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Heaven and Hell send angel and demon apprentices to Earth for a little experiment. They want to know a the humans love capacity. What happens when the little experiment doesn't go exactly as planned? NEED GUYS!!

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Drake grabed his clothes off his dresser, putting it on. He'd walk from his room, and intothe living area, he'd grab his food off the counter, and his keys. He even grabed his Cellphone. But he still doesnt know why he has it. It was something to him. To remember his dad. His mom kicked him out of the house when he hit eighteen. So he got a job at a store, packing boxs, and unpack. It was stupid, but he still didnt it. Drake opened the door to his appartment, and left locking it behind him. Drake likes to weara white shirt under his brown uniform, but the uniform is always unbutton, he'd have on black pants, and black. Drake looked at the clock, He was late, so he ran getting to the school in ten mins, the bell would ring. First subject was math, walking to the class. He'd knock, and walk it.
"Your late again Drake, what is it going to be this time." The teacher said.
"Sorry ma'am, I didn't mean to be this late. Please forgive me."
He'd bow his head being polite. Drake knew what to do. But this is going to be a long day. He'd look at his paper, putting in the answers. Then giving it to the teacher. She'd look at him like some weird person. But ends up giving him a A. Its been 20 mins. This class is almost done..
He'd draw alittle on a piece of paper, day dreaming about his life. Why is it that my life sucks, and i'm trying to get out of school. My mom kicked me out, and told me to call her when i wanted. He'd sigh, and place his head on the table. I hope it gets alittle better then this. Math was over. There was people everwhere, girls waving at him like alway.
" Hey Drake whats up."
"Wow, chris how you been. Its been Some time hasn't it." Drake said
"Yeah it has, I thought you was dead." Chris says.
"I better go nice talking to you." Drake implys.
Drake walks alittle faster to english, dodge everyone. The first bell rings, telling him to move alittle faster. He'd make it without ferther delay.
He'd move into the class taking his seat in the back by the window. This spot always helps him forget that he is in class. God I wish something better came along. He'd lay his head down, and fall asleep.