Evanne Jeansonne

Never wear mourning before the dead man's in his coffin.

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a character in “H.A.G.S. Academy”, originally authored by Terraformer, as played by RolePlayGateway


“Strangeness is a necessary ingredient in beauty.”




{"Tell me whom you love, and I'll tell you who you are."}



Full Name: Evanne Marie Jeansonne
{"Like Evan, only not spelled the same."}

{"Don't Bother"}

{"There's something about reaching adulthood that's not significant at all"}

Hometown:New Orleans, LA
{"Big Easy has never been easy, but it's always been my heart"}

Ethnicity 3/4 Cajun / / 1/4 Choctaw Indian
{"Cher,you already know"}

Sexuality: Straight
{"Not very experimental"}




Hair color:Raven black/Waist length


Style:Modern style. Not very many patterns. Mostly in darker neutral colors

Skin tone:slightly tan olive skin tone. Doesn't wear much make up

Body type: Tell athletic

All of these are symmetrical(occurring on both sides of the body) and they connect and overlap each other. Tattooed by the fae. These help her with her metal abilities such as magnetic manipulation and metal mimicry.




Coven: Laveau
{"The unique always find me."}

Years spent at Hecate: 2
{"Not as many as some, but more than most."}

Metal Manipulation {Mastery level}:To be able to control, replicate, and create all metallic elements and they're alloy's in the physical sense.
{"If you open your mind, you will see that all the elements are one. Four parts of the same whole. Even metal is just a part of Earth, that has been purified and refined."}

Magnetism{ Mastery level}:The ability to project a magnetic field and use it to control magnetized metals. It grants the user the ability to fly and manipulation enormous quantities of metal that were otherwise nearly impossible.
{"You've seen X-men right?"}

Metal Mimicry{Intermediate level}:The ability to physically transform into or have a physical body made up of metal. It's perfect for quick defense when surprised or when no other weapon is around.
{"My skin turns into steel, it slides over mee like cool water, but its not just an armor. It's something else"}

Blood manipulation{Advanced level}:The Iron that is located in the blood is in it's most purest form. To control or create it this takes great concentration and a serious understanding of how metals work. Can be used in fighting for obvious purposes or in healing as a way to speed the healing process.
{"For the last time...I'm not a bloodsucker."}

Electricity Manipulation{Intermediate level}:To take or create an electric current and project it almost like lightning through your body. Mostly through the limbs or stomach. Electricity is highly unpredictable and dangerous to use around people you don't actually want to get hurt.
{"Give me a thunderstorm and I'll give you a show"}

Weapon and Technology proficiency{Mastery level}:Both fields require tons of man hours spent mastering and profecting each skill. With a special affinity with metal, most weapons and technologies are instantly mastered and understood. As if they were an extension of the mind and body.
{"No, I won't fix your radio."}

Healing{Advanced level}:This goes hand in hand with blood manipulation. Forcing the blood to mend injuries, lesson the blood pressure or calm the heart. Can be quite painful if the User's blood is involved in the case of more serious injuries.
{"Unless you're dying...please don't ask."}


Familiar: NehgrossImage
"To this day, I'll never forget the day Nehgross ad I met. I was about 6 at the time and my mother had taken me to the circus. I never really enjoyed large crowds or anything like that, but my mom was always looking for ways to make me smile so I played along. It took just a couple of hours of balloon animals, acrobats, and exotic animals for me to separate from my mother and find something interesting in this colorful wasteland. It wasn't until I walked past the animal cages and the occasional curious carnie that I heard it. There was a mewling, no, a screaming sound coming from the trash cans a few feet away. As I looked down, I immediately had to cover my mouth to hide my gasp of shock at what I saw.
Inside the trash can was a white lion cub. Its throat was cut and it was losing more and more blood by the second. I had no time to be afraid or scream. Something about this tiny creature made me do everything I could to save it. I had never used my blood bending skill before that day, but my mother told me what she knew about it from what my father had told her. I looked around for something sharp, spotting a broken beer bottle on the ground next to where I was standing. I swiftly picked it up and with a deep breath, sliced the glass down my little hand. I bit my lip to try and stifle the yelp, but it was still loud nonetheless. To avoid unwanted attention, I took the cub, who was seconds away from death and ran into the next alley for privacy. I placed my hand over the lion’s neck and let the blood drip into the wound, not only replacing what it lost, but also replacing it with something I could control easier.
I focused, squeezing my eyes shut as I took a deep of breaths as my lungs allowed. The burning was minimal at first, but it grew to hellfire and I tried not to scream. I could feel the little tendons mending and reattaching under my fingers as my power seeped from my blood. This went on for what seemed like hours. The wind was picking up dramatically so I knew my mother was somewhere scared to death. I prayed that she wouldn't be too mad, but I had to do this. Tears streams down my face from the pain, but the wound was almost closed. I forced myself to stay put while the little lion cub’s neck returned to normal. My missions was not over unfortunately, because during the process the lion's heart stopped. I pumped my fingers against its chest, using my newly used powers to try and force the mixture of our blood through its veins. It didn't take long before the brave little cub's heart started to beat weakly against my chest as I held it. That was the first time I knew absolute joy, and I cried because of it. The lion cub began to mew and kick as if it was born again. I was a goner.
I thanked my lucky stars that I found my mother before she found me. You just do not want to piss off a woman capable of producing hurricane force winds. Most of her steam ran out though after I explained about the adorable little lion cub in my arms. 'Well I suppose you've found your familiar. I can't be too mad.' 'My what?' 'Your magical companion. You have an unbreakable bond that only you two share. He is here to help you throughout your life.' The only thing I could remember after that was thinking, 'How in the world can this little guy do that?'
Of course it didn't take long for Nehgross to grow into a really BIG GUY. One thing is for sure. He's always been more of a brother than a pet. Always pushing me, protecting me, and nagging about my poor social skills and even poorer social life. I can't really blame him though. He is a lion after all."



{Indifferent, Funny, Anxious, Private, Jaded}
"Most would say that I'm cold and unfeeling. And while that may have some truth, I do feel. I just don't feel the same way. I'm not obnoxious, but I'm not a shy person either. I'm not easily excited and the word mellow doesn't even explain it correctly. I like my privacy and I revel in the quiet afternoon. I don't really have friends because most don't understand my definition of space or the depth of my indifference. But it's like I tell everyone. I'll be your friend. Just not a good one."

-Extremely cleanly
-Snaps from anxiety

  • Nehgross
  • Winter
  • Virgin snow
  • Sunsets that turn into night
  • Slow, sensual music
  • Playing the violin
  • Practicing my skills
  • Chocolate
  • Archery
  • Crochet
  • Spring rain
  • Reading
  • Swimming
  • People who attempt to rule over others.
  • Obnoxity
  • Pity
  • Open conflict
  • Being forced to do something
  • Hot or humid weather
  • Losing control of an ability
  • People who mock her accent
  • Being called Orphan
  • Being forced to feel certain things
  • Sugary foods( that isn't chocolate)


History:"They say that your power, the abilities nature and the powers that be have granted you, effect you. Almost like a disease. Nobody in the world would dare be ungrateful for the gifts bestowed upon them at birth, I'm most surely one of them, but I have more reason than some. Some just give in, let their power take over and be that free spirit, or even that greedy nonchalant tough guy. I can't do that. Metal has no emotion. It's not like fire, always excited and never dull. Or perhaps wind, nomadic and free, happy, like my mother. Metal is absolute.
My mother was something else. She was the most beautiful woman in the world to me. Her tan, olive skin matched perfectly with her long, honey wheat hair. She was an elemental, presiding mostly over wind and water. There seemed to be no end to her love and trust in everyone; something, even in my childhood, I desperately wished I had. She always made sure I was in control of my 'gifts'. 'Evvy, ma petite, you must always remember your potential. You are one of few. There is no one here to teach you to use your gift for its true purpose. Only you have that power now. Only you can learn what the fifth element truly holds.' That was the last time I saw my mothers eyes. The last piece of advice she ever game me before she passed away from her cancer. It wasn't until she was no longer there to care for me, leaving a 14 me behind, that I knew what those words meant. It's almost as if, on some level, she know what the future held, and that I'd be alone.
My father was a mellower and down to earth version of my mother, according to her at least because I had never met him. She of course told me he was very handsome and a very calm person but like her always smiling. She told me every once in a while how much I looked like him. That made sense because my mother and I couldn't be more opposite. He was half Choctaw Indian, the son of a powerful Shaman capable of all sorts of healing powers. He of course passed it along to my father along with the skill of blood manipulation, which I can only assume led to the bouncing baby metal-head. Me. She never told me what happened to my father. All of my questions either fell on deaf ears or she simply told me she didn't know. I never believed her though. There was always that slight glimmer of pain. The fraction of a second where my mother’s sadness poked its drooping head through. Those were my favorite moments. The moments when I could relate to my mother the most, when she and I were on the same level.
After she left, Nehgross and I roamed the country. I must have visited each state at least 5 times, visiting other elementals, searching for people like me who could help with control and help me to cope with my disease. Unfortunately, no such person was found. I had almost lost hope until an elemental friend back hope told me of a school. A special school for people with powers. People like me. And while they didn't have a Metal-head. I would fit in just fine, and fit in I did...sort of. It was almost immediately apparent to me of the significance of the divide of covens in the school. It was a no brainer that Laveau was right for me. Label less and unique was just something that sought me out I supposed. Plus, they respected space and privacy, something I couldn't do without.
So here I am, fighting the good fight so to speak. My mom told me that all Elementals go through the war. Good or Evil? Whether you do harm or mend it. That you decide your fate. But it's not easy for me. I am not good nor evil. I am not loving. I'm not evil. I am numb. I'm...cold.”


Favorite Song:

I paint my nails black,
I dye my hair a darker shade of brown
Cause you like your women Spanish, dark, strong and proud
I paint the sky black
You said if you could have your way
You'd make a night time of today
So it'd suit the mood of your song

Oh, what can I do?
Nothing, my sparrow blue
Oh, what can I do?
Life is beautiful but you don't have a clue
Sun and ocean blue
Their magnificence, it don't make sense to you

Black beauty, oh oh oh
Black beauty, oh oh oh

I paint the house black
My wedding dress black leather too
You have no room for light
Love is lost on you
I keep my lips red
The same like cherries in the spring
Darling, you can't let everything
Seem so dark blue

Oh, what can I do?
To turn you on or get through to you
Oh, what can I do?
Life is beautiful but you don't have a clue
Sun and ocean blue
Their magnificence, it don't make sense to you

Black beauty, oh oh oh
Black beauty, oh oh oh

Black beauty, ah ah
Black beauty, ah ah
Black beauty, ah ah ah ah
Black beauty, baby
Black beauty, baby

Oh what can I do?
Life is beautiful but you don't have a clue
Sun and ocean blue
Their magnificence, it don't make sense to you

Black beauty, oh oh oh
Black beauty, oh oh oh
Black beauty, oh oh oh
Black beauty, oh oh oh

So begins...

Evanne Jeansonne's Story

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It's 6:00 in the a.m. and for the most part, the school is still and quiet. The same cannot be said for the small arena in the training center of the school. Evanne sat on her hands and knees, a slight fog misted from her shoulders as she took in deep, gulping breaths. For hours it seems she had been practicing her metal mimicry ability. The ability that needed the most practice. The radio played in the background as she began to rise to just her knees, then her feet. She stood as tall as her back would allow and let her head fall back. Her brow was as furrowed as possible, but her breath became a little less violent and shallow. Not many people know what it’s like, to be completely encased in metal, to change your very skin to a different element entirely.
It feels like a prison.
"One more time."
The sad excuse for a pep talk normally would have fallen on the deaf ears of her achy bones, but there was something to be said for her determination. She walked over to her Bluetooth speaker, and turned up the music of one of her favorite bands. Music was always a really good distraction from the crippling fear, an anchor in the suffocating slinking metal. However, most of the time it’s never enough to reach her.
Evanne took a few deep breaths and bounced slightly to loosen her muscles. After taking some extra stretches, she stood in the middle of the arena and became immediately aware of herself. Sweat covered her like a glistening sheet and soaked into her clothes, sparkling even from the inadequate light in the room. Her knees trembled and threatened to give if she didn't get this over with quick, so she began. Tilting her head back, Evanne closed her eyes and tried to relax and for all intents and purposes, succeeded. Focusing on the music and her breathing, she brought her arms up over her head and waited. It began slowly, the skin of her hands and feet always changed first then it would inch up her arms and legs, meeting at the torso then working towards the face. That was the worst part. Even though Evanne knew it was her own skin, when it reached her face, an immense feeling of drowning would overtake her and it was usually too much to bear. By now it has covered her arms and legs, her new skin. It reflected like a mirror and moved like it had its own mind. It was almost comforting to see herself in the reflection of her own skin. For just a little while, she was at piece with the cool metal that quickly made do of her pale olive skin. It was short lived, because now the transformation had finally taken over her torso and just slid over her chest. Her breathing quickened and her heart felt as if it was a sledgehammer beating against her chest. Her eyes slammed shut and her breathing almost stopped entirely as the skin on her cheeks slowly changed and molded over her nose and made way for her eyes. At the contact, her eyes burst open and the metal slid over the remainder of her dermis, making her eyes look extremely pale silver.


She couldn't move, could barely even breathe as she stood shakily on the floor. She'd done it. She finally successfully becomes her own element. The worst part was that wasn't even the hardest part of her transformation. Now, not only would she have to move fluently with this, she would have to change back. She moved her arms first, bringing them down to look at her fingers and wiggling them in front of her face, watching how the light reflected off of her "skin". It felt so strange. In fact, it didn’t feel like anything. The metal skin she now had wasn't connected to her senses or her nervous system so no matter what she touched: soft, hard, hot, cold; she didn't feel it. She bent various joints to gauge the elasticity of the metal to find that it behaved much like her normal skin, much more elastic than she anticipated. Feeling uncharacteristically giddy, even under the circumstances, Evanne picked up her towel water, and iPod from its dock, and headed for the door out into the hall in all of her metallic glory. She walked slowly, but with purpose to her room. Her bones were still achy and it was hard for her to keep focus enough to keep her form. Soon she was walking down the corridor to her room silently thanking whatever being ruled over fate for it to be empty. She did not need nor want the questions that would surely come.
She unlocked her door with all of the excitement of a small child going to the dentist. By now, her muscles were screaming at her to give it a rest. So as she entered, she slowly released her form. Opposed to how she transformed originally, the skin on her phalanges began to return to normal, slowly but surely engulfing the metal and leaving her fae tattoos to remember it by. Soon it was melting away from her forehead and down her neck and before she knew it was disappearing into her belly button as if it never happened. It was the sound of a lion sighing that brought her head up, realizing she was standing rather awkwardly in the middle of her room with an exasperated Nehgross lying on his bed, looking up at her. She was certain that if he could arch a brow as dramactically as he wish, he would have done it.
” I assume your training session was a successful one?”
Evanne wiped the sweat from her brow with the towel and tossed it in her hamper. ”You’re assumption is correct as usual. How perceptive you are today Nehgross,”she said feigning disbelief and awe.
Grumbling at her sarcastic banter Nehgross scoffed, ”Transforming leaves you moody, dually noted. But you should know that when I turn my back now I do it in a huff.”The lion turned swiftly, wiggling its tail and holding it’s nose in the air as it walked back to sit by its bed. King of the jungle indeed.
Evanne chose not to grace his attitude with a response and just rolled her eyes as she walked into her bathroom and hopped in the shower, washing the all of the fear and sweat from her body. By the time she finished her shower it was around 8:30 and she was shocked on how long it took her to practice that day. She toweled off quickly and dried her hair. Since the activities of the morning went so well she decided to apply her favorite perfume and some light make up as opposed to her usual none. Even with her new found “sauciness” of the morning, she dressed simply in her favorite shirt and shorts. She always like how her tattoos looked against dark colors.
She looked to Nehgross while putting her phone in her back pocket and grabbing her keys, ”Do you want some breakfast? Or is your heighness full of himself?”
Nehgross growled low in his throat and walked past her to the door, ”You’re lucky I’m somehow enamored with you. People have died for less.”
Evanne chuckled as she closed the door behind him and walked beside him down the corridor towards the cafeteria for some much needed sustenance. ”I’m certain you've heard of the recent events. The murders, even of one of our own. Caster and sorcerers the world over are being picked off.”
Nehgross huffed in agreement,”Yes I've heard the whispers, something has changed. They’re not going for children or the weak links anymore. Thrashing was most definitely a warning. She was powerful and skilled. If they are able to kill her than there is no telling how powerful they've become.
Evanne’s mood darkened and her brow furrowed, ” I suppose my breakthrough this morning couldn't have come at a better time. I’m going to have to work harder to prepare myself. Thrashing will be sorely missed.” They rounded the corner and stopped at the door, looking out at everyone.
”I’ll get us some breakfast. I might check on Div, She’ll more than likely be upset.”
Nehgross nodded and headed for their usual table in the middle of the room and sat. Evanne moved through the line, getting an omelet, stack of cakes, and some toast and bacon slathering everything in syrup. Transforming, as well as all of the practice she preforms in the morning would leave a giant starving. With her being six feet and fitness obsessed, she needed all she could get. She grabbed Nehg a steak bloody and raw before she grabbed her tray and made for her table. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Div, Ivy, and another Circe…Ryan was it?, sitting at a table, Div looking extremely upset. Her mood reminded Evanne of the memorial service for Ariana Thrashing that morning. Taking her own secret pity, Evanne walked cautiously to Div and stood behind her. With her free hand, she squeezed Div’s shoulder slightly and rubbed it, offering her support. But she knew her friend, she hated pity almost as much as she hated clichés or bad fashion. So Evanne walked to her table, handing Nehgross his steak, and dug into her breakfast in peace.

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Divinia simply shot Ryan a glare but uttered not a word. She could feel the stares of people on her and she couldn't help but to feel a flash of anger sear through her like a brand. She didn't care that people thought that she was the Regina George of the school; Smart, beautiful, manipulative, powerful, classy, and mean. She didn't care that people thought that she was a souless whore of a bitch. But how dare think that she would have so little respect for others that she would not shed a tear for their deaths. She sat in silence and otherwise ignored their presence until she felt a hand on her shoulder. She needn't look to know who it was: Evanne. Evanne was just about the only student who would comfort Divinia publicly. Mostly because nobody else knew what to do – Divinia didn't get vulnerable for the public eye. It wasn't in her nature to show weakness in the face of her enemies. She was even capable of dismissing the slight bit of pity that Evanne radiated. She could already hear Deseronto's teasing when he found out that she had shed tears in public, silent as they may have been. She would honestly rather have him tease her than to comfort her. He was such a dick! Him and every other Merlin with their fucking hero syndrome. But she did have respect for the ancient wizard nonetheless.

Even if he had called her the spawn of demons and devils.

At the nudging of Meg's elbow she finally took a bite from her toast, pulling out her cell phone. It was Audrey, one of her other best friends. She liked Evanne and Audrey the best out of most others, though she'd never say so. Couldn't have people know who was close to her. While they certainly weren't Ivy or Ryan, the two other young women ha a certain...innocence that she liked. To corrupt? No. Just to be around. They weren't sanctimonious and they understood her in a way that her other friends didn't. She wasn't about to propose to either, but she found her time was better spent in their presence. To Sorellina: I'm in the cafeteria – Usual table. She put her phone away and returned to eating her toast with her expression growing slightly more amused as she watched other students rush out to vomit after seeing Meg swallow yet another fat mouse whole, making a show of slurping down the tail. “Don't worry, little one. You'll have a smile on your face within the next thirty or so minutes.” Divinia turned to Meg at the cryptic message, though she didn't bother trying to pry into her Familiar's thoughts for an answer. Meg may be a Familiar, but she was once a very powerful and very old witch. If she wanted Divinia out of her head, she didn't have to put that much effort into it.

Div simply shook her head before turning to face Ryan and Ivy, taking a few extra seconds to wash her toast down with a gulp of her smoothie. “Classes probably won't be starting for another day or two. Either way, we're going to need a meeting. Soon. I'll talk to Odinson about it.” Her gaze moved across the cafeteria a bit and her lips pulled into a frown as she spotted Eros and his latest groupie interacting with Harper and her friend Ryan. She didn't really like Harper or Eros, she found them both to be immature and annoying twits possibly deserving of being erased from the cosmos. She didn't really know Ayman but she knew that he had a smart mouth. He stayed out of her way though. Ryan Simpson... He was Harper's friend but he defended Divinia's honor when people talked about her. Yet he wouldn't approach her. She would have to handle that later. She was simply curious. But her attention was drawn back to the table before her where she continued on with her breakfast, Meg shifting from her human form to that of her snake form. Divinia felt a bit more comfort as the massive snake wound herself around her ward, resting her head against Div's shoulder.