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Heaven and Hell send angel and demon apprentices to Earth for a little experiment. They want to know a the humans love capacity. What happens when the little experiment doesn't go exactly as planned? NEED GUYS!!

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Setting: Calver High2011-05-16 22:16:53, as written by Cazuki
Takio sighed, his 'master' was being difficult again
"Your name is now Takio Narusume... got that!" the demon shouted as he looked the apprentice haunter deep in the eyes, making Takio feel unsettled
"Yes master" Takoo mumbled. The demon raised his hand and slapped Takio
"Don't act so jokey with me you little brat!" then the demon dissepeared, leaving not a trace of his presense, well beside the scrath mark on Takio's face and the many marks that showed on his arms and legs from mant times before
"Yea, go home you sleezebag" Takio almost shouted at the spot where the demon had been. He started to walk toward the school gates. People stared at him as soon as he entered the gates, the numerous scars on his arms almost shining in the sunlight. They stayed away from him, clearing in all directions mumbling such things as 'hey who's the new guy?' and then there was the reply of 'don't know, looks like a tough guy though' there was slight snickering, though Takio didn't care. He just hoped no-one would try and attack him. He looked over and saw a girl run past him, crying
"What the-" Takio mumered and then looked over in the direction of which the girl had run from, there was a girl and a guy there. He walked closer to them
These guys look interesting