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a character in “Harry Potter: Legend of the Sapphire”, as played by dawnfire07

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Name: Dawn Sapphire
House: Unknown yet
Job: Student
Year: 1st
Personality: She is stubborn and hot-headed, but she is a true and loyal friend. Dawn is a bit of a prankster, but she never pulls anything too extreme unless she's angry or in a really pranky mood. She is very outgoing but sometimes likes to be by herself. She is always optimistic and is sometimes a fashion diva. She has a strong will and has a tendency to have sudden outbursts. She wants what's best for for everyone, and will do anything to make them see that. She almost never doesn't have plans. But wether she's at a party, taking a walk, or just having fun, she always makes time for her friends.
Appearance: She usually wears a black tank top, a jacket, a white skirt, and a pink leather boots. But on cold or party days, she wears a red sparkly shirt with jeans and a huge fluffy coat. She has navy-blue hair that falls to her waist, along with sapphire colored eyes and pale skin. She is around 5"4.
Background: She doesn't remember anything that happened to her before she turned 7. She was brought to an orphanage and lived there until she got her letter. Turns out the owner was a wizard that went to Hogwarts so he knows about it. Now Dawn's waiting for the day when she goes to Hogwarts for the first time.

So begins...

Dawn Sapphire's Story