten her hair. She's an advocate for makeup, though she rarely wears anything too heavy. She's well noted for her signature blood red lipstick that she assures everyone is made especially from demon's blood. Her wardrobe isn't as dark as most people believe, in fact, she rarely ever wears dark clothes or makeup unless she's in mourning or she just feels like rocking some dark colors. Or if she's in combat – She doesn't like getting bloodstains on her clothes because they are hell to get out.

Before becoming a familiar, Meg was a powerful witch who studied under Morgan le Fay, Hecate, and even Loki. After she passed on, her soul lingered for a while, searching for the perfect student to pass her teachings on. She had found a few witches with some potential, but not enough potential for her to care. She came across Divinia after following the trail of death that the girl left behind, watching her for a while. Impressed with the girl's power without any formal training, she decided then that she would teach the girl and be her Familiar. The spirit rushed to Hecate Academy for Gifted Students and snagged the first staff member that she found there, notifying them of the danger that the young and alone witch was in. Sasha made haste and took to the form of wind, quickly making her way to the abandoned village in Peru where Meg had last saw the girl. Following the trail of blood and death, they found the girl just as she was about to be killed. Meg bonded hre soul to Divinia's in that instant and took on the form of the Peruvian Rainbow Boa. As Sasha attacked, Meg made her way to the girl and checked to make sure that she was still alive before wrapping around her as much as she could, covering her entire body and protecting her from the fray. She was already in a near critical state and could not take much more damage to her small body. When the fight was over, quickly as it was, Sasha and Meg took Divinia away to HAGS so that she could be treated. From there, the two became as close as possible. Meg and Divinia were very much alike in their attitudes, one of the main reasons why Meg chose her. Meg has always shown a strong dislike for weak people - Or at least just weak people with no desire to better themselves. Like Divinia, she is strongly outspoken with blunt words but is capable of speaking her mind in a way that comes off as polite and damn near passive-aggressive. The fifteen foot long serpent has adapted to Divinia as Div has to her and is as well known around the campus as her partner. In her nine years of being there with Divinia, she has eaten twelve Familiars, nearly suffocated three students, and attacked more than twenty people both student and staff. She has a no nonsense attitude, takes no bullshit, and gives no fucks about most people. So long as Divinia acquires power and reaches her full potential, she is satisfied. She is well known among the Circeans to spy for Divinia and even other Circeans, picking up all the latest rumors and secrets to be used later for all manner of fun. It isn't uncommon for her to take a human form, often seen walking alongside Divinia as an older blonde woman. The two are as close as sisters and Meg has many a time put her life on the line for Divinia, never allowing Divinia to so much as think about sacrificing herself for the sake of her Familiar. Though she is but a spirit in the form of a Familiar, Meg is still very capable as a witch, though only when she takes on a human form.

“It's survival of the fittest. I'm an apex predator – If you can't keep up, then you're worthless to me.”


Years spent at Hecate

Circe female Mentor // Professor for all courses in Curses // Professor for all courses in Necromancy

Empathic Power Randomization, Disease Manipulation, and Daemon Avatar

+Empathy – Divinia can read and mirror the feelings of others without reading apparent symptoms/body language, allowing her to understand introverts or discover one emotion is actually hiding another. Divinia can attack someone in a personal and emotional way since she knows exactly what emotion is flowing through others and can use this knowledge to play against them. She was taught to read emotional imprints left into environment and objects as well, giving her a sort of Retrocognition. Over time, her power grew to the point that she can manipulate emotions in others and empower herself. She can extend their power over/on vast number of people and even reach extreme distances. She can also form an emotional bond with others so that she has a constant sense of how they are feeling, though it is a two way bond and it also allows them to read each others minds over distances.

+Empathic Power Randomization – It was the first of Divinia's magick to reveal itself, her specialty is one not found in any other witch known. At first, it was just magick that came through reflex. Adaptation. If she was angry, she gained offensive abilities, notably Pyrokinesis. If she was afraid, a force field would form. So on and so forth. After training with Erik and Sophia, Divinia learned to manipulate her own emotions to tap into these abilities by sheer will. {+}Pyrokinesis;The ability to generate and control fire when she's angry. {+}Force Field;The ability to generate a force field when she's afraid. {+}Reactive adaptation; The ability to react accordingly to her environment when her life is endangered. {+}Healing; The ability to heal when she is grieving. {+}Memory Projection; The ability to project her memories into something like a hologram when she's feeling nostalgic. {+}Wish Granting; The ability to grant wishes when she feels a strong desire to help others.

+Disease manipulation – Divinia can create, manipulate, shape, transform, cause, heal, etc. all forms of diseases, including their severity, contagiousness, methods of spreading, etc. She can control the organisms that spread diseases, including germs, bacteria, virus or other pathogen on a cellular level, including bacteriophages, microorganisms (microscopic organisms), retroviruses, cells that abnormally grow to make cancerous tumors and cysts, and pathogens that produce genetic mutations. She is also immune to all diseases so she can't really take a sick day. Her favorite disease to inflict on others is Venereal Warts.

+Dark Magick and Daemon Avatar – Dark Magick, Forbidden Magick, whatever you want to call it. Divinia has always had a natural affinity for it. Divinia has a knack for curses and summoning and whatnot. After having made four different deals and outwitting Hades, Elatha, Loki, and Anubis, Divinia acquired more dark powers and might as well be a daemon herself. At least by the standards of most people. Her Dark Magick abilities grew stronger and she acquired control beyond that of others her age. It took her years to harness them, but she is now capable of summoning and controlling daemons, souls, hellhounds, werewolves, vampires, and other malevolent and dark creatures from Anubis', Hades', and Elatha's armies and the underworlds as well as summoning and invoking the four ancient daemons/deities. She isn't capable of actually controlling them to her will, but she can ask for favors. Of course, those favors don't come without a price most of the time. Divinia is also capable of cursing a specific area,warding it from White Magick and benevolent forces of all kinds. It's the exact opposite of the Protection Magick that Professor Everett teaches. For benevolent beings, whether human, animal or otherwise, being within the affected area for too long will either begin to corrupt them or drive them into madness. She can control shadows at an advanced level but she tends not to because she feels like it's almost a little too cliché. Teleporting and telekinesis are also in her repertoire, though they're hardly demonic. Difference between her and most others, is that she doesn't need a spell, pendant, or potion to use them. Having sold her soul so many times, gone to the underworld so often, and crossing over into the Spirit Plane has somewhat fucked up her soul. There are times when she has random angry outbursts and goes...a bit extreme when dealing with her cause of irritance. It hasn't completely consumed her and doesn't otherwise affect her except when she's pushed to a certain limit. The only perk from it is that she cannot be manipulated. The Aura around her is so thick and dark that only people she's bound her soul to can read her mind or feel her emotions. A strong enough Witch such as Sophia, Erik, or one of the other Mentors with the capability might have some trouble manipulating any part of her mind, body, or soul, but they could do it.

+Necromancy – Divinia has mastered Necromancy and is capable of interacting with spirits. She can summon and command the souls of the dead as well as see wayward souls wandering the earth. Since having first practiced Necromancy, she has advanced from reanimating and resurrecting animals to being able to reanimate and resurrect people. Reanimating doesn't take too much of a toll on her, but to fully resurrect a person means that she has to heal their body, reanimate it, and bind their soul back to their body. It takes a good deal of energy and it's not something she often does without Erik's supervision. When she resurrects a person, their souls are bound, so she does her very best to refrain from resurrecting anyone. She can control the motor skills of corpses that she has reanimated and cause them pain if they disobey. Divinia is also capable of sensing the coming of death, able to determine when someone is dead or dying or if others have died in a specific location.

+Battle Magick – Divinia has been training in Battle Magick for nine years and has her fair share of tussles with the Sons of Eden. She excels in Battle Magick and has learned to summon different weapons, though she tends to stick with ranged magick attacks or a sword if she absolutely must get close. Despite her rather slender appearance, Divinia packs quite a punch and isn't afraid to get her hands bloody with a nice, old-fashioned beat down. Though some might argue that actual physical combat is primitive, passe, and even a bit barbaric, she feels that it gets her points across quite nicely.

+Miscellaneous – Divinia excels in her General Education classes and is quite the poet and lyricist. She has always done well in her Literature classes, never one to be at a loss for words. She's also an excellent dancer and helps Mentor Sasga with the dance and yoga classes that she gives. She learned how to samba from Mentor Olgues and some gymnastics from Mentor Sasha. She also happens to be an excellent guitarist, singer, and pianist as well, often carving time out of her schedule every day to play, even if it's only for five or ten minutes. Music is calming and one of the few ways that she can express herself without getting in trouble for hurting someone. She has an extensive knowledge in other subjects of magick outside of Dark Arts; History of Magick, Elemental Control, Familiar Work, and Mythical Creatures.

“I don't care if you hate me or love me. Either way, you will respect me.”

{Ambitious, Social, Megalomaniac, Powerful, Desirable, Realistic, Careful, and Analytical}


She is...
☑Vengeful and Spiteful
☑Manipulative and Cunning
☑Loyal and Hateful
☑Superior and Powerful
☑Selective and A perfectionist
☑Sadistic and Greedy
☑Possessive and Creative
☑Honest and Patient
☑Polite and Studious
☑Coquettish and Ruthless
☑Vain and Strong-willed
☑Independent and Durable
She isn't...
☒Kind or Caring
☒Charitable or Disorganized
☒Agreeable or Indecisive
☒Friendly or Gentle
☒Fair or Modest
☒Optimistic or Pessimistic
☒Shy or Fearful
☒Understanding or The type to pity
☒Undisciplined or Gregarious
☒Impulsive or Conforming
☒A follower or Malevolent
☒Considerate or Self-conscious

Likes // Dislikes
Power // Weakness
Magic // Stupid orders
Singing // Cowards
Money // People who whine
Winning // Merlinites
Circeans // Bad fashion
Meg // Being talked down to
Fear in others // Cliches
Pain in others // Being told no
Respect // Professor Everett
Her powers // Deseronto preaching


Personality Based off of Severus Snape, I jacked part/most of the personality paragraph from the HP wiki.
Divinia Doriano is depicted as being cold, reserved, cynical, malicious, bitter and sarcastic. She has a commanding presence that exudes gravitas, authority and control; like Sophia, she has the ability to keep a students quiet without effort. She tends to hold grudges and is extremely spiteful toward those whom he disliked, though she never goes to far as to seek people out to torment. In particular, she disdains mostly Merlin students, considering them to be arrogant and attention-seeking and to all be naïve and/or with hero complexes. She is a very proud woman who views public emotional displays of vulnerability as a sign of shameful weakness. She is noted for having superb emotional control and is adept at concealing her thoughts and feelings, not just through her impenetrable dark Aura, but through her body language, which allows her to maintain her cold, collected demeanor. However, she has her limits, and is not incapable of losing her temper, particularly when it came to dealing with people instigating fights with Circeans over nothing. Inevitably, she also becomes furious when being pitied for her hardships or being accused of cowardice. She is a formidably brilliant Witch, displaying consummate skill in every area of Dark and Forbidden Magick as well as a good deal of knowledge and intermediate skill in other branches of magick. Her extensive knowledge and abilities are only matched by a handful few other witches and wizards of her age. Divinia is also unusually cerebral for a witch, possessing a subtle and keenly analytical mind. As a tutor, Divinia is known for her cavalier and harshly authoritarian attitude towards her teaching. Her standards for her classes are much higher than that of the other professors, as she only allowed students with the very best grades to continue into advanced study and immediately drops students who cannot handle either the lessons or her attitude. Despite her vindictive and often sadistic demeanour, Divinia is an immensely brave woman and, in her own way, possesses a deep capacity for love. Nearly everything that she does is motivated by her devotion to her fealty to the supernatural world that she is part of. She has seen how cold the world really is and has been in a position that no child ever should. She knew that she was lucky to have survived so long, every day mourning the loss of another supernatural child at the hands of the Sons of Eden. The people at school who don't know her, especially the Merlinites, see her as a sadistic and psychotic bully and she doesn't really care. She gives her all and devotes her life to strengthening herself and others. She has no problem leaving behind those who are content to wallowing in their mediocrity. She will not protect those who will not protect themselves. When it comes to those who are brave enough to disregard the rumors and approach her to get to know her, she has a deeper respect for. When it comes to her friends, she is loyal and protective over them. She seems to show an immense amount of over protectiveness towards new Circe students because she knows what it's like for people to not even know your name but to judge you based on what Coven you're in and she's seen the adverse effects that it's had on Circeans. She is capable of letting loose and having a good time, usually at parties. Unlike many other students, she doesn't strive to attend every party. She is a very studious woman, a geek if you will, and limits her parties to a mere two per week. While she may have a deep dislike for the naïve, weak, and bigoted, it is in her nature to admire and respect the power in others. Such was her relationship with Merlin; They never saw eye-to-eye on almost anything, but both had a respect for each others abilities. By textbook definition, Divinia is indeed a bully. But everyone is at one point in their lives. But Divinia is a very polite, honest, straightforward, and sophisticated witch. She starts out with asking/telling politely what she wants. If it is something that she direly needs from someone and is denied, she is not afraid to turn to physical or magickal force. And yes, she does have many enemies but, contrary to popular belief, she does not waste her time thinking of ways to hurt him after an initial confrontation. However, when the opportunity presents itself...What's the harm in a little prank? She does hold herself above others and is not in the least bit the type to be ashamed of telling people exactly how powerful she is, but she will never simply launch into bragging unprovoked. It's classless. Even without her dark Aura protecting her being, she is still hard to sway. She is very set in her ways and her mind is not easily swayed by most people. When she sets her mind to something, she does not give up. She is extremely patient and is willing to work with people as long as they don't want to give up. She has no respect for quitters. And yes, she is vain. She is very beautiful and she knows it. She's not the type of girl to look in a mirror and tell herself that she's just average. She has a high amount of confidence and self-esteem, never self-conscious about anything and positive that she turns heads every day. More than anything, I cannot stress enough that she is not a petty, sadistic bully. She's a realist. She's very outgoing and fun and she does smile quite a bit. She's easy to get along with outside of training so long as you haven't already got on her bad side.

“I once had wings as white as virgin snow – Accepting reality has turned them as black as coal.”

It was a small house on the outskirts of Palermo where Angilluzu and Giuvannina raised their three children in peace; Divinia, Paulo, and Grace. They worked odd jobs to put food on the table and they weren't above stealing. Hell, they weren't above mugging people. They always told their children that life was about survival of the fittest. While they certainly weren't in the lap of luxury, they survived and never went a day without a meal. Divinia, the eldest, would often go to the stores or houses of others and use her unique talents to steal. She'd known about her abilities since she was six and a boy pushed her into the lake. She didn't know how to swim and when she started to drown, she turned into a mermaid. Ever since then, she had begun exploring what she was capable of. Using telekinesis to lift items from houses and stores was nothing to her. But she would work in secret manipulating shadows and emotions among other things. Never did she imagine that it would ever get her into as much trouble as it did....

“For your crimes against humanity and the natural order, you are hereby sentenced to execution, witches!” Divinia's eyes grew wide as her mother and father pushed she and her brother out of the way, Giuvannina shoved Grace into Divinia's arms and screamed at her to run. No sooner had she done that was there two loud shots and Divinia found herself spattered with blood from her parents. She and Paulo and Grace all screamed out of shock, fear, and anger. Paulo turned to run but another shot rang out and he was the next to fall. Divinia's normally glacial orbs had been completely overtaken, black as the raven's wings at this point. “We haven't done anything! We go to church!” She was desperate to live, not wanting to die yet. As she yelled, tendrils of darkness whipped out around her, cracking at the man's feet. “Then you should know that the Bible says 'Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live', child. We've been watching you, witch. Watching you steal with your magic and practice in the shadows. You and your family must be punished.” His gun lowered to be level with the seven year old's face slowly. He was eager to cut the dialogue, kill her, and report back to base in Venice. But he was never going to report back. Divinia's body shook in uncontrollable convulsions as Grace's screams and the blood covering her and the man before her drove her into madness. The man's face slowly began to contort as he dropped the gun and screamed out in agony and terror. There was the slightest smirk on Divinia's face as his skin began to peel from his skin as though some invisible force were flaying him. He was being skinned alive. And minutes later as he stood there, struggling to survive with everything exposed, the hacking began. Tendrils shot out from Divinia and began to hack his body to pieces, covering she and Grace with more blood until the man was dead.

“Shh. It's alright, Grace, I won't let them hurt you.” Divinia slowly came back to her senses and began to calm her sister, issuing a calm Aura over her. Divinia, you have to take Grace and run! Clean yourselves, pack bag, and run! Don't look back! She froze as she heard the fading voice of her father in her ear but she knew immediately that it was him and not her going crazy. She was familiar with talking to dead people. She sat in a cemetery for a while but all they wanted to talk about was how spoiled kids were getting and what they didn't have in their day. Hardly any words of wisdom. Divinia did as she was bade and she was soon gone...

2 Years Later...

“I'll kill you!” The small blonde child screamed at the man dressed in black who had pulled her arms behind her back and restrained her. They were going to take her away and experiment on! How dare they touch her! Tendrils of darkness shot out from her body and slithered down the man's throat until he began to gag. As he released the girl, she stumbled away from him and whipped around with a dark look in her eyes. She threw her hand as if to backhand the man, but instead his body went flying. Her small fingers curled to make a fist so tight that her already pale knuckles began to turn bone white. Back and forth, back and forth, she moved her hand. As she did, the man's body slammed repeatedly into the wall. There was blood all over the both of them as well as the surrounding area as she screamed. “Why won't you people leave me alone?!” She screamed at him in Italian until her voice was hoarse and his body was limp. She released her hold on him and stumbled blindly through the abandoned village, trying to find somewhere to hide. She would usually just find a place to hide near where she had killed them. They never expected her to stay there so they always moved on. But she was bleeding now and she'd just make a trail for them to follow. She had to run. She tried, but her knees were weak and her legs gave out from under her. She sobbed, feeling that her end was near as she was suddenly kicked in her stomach, flipping over onto her back. Her parents and brothers were dead. Grace hadn't been able to survive the life on the run. And now Divinia was going to die. She was growing weaker by the second as the men and women in black with their holy relics came after her in waves. It was barely noon and she had already killed another eleven. It wasn't that they weren't sending people out in groups to catch her. They did. But she simply forced them to separate and picked them off one by one. There were two times when she actually took out the entire group in a fell swoop. The fact that they wanted to actually take her prisoner – just to burn her at the stake – was what saved her life. Apparently, they didn't want her as a prisoner anymore. Divinia's eyes closed as she accepted her fate. It was survival of the fittest and she was no longer fit...

When she came to, she saw the face of the most handsome man she had ever seen in her life. He was smiling at her and his Aura shone just brilliantly. For the first time in two years, she felt safe. The man later introduced himself as Nicholas Everett and moments later she was almost overwhelmed by the long string of people she was introduced to.[To Be Continued....]

Divinia has sold her soul to Loki, Elatha, Hades, and Anubis, retrieving it back from all them through many tricks and elaborate schemes. Now she has power and they have nothing but respect. Also, despite the many, many, many, many rumors – She is indeed a virgin. Mostly because she's picky and doesn't want to give anyone the privilege of having claimed her V-Card. She was also suspended from Battle Class three times during her 1st, 2nd, and 6th year at Hecate Academy for killing seven different students. Only one of them wasn't able to make it back. She is fiercely competitive and often scares people with her infallible logic. What logic? That Hecate Academy is too soft on their students and the teachers should be harsher. She believes that students need to be prepared for life and death situations, made fully aware that there won't always be a Professor or Healer around to patch them up or bring them back to life once they hit the real world and the Sons of Eden become a more real threat. And despite what others might think, she is very capable of showing compassion, kindness, and an overall care for the well-being of others.

So begins...

Divinia Doriano's Story

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From the dawn of your birth
To the sunset of your death
I honor you.

From the missions you completed
To your duties left undone
I honor you.

From the seasons of your being
Through the cycle of your life
I honor you.

From your time beyond the veil
Lie your entrance back again
May the angels support you
May my healing love reach you
From this moment until the end of time
So Mote It Be.

“Ad occasum ab ortu nativitatis tuae mortis. Ego te. De officiis ad missiones perfecisti omitti. Ego te. Inde per temporum cursus vitae tuae. Ego te. Iacet extra velum introitum a tempus reversuri. Ut spiritus tui. Amorem sanationis meus ad te veniat. Ex hoc nunc et usque in finem. Sic fiat.”

Words of Latin rang out across the school's cemetery as figures cloaked in black held white candles and burning sticks of sage and lavender, their heads bowed. At the front of the group was a a figure taller than most, curls blacker than spilled ink tumbling out from under the black hood as a thick Italian accent rang out above the some humming and chanting of the others. “Ariana Thrashing died fighting for her right to live. For her right to exist. A right that no person or creature should have to fight for. Ariana was a beautiful, strong woman. Some looked down on her because she was too tough they said. Her soul was dark. But everything she ever did here was to help us and her death will not have been in vain! This is our war too and whether anyone's going to help us or not, we will continue to prepare. The others can die in their fantasy land. Circe will prevail. For Ariana. For Alexander. For Romeo. For all Circeans past, present, and future!” A roar of approval went up at the young woman's words as everyone threw their hoods back, revealing the majority of the Circe Coven as they continued their long honoring of their deceased Mentor and Professor. Divinia Doriano was the one who lead the pack, her glacial orbs glancing over everyone's masked faces and nodded in approval. A rare tear slid down her cheek, streaking her makeup a bit.
“Tonight will be our last night of service in honor to those who have fought and died for us. Be there.” She was a bit disappointed that none of the other Mentors or Professors made it, but she figured that they were dealing with Merlin's death. Oh, of course she knew. The spirits seemed to enjoy announcing every little thing, especially when important people joined them in death. To hear that Merlin had... She thought it was a joke until she tried scrying for him and couldn't find him. There were few reasons why people wouldn't show up for scrying: They were warded, they had no soul, they were dead, or you were just weak. Merlin was Merlin, so of course he had a soul. Div certainly wasn't weak. So he was either dead or warded. But speaking to Sasha confirmed the spirits' talk as more than just rumors. She had mourned the loss of Merlin as well, but her ceremonies were more focused on personal friends. She and Merlin never did exactly see eye-to-eye the few times that they had met.

Standing next to a shrine by an empty grave, Divinia held a sad but stern and distant gaze as the Circeans began to approach, whispering prayers together and blowing out their candles, tossing in a number of flowers, plants, and personal items. Some tossed in their masks. “Hecate pugnemus pro nostris victoriam inimicis beatae. Oremus orci petere dominorum cruciatus contaminare animas inimicorum nostrorum. Ruina patriae nostrae ad sociorum animos ad pacem sempiternam.” Divinia's voice rose once more, answered by a number of prayers as the Circeans rose their arms up in prayer.

The gathering soon departed, Divinia being the first to leave. Beside her walked a woman that looked like she could be Div's mother, her hair dyed black as well. For the past week of mourning, the two had worn only black outfits, dying their hair black, donning Latin-style Dios de Los Muertes masks and face paint all day every day. Though they tended to keep with their usual blood red lipstick. Such was how many of the other Circeans mourned as well.

Meg glanced down at her ward, a feeling of despair welling up inside of her. She knew how much Divinia adored Mentor Thrashing and losing her to the Sons of Eden was going to eventually take its toll on her. “Perhaps it would be wise of you to get some rest.” Her blue-green eyes turned away from Div, turning instead towards the large building they were headed for. The Circe dormitories and all classes having to do with Black Magick were located on the south side of the building along with the cemetery and the library. “I'm fine, Meg,” Divinia sighed, placing a hand against her temple as if doing so would fight back the headache that was making her head pound. “I just need to get some breakfast and do some yoga.” She offered a reassuring smile even though she knew she couldn't fool Meg any more than she could fool herself. She wasn't tired.

She was pissed.

Her Aura radiated stronger than usual, forcing generally everybody else to avoid her more than usual. There were a few who weren't affected by it as much as the others, walking a short distance behind her in their own solitude. The fact that a large portion of Circe was walking around wearing black cloaks and hoods, frightening masks and face paints, and keeping silent around others outside of their Coven only perpetuated the vicious rumors circulating about the Coven. Div simply brushed them off as she and her friends made their way to the cafeteria located in the center of the building, close to the courtyard. She didn't feel like going outside though. She would settle for her breakfast of nutella on toast, strawberries and banana smoothie, and blueberry oatmeal. Her vision was rapidly blurring as she let her tear drops fall onto her toast. Meg had sat next to her, eating from a container of live mice. Despite the depressing situation, even Divinia had to admit that it was still fun to watch the looks on people's faces when they saw Meg eating live mice whole, not knowing that she was Div's snake Familiar.

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"What a nice memorial service"

Ivy's black robe flowed as she walked and her make-up was just another piece to the puzzle. She left the service but instead of heading straight for the cafeteria, she decided to walk around. 'It was boring really but seeing as she was a former Circe member, we had to attend.' Ivy stopped and looked down at Grim her familiar with a raised eyebrow at his statement. "I thought you liked funerals Grim?" Ivy said confused onto why her familiar thought it was boring. 'Well for one in was in Latin so I didn't understand a word she said.' Ivy shook her head and let out a small laugh. Of course he was made it was a different language. "Oh Grim. You're hilarious." And with that they kept walking.

It took a while but next thing you know, they were in the cafeteria. This is where 'everybody' as at the current moment. Of course, seeing at H.A.G.S had probably the best food you have ever tasted in your pathetic human life. Ivy walked over tot he line with Grim in tow. A lot of people backed off from her familiar because of the type of animal he is and his attitude towards other people. Once it was her turn to grab food, her hands reached out to grab the apple, and a bowl of frosted flakes without the milk. Cereal was better that way. She looked over the food again and then picked up bacon strips and handed them to Grim which he greedily took. It's not his regular diet which was raw, but he was hungry.

Ivy turned around and made her way to her table. There is when she noticed that Div was sitting there with her familiar Meg. Ivy shot a look down to Grim which can be easily said 'don't do anything stupid'. Grim just gave her a wolfy grin and Ivy rolled her eyes. Ivy slid into her seat and munched on her apple and looked at Div carefully. She refrained from saying hi because that was something she just didn't do. When she heard the sniffing Ivy froze. Oh shit. 'Oh god is she crying?' Ivy refused to answer seeing as the answer was clear. Tears were flowing -freely might I add- down her cheeks and landing on her piece of bread.

This gave Ivy two options. Be the normal friend that she isn't and ask what's wrong and actually listen to her. Or completely ignore what's going on in front of her and continue to eat her food. Ivy choose the latter and took another bite of her red apple and stared at Div wondering is she was going to tell Ivy what's wrong with her. Of course it's just a matter if it was something stupid or actually meaningful. That's what Ivy was really dreading but she kept her face carefully blank. 'Make it stop Ivanya, it's horrifying.' Grim growled out clearly frustrated. Ivy ignored how dramatic he was being and took another bite.


Ryan's laughter boomed down the corridor as he watched the students scatter in fright. They were scared but only because of Dracula, his vampire bat familiar was pretending to attack them. Oh this was just a precious moment. Ryan took out his phone and unlocked it. He quickly went to his camera and hit record and recorded everything that was happening in front of him. The funny part was that they actually they actually thought Dracula was going to eat them. That would be disgusting. Vampire bats only eat animals so there really wasn't anything to fear. Ryan stopped recording and whistled signaling for Dracula to come back.

They both had just come back from a memorial service which they had to attend because a former Circe member -A teacher- died in the hands of The Sons of Eden. Ryan and Drac both wore a black cape that almost reached the floor. However Ryan was the only one of the two that wore the make-up. Ryan tried to stray from too any colors and just did red around his eyes. He had to fight with Drac when it came to dying Drac's coat in a different color. Drac obviously won which is why he's still in his normal coat color which is orange. Ryan walked forward and watched as Drac continued to scare a couple of people until he actually went over to Ryan.

'That was fun! Did you see them run? Oh priceless!' Dracula continued to banter about what happened as he perched himself on Ryan's shoulder. Ryan nodded his head with a wide smile. "That was funny. God I don't think it can get any better than that." Ryan said with a satisfactory sigh his accent almost as thick as it was last year. Anyway, knowing these two trouble makers, they would most likely find something else to do in an hour or two tops. They were just like that. 'God I'm starving. Let's go eat.' Dracula jumped off Ryan's shoulder and flew ahead of him before Ryan could say utter the word yes. "Yo wait up Drac, I'm hungry too!" And like that Ryan took off after his familiar.

'Hah! You lose slow poke.' Drac boasted as they entered the cafeteria. The aroma of the food hit him like a ton of bricks. It was heavenly. "I don't exactly have wings mate." Ryan pointed out and went over to the line. Ryan was given a couple of glance, mostly from the girls who really needed to close their jaws. Ryan winked back at them and they squealed. Ryan sigh again. Heaven. "Look at you Romeo, getting the girls to swoon over you. What's your secret?' Drac said making Ryan laugh once again. "There's no secret. I'm just that kind of guy girls go for. Besides. They're not my type." Ryan said and grabbed ha which Drac took out of his hand and then Ryan grabbed another piece for himself. 'Oh really? What is you type? Drac asked but Ryan didn't answer.

Ryan turned around and went over to the normal Circe table were Ivy and Div were sitting. By the time he got their, he had finished his piece of ham. However Drac was still going at his and perched himself on Grim's head. Ivy's familiar. "Well hello sexy ladies. Glad I can join the party. What's going on?' Ryan said flashing his award winning smile. It was then he realized that one of them were crying seeing as he heard quite sniffing. He looked at Ivy but then dismissed the idea since Ivy doesn't cry...in public that is. Ryan turned to Div. "What's wrong mate? They ran out of make up at the store?" Ryan joked trying to make light of the situation. All he got was a small smile from Ivy and a snicker from Drac.

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"Maybe we should skip school," Hellion, Audrey's familiar, suggested. It didn't sound like a bad idea. She wasn't in the mood to deal with teachers and other people. Currently, Audrey was lying on her bed, stroking her cheetah's back side. Audrey had shown up yesterday and was already unpacked. She didn't want to be around when all the fresh meat arrive today. "We can't. Head Mistress would come and find us," she said sadly. It has happened before. Although it was worth getting in trouble for, she wasn't in the mood to see the head mistresses face either. A sigh escaped the young girls lips and the familiar grunted. "Then get up Audrey. You are late" Hellion rose and walked off Audrey and jumped onto the floor. She looked at him with disbelief. He actually cared whether or not she went to school. That was kind of hard to believe, but she wasn't going to question it. Audrey threw her legs over and felt the rough carpet of her floor.

She sauntered over to the mirror in her room to check for any imperfections. She caught sight of her hair in all different directions and a complete mess. Audrey could hear Hellion snickering at her and she turned to glare. The large cat did not fear this caster so all she could do was throw a measly pillow at him. Hellion pounced onto the bed and watched as the young women attempted to fix the mess on her head. A frustrated groan escaped her. Her hair wouldn't cooperate with her and she didn't have time or patience to get it work with her. Her decision was to braid it to the side. Simple and pretty. Turning to face Hellion, she gestured to herself as if to ask if she looked okay. He barely glanced at her before nodding his head. "You didn't even look!" she scolds him. "Because I'm a cat. We don't wear clothes. So I don't care" he responded. She just gave up on him and straightened out her outfit. Then she checked for any damages from last nights dream. And she found on. It started around her collar. A scratch that went down into her shirt. She didn't even was to see how far down it went. Hellion growled at the scar. He couldn't protect her in the dream. No one good. She didn't even address it. Finally the face paint. It took her a while, but she transformed her face Hellion approved and she put on her black robe.

Grabbing the keys to the room, her phone to contact people, and the hex book for practice Audrey opened the door and Hellion appeared by her side. He was hungry for some meat. She always found that strange. A cat who wants meat, but he gave her the whole lesson on cheetahs. How they eat zebra, bison, antelope, and all that good stuff. It was still weird, but who was she to question what he wants for breakfast. Walking down the hall, Hellion gave off the aura of not wanting to be messed with. People steer clear of the both of them and she didn't mind. The scar was starting to burn and it was really annoying. Flipping through her hex book, she was trying to find something to help. Nothing. Time for reinforcements. She handed Hellion the hex book and he took it in his jaw. Audrey pulled out her phone and first went to Div's number.
Hey. Where are you?

After that message she scrolled down to Lucian.

I need some help. I'm headed to the cafeteria. Where are you?

When the message went through, she pocketed the phone. Taking hold of the hex book from Hellion's mouth, he looked very upset. "What?" she questioned her familiar. "I hate them" he responded. Audrey rolled her eyes. "You hate everyone" she said.

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It's 6:00 in the a.m. and for the most part, the school is still and quiet. The same cannot be said for the small arena in the training center of the school. Evanne sat on her hands and knees, a slight fog misted from her shoulders as she took in deep, gulping breaths. For hours it seems she had been practicing her metal mimicry ability. The ability that needed the most practice. The radio played in the background as she began to rise to just her knees, then her feet. She stood as tall as her back would allow and let her head fall back. Her brow was as furrowed as possible, but her breath became a little less violent and shallow. Not many people know what it’s like, to be completely encased in metal, to change your very skin to a different element entirely.
It feels like a prison.
"One more time."
The sad excuse for a pep talk normally would have fallen on the deaf ears of her achy bones, but there was something to be said for her determination. She walked over to her Bluetooth speaker, and turned up the music of one of her favorite bands. Music was always a really good distraction from the crippling fear, an anchor in the suffocating slinking metal. However, most of the time it’s never enough to reach her.
Evanne took a few deep breaths and bounced slightly to loosen her muscles. After taking some extra stretches, she stood in the middle of the arena and became immediately aware of herself. Sweat covered her like a glistening sheet and soaked into her clothes, sparkling even from the inadequate light in the room. Her knees trembled and threatened to give if she didn't get this over with quick, so she began. Tilting her head back, Evanne closed her eyes and tried to relax and for all intents and purposes, succeeded. Focusing on the music and her breathing, she brought her arms up over her head and waited. It began slowly, the skin of her hands and feet always changed first then it would inch up her arms and legs, meeting at the torso then working towards the face. That was the worst part. Even though Evanne knew it was her own skin, when it reached her face, an immense feeling of drowning would overtake her and it was usually too much to bear. By now it has covered her arms and legs, her new skin. It reflected like a mirror and moved like it had its own mind. It was almost comforting to see herself in the reflection of her own skin. For just a little while, she was at piece with the cool metal that quickly made do of her pale olive skin. It was short lived, because now the transformation had finally taken over her torso and just slid over her chest. Her breathing quickened and her heart felt as if it was a sledgehammer beating against her chest. Her eyes slammed shut and her breathing almost stopped entirely as the skin on her cheeks slowly changed and molded over her nose and made way for her eyes. At the contact, her eyes burst open and the metal slid over the remainder of her dermis, making her eyes look extremely pale silver.


She couldn't move, could barely even breathe as she stood shakily on the floor. She'd done it. She finally successfully becomes her own element. The worst part was that wasn't even the hardest part of her transformation. Now, not only would she have to move fluently with this, she would have to change back. She moved her arms first, bringing them down to look at her fingers and wiggling them in front of her face, watching how the light reflected off of her "skin". It felt so strange. In fact, it didn’t feel like anything. The metal skin she now had wasn't connected to her senses or her nervous system so no matter what she touched: soft, hard, hot, cold; she didn't feel it. She bent various joints to gauge the elasticity of the metal to find that it behaved much like her normal skin, much more elastic than she anticipated. Feeling uncharacteristically giddy, even under the circumstances, Evanne picked up her towel water, and iPod from its dock, and headed for the door out into the hall in all of her metallic glory. She walked slowly, but with purpose to her room. Her bones were still achy and it was hard for her to keep focus enough to keep her form. Soon she was walking down the corridor to her room silently thanking whatever being ruled over fate for it to be empty. She did not need nor want the questions that would surely come.
She unlocked her door with all of the excitement of a small child going to the dentist. By now, her muscles were screaming at her to give it a rest. So as she entered, she slowly released her form. Opposed to how she transformed originally, the skin on her phalanges began to return to normal, slowly but surely engulfing the metal and leaving her fae tattoos to remember it by. Soon it was melting away from her forehead and down her neck and before she knew it was disappearing into her belly button as if it never happened. It was the sound of a lion sighing that brought her head up, realizing she was standing rather awkwardly in the middle of her room with an exasperated Nehgross lying on his bed, looking up at her. She was certain that if he could arch a brow as dramactically as he wish, he would have done it.
” I assume your training session was a successful one?”
Evanne wiped the sweat from her brow with the towel and tossed it in her hamper. ”You’re assumption is correct as usual. How perceptive you are today Nehgross,”she said feigning disbelief and awe.
Grumbling at her sarcastic banter Nehgross scoffed, ”Transforming leaves you moody, dually noted. But you should know that when I turn my back now I do it in a huff.”The lion turned swiftly, wiggling its tail and holding it’s nose in the air as it walked back to sit by its bed. King of the jungle indeed.
Evanne chose not to grace his attitude with a response and just rolled her eyes as she walked into her bathroom and hopped in the shower, washing the all of the fear and sweat from her body. By the time she finished her shower it was around 8:30 and she was shocked on how long it took her to practice that day. She toweled off quickly and dried her hair. Since the activities of the morning went so well she decided to apply her favorite perfume and some light make up as opposed to her usual none. Even with her new found “sauciness” of the morning, she dressed simply in her favorite shirt and shorts. She always like how her tattoos looked against dark colors.
She looked to Nehgross while putting her phone in her back pocket and grabbing her keys, ”Do you want some breakfast? Or is your heighness full of himself?”
Nehgross growled low in his throat and walked past her to the door, ”You’re lucky I’m somehow enamored with you. People have died for less.”
Evanne chuckled as she closed the door behind him and walked beside him down the corridor towards the cafeteria for some much needed sustenance. ”I’m certain you've heard of the recent events. The murders, even of one of our own. Caster and sorcerers the world over are being picked off.”
Nehgross huffed in agreement,”Yes I've heard the whispers, something has changed. They’re not going for children or the weak links anymore. Thrashing was most definitely a warning. She was powerful and skilled. If they are able to kill her than there is no telling how powerful they've become.
Evanne’s mood darkened and her brow furrowed, ” I suppose my breakthrough this morning couldn't have come at a better time. I’m going to have to work harder to prepare myself. Thrashing will be sorely missed.” They rounded the corner and stopped at the door, looking out at everyone.
”I’ll get us some breakfast. I might check on Div, She’ll more than likely be upset.”
Nehgross nodded and headed for their usual table in the middle of the room and sat. Evanne moved through the line, getting an omelet, stack of cakes, and some toast and bacon slathering everything in syrup. Transforming, as well as all of the practice she preforms in the morning would leave a giant starving. With her being six feet and fitness obsessed, she needed all she could get. She grabbed Nehg a steak bloody and raw before she grabbed her tray and made for her table. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Div, Ivy, and another Circe…Ryan was it?, sitting at a table, Div looking extremely upset. Her mood reminded Evanne of the memorial service for Ariana Thrashing that morning. Taking her own secret pity, Evanne walked cautiously to Div and stood behind her. With her free hand, she squeezed Div’s shoulder slightly and rubbed it, offering her support. But she knew her friend, she hated pity almost as much as she hated clichés or bad fashion. So Evanne walked to her table, handing Nehgross his steak, and dug into her breakfast in peace.

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Harper & Ryan

Slurping down the last of her Frappe and looking around the cafeteria, Harper happily took in the knowledge that she now knew or could name a lot of the students crowding in there. Glancing over she spotted Aymon walking towards Eros, meeting her eyes he had nodded and smiled at her and she returned the gesture with a small wave. She could see Evanne sitting at a table by herself with her tray full of food. Harper admired that she could eat that much and stay in such great shape. Looking a couple of tables over were some of the Circe coven, including Ivy, Ryan, and Div. Was Div crying? Harper pondered that for a minute. It isn’t every day that you saw Div cry. Harper filed away the knowledge that the girl had feelings, at least about something, for later reference. She took in a few other students faces, noted their presence, and then shook herself out of her observations. She had been too quiet. Finally having her coffee in her, she turned to Arrow and said, “Alright Arrow boy, I’m capable of conversation with the lively now.”

“And might I mention that if you keep sneaking her scraps like that she’s going to get mighty plump.” Harper said while gesturing at Panda. Panda returned Harper’s comment on her physique with a reproachful look in her eyes, a huff, and got up and moved closer to Arrow.


Laughing Ryan patted Panda on the head a couple of times and whispered to her under his breath for her not to worry that he was going to keep sneaking her bacon anyways. Turning back to Harper, he said, “I don’t know if you’ve heard the latest or not yet, what with you over-sleeping and all, but the Circe coven held a funeral for Thrasher this morning. We all are aware that the Sons of Eden are the murderers, what I don’t get myself is how Thrasher even became a possible target, much less Merlin. They were both outside of the usual victim of choice for them, and both were powerful enough that they should not have had a problem fighting them. So, to me, this signifies only one thing: they’re gaining power, and frankly I myself would like to know how. How does a group go from picking out children, the elderly, the generally weak, to taking on Merlin? It just doesn’t make sense. Or perhaps there could be a new weapon to attribute their rise in power to. Something they’ve gotten hold of that our side doesn’t know about yet. I suppose time will only tell though.” Ryan finished his flurry of thoughts in a long breath and turned to find Harper staring at him intently with a thoughtful look on her face, taking in his words and genuinely considering them. That was why he loved her. The girl had brains. She actually thinks about the things he says. Waiting for her to think her response through, he sat back with a worried sigh, and wondered just what the schools next course of action would be. It wasn’t a matter of if the school was going to do something, it was a what, because he knew Hecate would not take this laying down.


Harper was still organizing her thoughts in order to respond to Ryan's talk of the Sons of Eden when the tabled rattled as two of the sexiest gay boy's of the school flopped down. "Buenos Dias!", Eros cheerfully stated to them with Aymon in tow. Ryan immediately thought that any earlier his cheerfulness would not have been received well by a not yet caffeinated Harper. He chuckled under his breath at that thought before being taken by surprise as Eros started running his hands through his unruly hair. Both Harper and Ryan busted out laughing at Eros' terrible Mean Girl's reference, but Ryan didn't miss the significant glance that Eros gave him in regards to the girl sitting beside him as Eros asked them how they were doing. Ryan couldn't resist making a quick reference himself before addressing Eros' look, "I wear my hair like this because it's so fetch, and we are doing okay, just...you know, talking about the recent tragedy...and stuff....", Ryan's words trailed off awkwardly. Eros knew Ryan had no idea what he was doing in this situation. He watched Eros play his hand across Aymon's thigh, and thought of how much he would love to have that kind of relationship with Harper. With a small sigh, he looked back up at the two guys in front of him and asked, "but anyhow, how're you guys?"

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Divinia teaching? To be honest Erik was not so sure if that was such a good idea. She was with no doubt one of his best students and by far his favorite. But there was something about it he didn't like that much, he couldn't really put a finger on it, but something just didn't seem right about it. Maybe it was just that he didn't like the thought of having her as a colleague instead of a student.

Damnit.. Where the hell is that wolf when I need him Erik thought to himself as the discussion between Sasha and Leo became more and more heated. Fenris was usually the one Erik confronted when his own feelings confused him. Unfortunately the wolf was probably busy eating his way through the fridge, so Erik would just have to sort his thoughts out by himself.

As the wind started picking up Erik got closer and closer to something of an answer. Remembering he had learned in the military In combat the fighters own feelings should never be taken into consideration, a wise commander didn't call of an attack because he feared for his own life, and he wouldn't order an attack just because someone who meant something to him. If anything like that happened, the commander should be released from duty as he is no longer capable to make wise decision. This was something Erik believed to be the absolute truth and remembering that made him sure that the only reason he din't want her as a teacher was because he viewed her as something of a daughter, and he had a feeling that would end if they were to be colleagues. But he should not put his own feelings before the obviously best choice.

"I vote yes. but as I see it, I shouldn't have much of a saying in this. Everyone knows Divinia is one of my favorites, and that will affect my judgement no matter how hard I try not to." Erik said as Sasha calmed down. He wasn't really surprised when Leo choose to back down instead of standing his ground. "I'll leave the decision to you" He said and nodded to the others while scratching his beard, knowing that they probably would decide to make her a teacher anyway. 11

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"Oh, yeah." Eros said, looking around. "The tragedy." The image of the Circeans' black robes and Dia de Los Muertos makeup came with a bitter and familiar taste in the back of his throat. Oh all the emotions, he was pretty sure he hated sadness, especially sadness over a loss, the most. He struggled against both the empathetic tears coming to his eyes and the images of his sister's casket being sluggishly lowered into the ground. His mouth felt dry. He kept his hand on Ayman's thigh, hoping the feel of his pants would keep him anchored against the flood of depression he was having to deal with.

'Dios mio.' he thought. Now he could feel rage lacing the thick cloud of sorrow. The Sons of Eden. Those human bastards thought they could get away with murdering such a powerful witch. They were mistaken. The Coven of Circe had a thirst for revenge written all over their hearts. Eros mentally shook himself, ridding his mind of emotions that didn't belong to him. That, however, didn't rid him of his own rage toward the Sons.

Eros just noticed the smug smirk on Ayman's lips, so he figured that he probably missed one of his boy toy's dumb jokes/stories. "Sweetie, I thought I told you to stop getting your jokes from the internet." the boy said with a wide smile on his face. He was joking (sort of) and though Eros could be semi-brutal towards his friend with benefits, it was all in good fun.

'Hello all!'

The flapping of wings quickly caught his attention as Helen, in all her glory, landed in the center of the lunch table. 'Hello Eros, darling.' She craned her long neck gracefully, examining the table of students around her. 'Oh what is going on with Arrow's hair? He should definitely fix that. Tell him to push it back. Oh Harper looks cute today. I hope she burned that blouse she was wearing on Tuesday. Someone needs to. Ayman's looking dapper as always, though I'd frankly like him better without a shirt.'

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Divinia simply shot Ryan a glare but uttered not a word. She could feel the stares of people on her and she couldn't help but to feel a flash of anger sear through her like a brand. She didn't care that people thought that she was the Regina George of the school; Smart, beautiful, manipulative, powerful, classy, and mean. She didn't care that people thought that she was a souless whore of a bitch. But how dare think that she would have so little respect for others that she would not shed a tear for their deaths. She sat in silence and otherwise ignored their presence until she felt a hand on her shoulder. She needn't look to know who it was: Evanne. Evanne was just about the only student who would comfort Divinia publicly. Mostly because nobody else knew what to do – Divinia didn't get vulnerable for the public eye. It wasn't in her nature to show weakness in the face of her enemies. She was even capable of dismissing the slight bit of pity that Evanne radiated. She could already hear Deseronto's teasing when he found out that she had shed tears in public, silent as they may have been. She would honestly rather have him tease her than to comfort her. He was such a dick! Him and every other Merlin with their fucking hero syndrome. But she did have respect for the ancient wizard nonetheless.

Even if he had called her the spawn of demons and devils.

At the nudging of Meg's elbow she finally took a bite from her toast, pulling out her cell phone. It was Audrey, one of her other best friends. She liked Evanne and Audrey the best out of most others, though she'd never say so. Couldn't have people know who was close to her. While they certainly weren't Ivy or Ryan, the two other young women ha a certain...innocence that she liked. To corrupt? No. Just to be around. They weren't sanctimonious and they understood her in a way that her other friends didn't. She wasn't about to propose to either, but she found her time was better spent in their presence. To Sorellina: I'm in the cafeteria – Usual table. She put her phone away and returned to eating her toast with her expression growing slightly more amused as she watched other students rush out to vomit after seeing Meg swallow yet another fat mouse whole, making a show of slurping down the tail. “Don't worry, little one. You'll have a smile on your face within the next thirty or so minutes.” Divinia turned to Meg at the cryptic message, though she didn't bother trying to pry into her Familiar's thoughts for an answer. Meg may be a Familiar, but she was once a very powerful and very old witch. If she wanted Divinia out of her head, she didn't have to put that much effort into it.

Div simply shook her head before turning to face Ryan and Ivy, taking a few extra seconds to wash her toast down with a gulp of her smoothie. “Classes probably won't be starting for another day or two. Either way, we're going to need a meeting. Soon. I'll talk to Odinson about it.” Her gaze moved across the cafeteria a bit and her lips pulled into a frown as she spotted Eros and his latest groupie interacting with Harper and her friend Ryan. She didn't really like Harper or Eros, she found them both to be immature and annoying twits possibly deserving of being erased from the cosmos. She didn't really know Ayman but she knew that he had a smart mouth. He stayed out of her way though. Ryan Simpson... He was Harper's friend but he defended Divinia's honor when people talked about her. Yet he wouldn't approach her. She would have to handle that later. She was simply curious. But her attention was drawn back to the table before her where she continued on with her breakfast, Meg shifting from her human form to that of her snake form. Divinia felt a bit more comfort as the massive snake wound herself around her ward, resting her head against Div's shoulder.

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Hellion was scaring people as him and Audrey made their way down the hall. The young woman shook her head at her familiar. Innocent Merlins would scream and start running away. The cheetah believe it to be the funniest thing in the world and Audrey snickered a bit as they scurried in a different direction. "You are just horrible Hellion" Audrey said to him. He looked at her and gave what she believes was supposed to be a smile. "Thank you darling" he responded. Any insult she gives he just takes it as another character trait she's describing. But Audrey loves her familiar despite their different ideas of a fun time. The blonde pulls out her phone and checks to see no response from Lucian. The new scar had stopped burning, but she wanted to figure out what did it. Right as she was to put the phone in the pocket, it vibrates in her hand. Looking at the screen, the ID reads Div. It was a reply. Quickly reading over it, a smile formed on her face. Audrey was already headed to the cafeteria. Her phone was put away and she made a left.

"I can help you. Stop asking everyone else for help." Hellion scolded me. Audrey ignores him. Hellion can't help her when it comes to hell. He has never been or heard of half of the demons she would describe from the dreams. He was useless when it came to this curse. Eventually the two made it into the cafeteria. Eyes were burning holes in the sides of her face as they looked at her paint. They knew what it meant and they didn't even bother asking why. So much disrespect. Not one person attempted to pay their respects. Even if they were on the darkside, they were important to the institute. Before she angered herself about this, she walked through the line to grab food for Hellion. The caster wasn't hungry or eat much. As she moved through the line, she stacked all different kinds of meat on the plate. Blood Sausages. Regular Sausages. Bacon. There was other things that Hellion told her to grab that she couldn't name. Task two was to find her way to the table Div was sitting at.

Audrey's steps were slow as she made her way into the crowd of students. She could hear jokes and laughter coming from her right. Harper, Ryan, Eros, and Ayman took up that table. They were having fun and cracking jokes as usual. Her gaze wandered about the room and she was almost searching for Deseronto. He was always checking in on her to make sure that she wasn't causing harm to students. Of course she refrains from doing it while he is around, but it still gets done. Finally she saw the table that contained Circes. The paint made it much easier to find them. The casters pace sped up and Hellion trailed behind. Audrey came up and gave a soft smile to everyone at the table before sitting down. Hellion sat on the floor behind Audrey and she handed him the plate of meet. He was extremely grateful and started eating right away. "Hello everyone. How is everyone this morning?" she asked softly.

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'Get this abomination off of me.' Grim growled out as Ryan and Dracula his familiar came to the table. Drac decided to himself that it was okay to sit on Grim. Grim and Drac don't like each other. Grim turned his head around almost in a 360 and snapped his sharp canines at the bat. He was going for his leg hopefully so that he could break it so when Grim devours the animal, it can't leave. Ivy watched as the two pets went at each other like cat and mouse. "Grim play nice, don't want to get charged for murder." Ivy said only half joking. They don't arrest animals but they do send them to the pound. Which is similar to jail, just for dogs. Grim huffed and sneered until he went back to his still posture at the table. "Good boy." That received a low growl from Grim.

Ivy took a bite of her apple completely finishing it. She set it down and that's when Evanne came. She went up behind Div and set a gentle yet firm hadn't of her shoulder. Div didn't even react to the touch, though she didn't have to. Just Evanne's presences alone could almost calm anybody down. She didn't have to open her mouth. She could just sit their and let you break down and she wouldn't utter a word. Ivy would know. But that's for another story. 'Give me your apple.' Ivy looked at her apple, then at Grim. Back to her apple. With a shrug she used her elbow and nicked the apple off the table. Grim caught it with his mouth and used his powerful jaws to eat the heart of the apple. The part that no one ate. Grim had weird eating habits.

“Classes probably won't be starting for another day or two. Either way, we're going to need a meeting. Soon. I'll talk to Odinson about it.”

Ivy nodded her head in agreement with the meeting. It would be a good to get everyone together so they could discuss the topic of the murder of Ms.Thrashing. The sooner the better too, "Some people might want to talk about it, and maybe hatch a plan to get revenge on the Sons of Eden." Ivy said shooting Div a pointed look. She was probably the most affected about this than anybody in the Circe group. If someone wanted to get back at the Sons of Eden, guarantee Div would be the one to do it. Though it might take some training to get to that point. If the Sons of Eden could take down a powerful teacher, a student wouldn't last a second in that arena. Ivy rested her head on her two palms elbows on the table. She was tired and just wanted to go to the dorm, rub the make-up off, throw the robe away and sleep. But doing such things like that would be highly frowned upon and would forever breath down Ivy's neck.

"Hello everyone. How is everyone this morning?" Ivy looked at the new comer. Audrey with her familiar Hellion the cheetah. Probably the nicest Circe member you would see. But don't forget that she's still a Circe at heart. Ivy grunted in reply to Audrey's greeting. Ivy and Audrey didn't really have the best relationship out their. They had absolutely nothing in common and things were super awkward between them. However Ivy doesn't hate her, just would rather be in a different room than her. 'Hellion, come and we shall rain hell over this land together.' Grim said walked over to the cheetah with a wolfy grin. Grim and Hellion were probably the best of friends. Kind of sad that the pets could get along perfectly but not the masters.


Ryan playfully winced at the cold glare Div shot him at his little joke. 'I thought it was pretty hilarious. Some people just don't have a sense of humor.' Drac said and to make it more dramatic he shook his head and gave out a sigh. Ryan chuckled at his familiar who was now residing on the table in front of him. Well after his mini chase with Grim, Ivy's familiar, he thought it would be better to just stay away from the hungry wolf. Ryan couldn't agree more. Ryan would like his bat alive than eaten. Ryan reached over to Ivy's bowl of dry cereal and grabbed another handful and stuffed it in his mouth. Ryan was never sure what they put in the cereal which made it so addicting. Cocaine? Marijuana? Whatever it was, Ryan wanted more.

Ryan acknowledge Evanne's presence as she came to comfort them. Div more specifically who's cries seemed to die down over time. Evanne had that calming affect of people that got people to relax. But when it came to Ryan it was the exact opposite. Ryan likes to inflict rage to other people a power that he has only used a couple of times. It's not hard to make people mad Just say a couple of false words and then bam! Fight in the hallway. People were so easily influenced and empowered by the smallest rumors which is very pathetic and humiliating. Especially when you find out rumor is wrong but you've already acted on it. Like if some guys girlfriend was told that her boyfriend was caught cheating. You believe them and break up with them causing a heartbreak which is hard to get over. Then you find out your boyfriend is heartbroken too. Well because you broke up with him for no reason. You actions based on a rumor that was never true.

“Classes probably won't be starting for another day or two. Either way, we're going to need a meeting. Soon. I'll talk to Odinson about it.”

Ivy nodded and with a mouthful of frosted flakes Ryan said yes. 'Hasn't your mother ever tell you not to talk with your mouth full?' Ryan rolled his eyes at the fake stern tone Drac was giving him. My mother was too crazy to care about how I ate. You of all people should know." And with that Ryan tuned into what Ivy was going to say. "Some people might want to talk about it, and maybe hatch a plan to get revenge on the Sons of Eden." Ryan agreed and disagreed with that statement. Clearing his thought he spoke up. "I don't really think we should be talking about getting the Sons of Eden back. We really need to focus on calming the other Circeans out there. Some of them aren't as strong bone as we are and might need to know that the Sons of Eden aren't going to come after them." 'Yet.' Drac added and snicked and sadly it was true. who knew how long it would be until they came after the rest of us.

"Hello everyone. How is everyone this morning?" Ryan turned to look at Audrey with a dazzling smile. "Well hello beautiful. I realize there's no room on the table, why don't you sit on my lap? I promise it's comfortable. Ryan said winking at her. But instead she just sat down and Ryan put his hand over his heart. "Ouch, you couldn't let me down gently could you?" Ryan said and went back to his goofy facade. 'Oh Dear god! She brought Hellion! Grim and Hellion both hate me! Why would she do this to me! I thought what we had was special? Ryan raised his eye at his familiar. "First of all, they only hate you because you're childish and silly. And second, you and Audrey don't have anything. You can't even sit on her shoulder without freaking out." Ryan said the last part with a laugh. Drac just huffed and crossed his wings over his chest. "One day, one day."

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Lucian Black

A harsh growl escaped Lucian as he teleported back to school grounds. The trip he had taken to hell last night was an unpleasant one because he was in charge of the soul passing that night, his father wanted to take a night off. Lucian was starting to think the man's age was finally getting to him. But that was not that thing that had soured Luke's mood, he enjoyed doing his job, but not when he sees someone he knows. Luke had to pass along his necromancy teacher whom was murdered by those sons of Eden. His teacher had given her last goodbyes to him and crossed over smiling at him even if he knew it wasn't a true smile. Even with her list of sins Luke had broke the rules and ignored them, passing the woman along to enternal peace instead of damnation. Of course he had gotten in shit for it after but Luke just shrugged off the punishment. Once he was back on school grounds his phone chirped, informing him he had a text. He looked and saw it was from Audrey, but instead of answering he went in search for her.

He instantly went to the cafeteria, thinking she may be eating, and also the fact that he was starving. Pandora, Cerberus and Axe followed Luke, the loyal hellhounds never left his side, not once in his life had he been without them. From the cradle to highschool. Luke went to the line where students waited for food but was let to the front when the other students literally cowered and scurried away, forgetting about their food. Luke was rolled his eyes, he wasn't that intimidating, though maybe his sour mood darkened his aura. Going to the front Luke grabbed a plate and pilled on food, not really caring what it was. By the time he finished he had a mountain of food on his plate. Glancing around Luke spotted the group of Circes and made his way towards them. Without saying good morning, cause it sure as hell wasn't, he sat down beside Audrey, awkwardly trying to fit his large body into the small confines of the table.

"You wanted to talk to me?" Luke asked Audrey, looking over at her then glanced around at the other's. The instant he saw Div's tears a shift protective instinct kicked in making him become tense. An inhumane growled rumbled in his chest unconiously but he quickly grew silent again as he reached into the pocket of his leather jacket. He revealed a small piece of folded paper.

"Here Ariana Thrashing gave it to me before she passed over, its addressed to you Div" Luke said holding out the paper for her to take. He hadn't read it since it wasn't met for him. Pandora, Cerberus and Axe stayed by his side but Pandora, being the chatty one, walked slightly over to Grim and Hellion. Axe growled possesively, huffing at his mate to return back to his side but Pandora just snapped at him and turned back to the other's. Cerberus gave out a grutting noise similar to a chuckle.