Heaven & Hell: Love Test

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Heaven and Hell send angel and demon apprentices to Earth for a little experiment. They want to know a the humans love capacity. What happens when the little experiment doesn't go exactly as planned? NEED GUYS!!

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Kali stood before her higher ups with a irritating smirk on her full red lips and a glint of rebellion in her dark green eyes. She didn't want to do the stupid test but disobediance was really NOT the less painful option. She sighed dejectedly and hoped maybe she would get some fun out of the entire "adventure" but doubted it sincerely. Maybe she could find some nice human boy to torment...
"Kali are you listening?" One of her "bosses" hissed in irritation, and cut off her train of thought.
"Does it look like it?" she asked sarcastically.
"just do your damn job and don't screw it up you worthless cur" he growled
"oooohhh cur....how long it take you to come up with--" she started to taunt but her sentence was cut off again only this time by her being transported to the front of a school, where she was dumped ungraciously on her rear end.
"wow, not even cool." she grumbled as she stood and wiped herself off. As she did so she noted that she was no longer in her normal attire but in blood red skinny jeans, black pumps with red jewels, a black tank top with a few rips in it and a black leather jacket. gotta give the old guys props....they had a hell of a sense of style. she smirked till she noticed her hair. she stared at it dumb founded for a few seconds then spit out a few curses. red. not the amazing pink she had worked hard to maintain in her territory (as pink hair wasnt a color you came across often in hell) but a deep blood red.
"you will pay for that one!" she yelled at no one.
"hey baby, who are you talking to?" Kali heard from behind her. she composed her best seductive smile and turned to face the human male who had spoken to her as if she was a piece of meat.
"oh no one, just me and my little old self" she said quietly
"well maybe you'd like--" he started obviously thinking she was into him. oh the stupidity of males everywhere.
"and frankly id like to keep it that way" she cut him off coldly.
"aww but baby i can show you a HELL of a good time" he said moving closer to her. his comment made her laugh out loud.
"honey, you could touch hell, or me for that matter of your non-existant dick was 30 long and 20 around. so beat it prick" she laughed ans started to walk away.
"ya...well...your--" he started but she turned to look at him over her shoulder and that one cold stare cut him off. she winked and blew him a kiss then continued inside.