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Half Past Dead


Civilization is destroyed. You either survive or you die. Mother nature doesn't really give a shit either way.

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The first thing anyone heard on the news was that terrifying alarm sound. The one they over use for child abductions and tornado warnings. Even though they're usually nothing, they make the hairs of even the bravest man stand up. But this particular time, they didn't stop after three beeps. And there was no "This is just a test" automatic message playing over it. After a few minutes, news programs broke into every channel playing at the moment. Worried reporters, shaky camera guys, new updates. Everyone was a mess. People at home start telephoning each other. The news kept saying 'stay calm', 'evacuation', 'escorted to safe zones'. They never really said exactly why or what. Just that major populations in New York were to be relocated. Families were split up; people were left behind to wait for another evac. crew to take those who didn't fit in the first trip.
Then the messages his Ohio. Then from Oklahoma and towards California. After the first week of utter confusion, the president of the United States sent out a 'live' message from the white house safe room. He told the people that there had been leak from some nuclear plant. It got into the water supply, and some of the waste even traveled by air. And that they were working to fix the problem immediately. It was not safe for anyone to drink any water that ran through the main systems. All the water transported into the underground bomb shelters had been treated, they said.
Three days later, the lights went out. Generators cut off, food come in rations. Communication with the outside, which had been frequent, halted entirely. Less and less military came back to help keep the safe zones secure. Above them, they could hear loud, earth shattering explosions and the constant drone of jets. People became restless, angry, hungry. Groups demanded the guards let them out to fend for themselves. After a few days of the protests, they finally agreed to let whoever wanted to leave, leave. Barely anyone made it back. The ones who did told horror stories of monsters, crazy people, cannibals. They were also the ones to bring the disease down into the safe zones. Soon, there were no safe zones to hide in anymore. Survivors were pushed onto the streets where cars, debris, tanks, and bodies scattered the ground like pebbles.

Starting Point:

Our story takes place a year after the sickness struck. You have all been living together, going out each day into the city for supplies. But the safest stores and buildings on the outside have run dry. Now there's discussion about leaving the city and looking for a new place to stay. The city is not safe, the subway has kept you alive, but there is no food left and starving is not an option. Risk the city, or move on? Either choice could very likely result in death.

Stages of Sickness:

1: Red, irritated eyes, irritability, paranoia, migraines, sensitivity towards light.
2: Inability to stand still, shakiness, vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss.
3: Elevated temperature, random outbursts of hysteria, misplaced rage.
4: Loss of communication skills, lack of empathy towards human or any life, mental instability

The sick:

The ones who got sick now live off of scraps, raw flesh, and often each other. They can tell the difference between the healthy and the sick. Some run around unclothed and dirty. They're not blood thirsty monsters. They will not bite into you on the run. More than likely, they will injure you and take you somewhere away from anyone else. You could be alive for days held captive by a violently mental person. They're not as fast as a healthy person, but they are not slow either. They can hold a full-grown man trapped beneath them for extended periods of time. Not much can deter them from something they've set their eyes on. Although they do not seem to be able to hold a conversation, they will have short fits of singing, laughing, crying, or the occasional argument with themselves.

The City:

Full of the sick and demented. They often gather together in groups as large as two hundred. The buildings have been highly damaged by firebombs and some have even crumbled to the ground. There is no safe place to live, but it's a jackpot of supplies. You just have to risk going in and losing your life. Military was forced to leave their posts, but some undamaged cars remain. The outsides are pretty quiet with a few loners cackling in an alleyway. However, deeper in, there's no possible way for the healthy to walk carelessly through the streets.


Some military and everyday civilians have formed a small group on the outskirts of the city. They live day to day, scraping up what small amount of food they can find. They live off of rain water, not wanting to take chances with the water sources around them. Rainwater must still be filtered then boiled before ingested. They have taken refuge in a small section of a secure subway station. One side is collapsed, creating a solid wall for when their backs are turned. The other is hidden by a city bus barricaded on their side. When they need to leave, they can remove the large metal train door that blocks the back door to the bus. This is the one entrance and exit to their home.

The Subway:

Made into a small community after a while, this is where the survivors have kept alive for the past year. It's just big enough for the group to fit comfortably, but comfort is not a main priority anymore.

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The Subway

The Subway by ReineJupiter

The only safe place the survivors have known since the outbreak.

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The Subway

The Subway by ReineJupiter

The only safe place the survivors have known since the outbreak.

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