EarthEthan Manti

"Sometimes.. feeling pain is good. It means, you're still alive."

a character in “Heart of Innocence”, as played by xCrossX21

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Ethan Manti

Age 18
Gender Male
Personality Depending on who you are, Ethan seems to have a completely different personality. To those who are close to him, he kind and caring, always looking after them. Actually... it's pretty easy to get along with Ethan. He usually doesnt judge anyone just by looking at him, and gets to know them first. He's laid-back and somewhat lazy when he wants to. Not to mention, he can be a bit of an idiot, who doesnt understand complicated things. Which is why he likes to keep things simple.
However, towards someone he HATES as in really.. hate, Ethan shows total disrespect, and you easily see the sudden change of his attitude.
Though most of the time, it seems like Ethan is hiding his true feelings. When he's sad, he seems to be smiling, and when there's something bothering him, he acts like nothing in the world matters besides having his friends around. Sometimes, it's just hard figuring out Ethan in general.

Likes -Anything sweet
-Being around his friends
-Learning or trying something new
-Keeping things simple

Dislikes -Annoying people
-Anyone who speaks poorly of those important to him
-Speaking of the past

Innocence Type Parasitic
Innocence Form Being that Ethan's Innocence is a Parasitic type, when it's activated, his hands glow before taking form. His right arm is the one with his innocence, and appears to have a black glove on. In reality, the "glove" is part of Ethan's hands. Evolution 1- His basic Innocence looks like a sword that's about 1 foot wide, and 4 1/2 feet tall. The blade is black, with a red dragon like design engraved at the bottom of the sword. (such as this:
Evolution 2- When Ethan releases more energy, his Innocence starts to take a different form. His blade gets much bigger, and has a gun attached to one side of the blade. (something like this:
Evolution 3- In his third evolution, nothing really changes. The only difference is that the gun becomes a separate weapon. It's still connected to the sword by a chain, but Ethan is able to use the gun more freely.
Full Release- When Ethan uses full release, he's synchronization rate reaches above 100%. In this state, his sword gets skinner, and smaller, while it increases his speed and strength. He would also have a black cloak that cant be cut. (it pretty much words as a shield). His sword can shift its form into a gun whenever he wishes it to, and vise versa. Ethan had never used his full release before, and if he does, he probably wont be able to fight for days.

Synchronization Rate 93%
History Being born with his deformed hands, his father didnt want him. However, being that Ethan was their first child, his mother refused to abandon her son. His father, not wanting to live with a "monster" left his mother. A few month later, his mother found out she was pregnant with another child. Still, she didnt give up on Ethan. By the time his sister was born, Ethan was 4 years old. Even without his father, the family lived pretty well. Another five years had passed, until their mother fell sick. Having a weak body, his other passed on. Him and his sister, often visited their mother's grave. Of course, Ethan was moving on, knowing nothing would change with him crying over his mother's death all the time. His sister however was different. She was only 5, and it was a big shock to her. Little did Ethan know, Earl had gotten to his little sister. I'm pretty sure you know what happened next... His innocence first activated that day...
Other ImageHe calls it Mei, and it seems to follow Ethan around. It could speak, but only the words it often hears such as Hi, Bye, good morning, I'm hungry, Ethan, etc...
Ever since the day his innocence activated, he was somehow able to sense whether someone is an Akuma or not. He just gets one of those weird feelings when around one.

So begins...

Ethan Manti's Story