Calver HighTakio Narusume

Oh, come on! Can't i do some haunting later!

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Demon or Angel name: Ghostfang Takiko Natusume
Human name:Takio Narusume
Age: 17
Image: Image
Description: Takio has the family name 'Ghostfang' written in silver letters down the right side of his back and he is around 6ft 10in
Job: Demon apprentice- Haunter
Personality: Takio would probably be one of the best haunters alive, due to his unsettling appearence and his ablity to change his voice to sound much like anything. The probleum is though is that he is too kind for his own good when it comes to being a demon, being free-sprited and carefree as well as kind and protective. He loves playing jokes on people with the ablity to change voices and has a soft spot for angels, though he keps this a secret.
- Angels
- His friends
- Funny people
- Playing jokes on people
- Mean people
- Haunting people
- His demon family
-Water, he is deathly (no pun intended) scared of the stuff
Other: Secretly loves angels, but has to keep his distance from them so people don't find out.

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Takio Narusume's Story