Godric's HollowRoxanne Jeanette Weasley

"A Weasley in Slytherin House? Well, I'm a ginger, and proud of it!"

a character in “Harry Potter Generation 2”, as played by Mackenzie Kuran

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Fiery red hair, green eyes, tall, thin, very pretty in the eyes of others, but she has low self-esteem. Very athletic and fast, loves running and swimming in the lake by the castle.


Bright and bubbly, likes to make a joke out of anything (she takes after Fred and George that way... she is a Weasley, after all.) Sees the good in everyone, likes to laugh and make other people laugh. Laughs when others laugh, even if she doesn't even know what they're laughing about. Her jokes aren't usually that good, but she knows how to laugh at herself. She's pretty popular for this reason, and a lot of people like her and have a good time with her. She knows how to sneak around (she inherited the Marauder's Map from Ron, her dad) she gets in trouble occasionally for sneaking around and stealing food from the kitchen. She LOVES to eat junk food and stuff can eat endlessly. (Like Ron!) She usually goes by Roxy or Rox.


A 14 1/2 oak wand with a phoenix feather core. She also has a knife and a lot of paper clips for picking locks. (She learned to pick locks from George, her uncle.)


Her best friends, Lauren, Allie, and Cassie, are unregistered Animaguses. (Roxanne, or Rox, turns into a wolf http://www.glogster.com/media/4/27/31/19/27311926.jpg , Lauren is a tabby cat http://www.strangehistory.net/blog/wp-c ... ck-cat.jpg , Allie is an owl http://www.fs.fed.us/pnw/olympia/wet/lo ... ueband.jpg , and Cassie is a siberian tiger http://www.gwpark.org/wp-content/upload ... etiger.jpg ) Somehow she got Sorted into Slytherin where the rest of her family is in Gryffindor. Her family teases her about it, saying she's the "bad girl", so she went along with it, wearing dark clothes and dark makeup, but keeping her hair red, a Weasley, and PROUD. Despite her dark clothes and makeup, she has a bubbly aura and personality, she likes to say she's part of two worlds. She's respected by the Slytherins because she is a master at sneaking around and can turn into a wolf.
Rox is now in her fifth year at Hogwarts, top of her class, (she got that from her mother, Hermione) and is on the Quidditch team, the Slytherin's keeper (takes after Ron), and a very good one. She's very good with magic and flying.

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Roxanne Jeanette Weasley's Story