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a character in “Heaven And Hell: Second Wave”, as played by Fight The Tears

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Name: Valentine Parker

Nickname: Val, V, Love

Age: Nineteen

Gender: Female

Species: Angel


Val is a very beautiful girl with light brown hair that falls in natural, loose curls around her shoulders. Her eyes are the first people notice about her, large and a beautiful sea-green color. Depending on what she wears, her eyes change colors from a stormy grey, to a light blue, to a lime green. No matter what color they are, they always darken when she gets frustrated or upset, though they are usually lit with amusement. She has flawless creamy vanilla skin that tends to get dusted with light freckles across her cheeks in the sun, and full lips that cover the pearly white teeth she hides until she smiles fully, bringing out her dimples. Val always been small for her age, standing at a height of five feet and weighing only about a hundred pounds (give or take a few). She's small but dangerous, built with a body of skin and muscle. She has a tattoo of the Angel's symbol on her left side.
Her clothing style mostly consists of skinny jeans or shorts, with cut off tanks or off-the-shoulder tops. She wears a heart locket that her mother gave her around her neck at all times, a reminder of her lost family.



Val is a very quiet, mysterious girl that prefers to keep to herself. She's very unique and seems to have a split personality when it comes to doing her job. She is usually calm and collected, never one to get angry, upset or lose control. She has a very serene air about her that instantly puts others at ease as well. On the rare occasion when she does get angry, she comes across as cold-hearted bitch. She wields her words like a blade with a cruel, fierce demeanor and a stare that could make pigeons drop out of the sky in mid-flight. Being on the recieving end of her anger is never a good idea, so it's always better to stick on her good side. She usually hides her emotions well with her witty, sarcastic humor and convincing, crooked smile. Being fearless is one of her biggest weaknesses and her biggest strength. Regardless of the consequences, Val is a huge risk taker, and tends to throw caution to the wind when she sets her mind on something. In a nutshell, she's a lot of personality in a small package.

When it comes to relationships, Val isn't the kind of girl to get all bent out of shape about them. She prefers to be by herself for the most part (independence isssues), and doesn't like the feeling of being tied down to someone. In her opinion, she's better off without the complications. In other words, she's emotionally unavailabe. Sure, she used to date around, and some times still does for the fun of it, but she never lets anything get too serious, and never lets herself get emotionally invested in it. Because she doesn't believe love lasts and that it's a waste of time, anything farther than friendship rarely lasts over a month or so. She's a challenge, and it would take a very special person to convince her to stick around.


Weapon: A twin pair of daggers

Ability: Val can tap into someone's mind and flip through their memories. She can also feel the emotions of other's.



Weakness: Being fearless is a huge weakness for Val because regardless of the consequences, she'll go for whatever she believes in. Another weakness is her memory ability. Though she can flip through people's memories, using her ability for too long can cause fatigue and nose bleeds.

Your Death: The night Val's death was a normal one. It was an ordinary hot california night in July and sixteen year old Val had just pulled into the driveway after clocking out of her night shift. It was only eleven o'clock, which meant her mum and sister would still be up watching their favorite crime scene show. Val had brought Astrid, her ten year old sister, the new book she had been wanting. As she made her way up the path to the front door, a strange feeling caused her to pause. Something seemed a little off. Val took a step away from the door, her gaze dragging across the front of the house. Everything looked the same, so maybe she was just imagining things. She ignored the knots that bunched up in her stomach and walked through the front door, calling out for her sister and mother. The lights were off, but she could hear the buzzing of the TV. She thought it was strange that they didn't answer, but again shrugged the feeling off as she dumped her bag and keys on the table inside the door. She then made her way to the livingroom, holding the book behind her back.

The second she walked into the room, time seemed to slow down. A matter of seconds seemed like hours. The first thing that came into her line of sight was her sister, laying on the floor in a pool of blood. Her eyes were open and glassy, the TV reflecting off of them. Val didn't have to check to know she was dead. Her throat seemed to close up, and suddenly Val couldn't breathe, or speak, or even scream. She stood frozen in her place, staring wide-eyed at her sister's corpse. A moment later, she snapped out of it and turned her gaze to the shadow in the corner. There was a tall figure holding onto her mother. The instant it's red eyes met her's, the figure dropped her mother's body to the floor with a thud. Before Val could even blink, the figure was standing right in front of her, grabbing her throat. She could feel it's hot breath on her cheek, feel it's finger's digging into her skin, cutting off her breathing passage. She heard a raspy voice but couldn't focus on what it was saying to her, and before she could think, everything went black. Valentine Parker was dead.

History: Val was born in New South Wales, Australia to Nina, a single mother. She lived a pretty normal life as a kid, growing up right off the coast. A few years after her sister was born, her mother decided it was time for a change, and they picked up and moved to California. Val was a good, repsonsible kid and often took care of her younger sister while her mother was working at the hospital as a nurse. Before her death, Val was a sweet, loving girl who would never hurt a fly and would go out of her way to help anyone she cared about. She was one of those girls everyone loved because she was so nice to everyone. She was a people pleaser and didn't like to rub anyone the wrong way. She believed there was good in everyone, and was often too trusting for her own good. Val's sweet, old self died with her that night. After getting her second chance and coming back to earth, Val threw herself into her job as a Vampire hunter, and has been very successful as an assassin. She'll do anything necessary to save the lives of humans.


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Valentine Parker's Story