Calver HighNamaza

I'll do what I must

a character in “Heaven & Hell: Love Test”, as played by BeautifulxDisaster

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


Demon or Angel name: Namaza (means pray)

Human name: Ruya Mitaru

Age: (14-18) 18

Image: (anime please)

Description: (anything not seen in image)
Her wings are black and outlined with gray. She also has her nose pierced with a single silver stud and a lip ring. She has an industrial piercing in her right ear along with a cartilage piercing in her right ear.
Job: Fighter

Personality: She's fiery and bold. Her sharp tongue make her somewhat off putting at times, though she s loyal to the end.

Likes: Dancing her fighting style is graceful and based off of her dancing which she uses to practice, violin, flying, watching others

Dislikes: loud girls ad those who get in the way of her job

Other: She is not overjoyed with the assignment given to her. She is uneasy thinking about sharing space with the demons she mistrusts.

So begins...

Namaza's Story