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Heaven and Hell send angel and demon apprentices to Earth for a little experiment. They want to know a the humans love capacity. What happens when the little experiment doesn't go exactly as planned? NEED GUYS!!

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Cristian sighed as the girl, Kelly talked on and on about things he honestly didn't care about. Finally having enough, he stopped her and pretended to be surprised. "Oh shit!" He said, cursing to add effect. "I forgot a book I need. It was nice meeting you though, Kelly. Maybe we can hang out again sometime. Thanks for the tour." He said politely before speeding off in the direction of his locker. He felt bad for leaving her like that, but he couldn't take it anymore. He was aimlessly roaming the halls waiting for the bell when he noticed a commotion going on. A girl and a guy were arguing over something. Cristian decided to stay and watch seeing as he didn't have anything better to do.


Zoey seethed at the rude guy's words. Who the he'll did he think he was? She didn't even flinch when he hit the locker. "Well then why don't we fix those problems of yours." She said sarcastically. "First off. She was a slut? Funny I didn't know. Guess it takes a slut to know one." She said taking a step towards him. "Second. If you don't want to be here, then don't come. I can honestly say you won't be missed." She took another step closer to him, closing off any distance between them as she got in his face. "And thirdly. Don't worry about me name jackass. It's none of your concern. And never call me hot stuff again unless you want to have your arm broken in two. Now why don't you do everyone a favor and get lost in a forest." She finished, their noses were practically touching they were so close. She placed her hands on his chest, which she hated to admit was very muscular feeling, and gave him a push back and out of her face. "Any other problems you need resolved?" She asked him, placing her hands back on her hips challengingly, a cocky smirk on her lips.