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Heaven and Hell send angel and demon apprentices to Earth for a little experiment. They want to know a the humans love capacity. What happens when the little experiment doesn't go exactly as planned? NEED GUYS!!

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Drake Sever

Second period is over. Drake slowly picks his head up. He'd that the day was over. Five more to go thinking to him self. Something was off, looking around the room nobody was there must be the 15 minute break. He'd get up from his chair, pushing the chair into to the desk. Lookinb around again, He'd just grab his stuff.
"Man what next.."
Drake moved to the door, opening it, looking around. The students walked passed him. He'd just turn to the side where his lock was, opening it, and placing his things into it. Then closing it, locking the locker so nobuddy stole his stuff.
Drake turned around, and headed toward the gym trying not to fun into anyone. Some of the girls waves at him. He'd smile, and ignored them. Still heading toward the gym. He be right in front of the door, placing his hand on the handle he'd pull the door open, and walk into it. There would be students running playing tag waitting for the bell to ring.

Drake kept his self in line. He was older he didn't have time to be a kid. He need to get out. He wanted to get out. But learning came first, and this is the ownly time to be alone. He'd place him self near the wall just watching the so called students.