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This is a mix between two great Nintendo Games The legend of Zelda and Harvest Moon

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Owner: Mr. Fly on the wall
Game Masters: Mr. Fly on the wall
Tags: farming, romance, some small action (Add Tags »)
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The land of Hyrule has grown in its agriculture. Almost Every major domain in the land as Formed Its own particularly brand of farming. The Gorons of death Mountain still cling to there Prize crop of Bom Flowers. Kakriko Village as focused all more on livestock such as cows and Coco's. But still no Ranch is more renown the Hyrule's Lon Lon ranch. where the breed the finest horse's in the land. In these times of Farming Bliss. The people's of hyrule have began massive trade Routs with other lands. Why even the Kokiri have come out of the solitude of the forest and began looking to the lands outward. No longer in fear of being forever lost. However The trade Routs are on constant stalk by Gerodo Raiders. seeking any supplies they carry.

Many Farms also try to come in competition with Lon Lon. All seeking Princess Zelda stamp of approval. Which also brings. You guessed it Rivalries. With Lon lon being the most Popular. And all other farms try to be better, but at the same time meany people would die to work for lon lon.

Meanwhile with all this massive occupation what princess would want to stay cooped up in a castle. Princess Zelda often gets out of the castle disguised as a young farm handmaiden called Tetra, Princess Ruto often bums a ride off the caravans outta Zora's domain ( men of hyrule beware.), and Saria still longs to see Link once again. but is prepared to move on. With these Bachelorets desperately looking for a husband who are hard at work in the farms and Caravan's. Anything could happen

Bachelors Needed

Link- Mr. Fly on the Wall
Mido- open
Kefei-Open ( Caravan Driver )
Mikaru-open ( Zora Entertainer )

Bachlorets Needed

Princress Zelda/Tetra-Open
Princress Ruto-Open
Midna-Open ( because I know some one wants to play her )

(( also add any CC you wish, and its okay if we don't fill all positions ))

character sheet



appearance: ( do a deviantart search for Chibbi Zelda Characters )

History/Love Interest




1. we are character driven But no GodMod

2. CC welcome

3. Mature Mind set ( lets not be childish )

4. Have fun

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Character Portrait: Malon
Malon played by Kimiko Sempai
"Hey fairy boy when'd you learn to farm?"

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