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Heaven and Hell send angel and demon apprentices to Earth for a little experiment. They want to know a the humans love capacity. What happens when the little experiment doesn't go exactly as planned? NEED GUYS!!

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Cristian couldn't say he completely agreed with the test, but he was never one to disobey orders. He walked into the big school remembering what his superior had told him. "You're name is now Cristian Road. Please do not fail." That was all he had said. Cristian entered the school with a sigh, alread having a sinking feeling in his gut that he was not going to enjoy himself. He made his way to his locker, throwing in his books. "Hey!" A preppy voice sounded behind him. He turned to see a girl standing behind him. She was pretty with long dark brown hair and a small petite frame, but the flirtatious look in her eyes immediately turned Cristian off. "Hello." He answered politely all the same. "So my name's Kelly. I couldn't help but noticed you're new here. Maybe if you'd like I could give you a tour of the school." She said with a huge smile. "Nice to meet Kelly. My names Mic-Cristian." He started, but quickly caught himself. "My name's Cristian Road. And thanks, a tour sounds nice." He forced a small smile, trying to be nice. He followed after the girl only half listening to what she was saying. I am definitely not going to enjoy this. He thought with a sigh.


Zoey walked into school with a big smile on her face. The smile stayed glued to her face as she walked over to her locker. Two lockers away from her locker she noticed some guy she didn't recognized and some girl hanging all over him. She rolled her eyes at them, highly tempted to call out that they should get a room when she picked up on the rude things the guy had said to the girl. Zoey's eyes widened and she turned just in time to see the poor girl burst into tears and run off crying. She turned over to the rude, new guy, eyes narrowing into a glare, not liking him one bit at the moment. "You're such an asshole." She said to him, putting her hands on her hips, challengingly. "What the hell's your problem?" she asked, pissed off.