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The Role play takes place in the world of the half life game series. The story follows a small resistance group as they rebel against the current world power, the Combine.

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At the laboratory of Black Mesa Theoretical physicist are involved in an experiment analyzing an unknown crystalline artifact; however, when the anti-mass spectrometer beam contacts the crystal, it opens a dimensional rift between Black Mesa and another world called Xen, causing monsters to swarm Black Mesa and kill many of the facility's personnel. Attempts by the Black Mesa personnel to close the rift are unsuccessful, leading to unit of Army Rangers being sent in to silence the facility, including any survivors from the science team.

Five Years have Past the Combinehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Combinehave taken over what's left of the earth after the attack. The Combine, however, are cruel, and show no mercy. People are publicly executed, groups will randomly disappear, and home are invaded. The combine need no reason for what they do. Resistances have sprung up human, and alien to stop this madness.

For those not familiar with the series, heres what you'll need to know:


The Combine-a faction consisting of human and alien members, that used the dimensional rift caused at Black Mesa to conquer Earth in the interim.


Combine Overwatch- The Combine Overwatch is the primary military force of the Combine on Earth. It consists of biomechanically enhanced humans, who wear heavily padded long-sleeve body armor and gas masks. The markings on the suit change depending on each individual unit's assignment and rank. Elite Combine soldiers wear bright white armor, while the majority of soldiers wear variations of blue or brown armor. They are armed with a variety of firearms, including shotguns, submachine guns, sniper rifles and pulse rifles. Combine soldiers usually operate in small groups, using squad tactics and grenades to flush out and flank the player. They occasionally provide support to Combine synths, and often travel to areas by use of dropships. They use radios to communicate with each other and with Overwatch headquarters. Combine Overwatch soldiers are usually encountered outside City 17

The Resistance- A small group of fighters, who attempt to overthrow the Combine. Consist mainly of humans, but there are Vortigaunt resistances. The human resistance is divided into to factions, both at war with each other. The Combine Overwatch makes sure the resistance doesn't get out of hand and normally has the upper-hand in combat. Each member of the resistance has a peice of cloth wrapped around there arm with the half life symbol on it.


Vortigaunts- the shown as a very communal and cultural race, believing in a force that binds the fabric of the universe and each Vortigaunt together, as well as producing a tradition of poetry and music. Vortigaunts also display the ability to summon and command electrical energy without the need for technology. This ability is used for various activities, such as a means of attack, powering electrical equipment, and healing.


Head Crabs-parasitic lifeforms roughly 2 feet (0.61 m) long.[1] Headcrabs have rounded bodies with four legs for movement; two long clawed legs at the front, and two stubby legs at the back. Their pair of large frontal claws are for attacking prey, and as additional support when standing still. Under the headcrab's body is a large rounded mouth surrounded by pointed rigid flesh with sharp claw-like beaks.


Head Crab Zombie-A headcrab's primary goal is to attach to the head of a suitable host using its mouth (typically covering the face and most of the head). The headcrab then burrows its claws and hind legs into the host and opens up portions of the skull with its mouth, incorporating parts of its biological workings with the motor cortex of the host's nervous system. The victim is thus taken over by the headcrab and mutated into a mindless zombie-like being known as a headcrab zombie, referred to as a "necrotic" by the Combine Overwatch.

City 17- City 17 is a metropolitan area in Eastern Europe that forms the primary setting for Half-Life 2 and its first expansion, Episode One. The city features a variety of architecture types, from mostly Eastern European architecture dating from pre-World War II neoclassicism, to post-war revival of classical designs, Soviet Union modernism, and post-Soviet contemporary designs, as well as Combine structures. The playable area of the city is quite large, including a railway station, a dilapidated canal system, underground road tunnels, and multiple communal living quarters and buildings. The whole city seems to be in an advanced state of urban decay, with abandoned structures and graffiti rampant throughout the city. It contains a large number of signs written in Cyrillic. The city is policed by Civil Protection, who patrol the streets and suppress dissent with brutality, which is seen frequently in Half-Life 2.
City 17 is the base of operations for the Combine on Earth, with its Citadel forming the headquarters of Wallace Breen, the human administrator for the Combine. The Citadel itself is an exceptionally tall structure of Combine design, reaching both deep underground and approximately 2.5 kilometers[8] into the clouds, forming an ominous presence in City 17's skyline. The Citadel serves as a reference point to help the player navigate, as well as providing a long-term goal to drive the player's action.[9] In Half-Life 2, the player initially arrives in City 17 by train but, after being discovered, flees the city via its canal system.

Striders-The most prominent of the synthetic machines are insect-like gunships and 50-foot-tall (15 m) armored creatures that walk upon three legs, called Striders, which are armed with a high powered warpspace cannon and a head-mounted pulse turret.


Needed characters:
Resistance Fighters (at least 4)
Resistance General (taken)

Combine Overwatch
Combine Overwatch General


The G-Man is a major factor in the series. He plays the god and overseer of the story. He comes to characters individually to save them from death, or other fatal accidents. He can stop time, kill anyone, and do anything. He rarely pops up though.
The G-Man appears to be a middle-aged white male with a tall and thin physique, pale/chalky skin, dark brown hair shaped in a military-style crew cut with a prominent widow's peak, blue-green eyes and usually holding a briefcase. Although not included in the gameplay, on inspection of the model for Half-Life, a pistol as well as a photograph can be found in this briefcase. He is conservative in appearance, dressed in an ordinary gray/blue two-piece business suit. The G-man speaks in a slow, raspy yet commanding manner, with a certain accentuated low-key moroseness to his tone, sometimes placing unusual stress on syllables, stressing the wrong parts of words, making unneeded pauses, and awkwardly changing the pitch of his voice, sometimes in the middle of a word.

Character Form:
Alliance: (Resistance, Combine, ect.)


This is an action role play, not a highschool drama, very little character description is needed. Also don't be over protective, put your character in fatal situations, and see if the G-Man comes to save you


No Godmodding
(except for G-Man)
No Drama
No killing of other characters

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