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Heaven and Hell send angel and demon apprentices to Earth for a little experiment. They want to know a the humans love capacity. What happens when the little experiment doesn't go exactly as planned? NEED GUYS!!

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Cristian had taken a step closer to watch the commotion soon realizing that two people involved in it were actually demons and one was a fellow angel. He didn't know whether he should call the human girl in the midst of it brave or stupid. He decided on both. He smirked at the scene, deciding that maybe this test wouldn't be so horrible after all.


Zoey stood in shock when rude guy kissed her. She was pissed as hell, but at the same time she felt her stomach do a happy cartwheel. She tried desperately to squash the blush that tried to creep onto her face. Deciding to ignore the butterflies in her stomach and instead focus on her pissed off side, she was lifting her hand to slap him hard when Principal Rodgers showed up. The little angry man yelled at them all and told them all to report to his office. "C'mon Principal Rodgers! It's not like I hit him. Besides he started it." She whined, trying to get Principal Rodgers to change his mind. She knew what was coming due to the fact that it had happened to her so many times before: detention. "Cut us some slack. It's the first day of school." Zoey tried, but it was no use she knew as she started walking toward his office all the same. She sent a glare rude guys way. If only looks could critically injury people. She thought to herself with a sigh. She turned her attention to the girl who had stood beside her and tried to break off the fight earlier. She seemed to have been backing her up, but Zoey was so frustrated at the moment that she didn't care. "Listen, next time just stay out of it. I'm a big girl. I can fight my own battles." She snapped at her. She immediately regretted it, knowing that the girl was probably just trying to help. "I'm sorry. That was completely rude of me to say. Let me try again." She corrected herself. She took a deep breath before starting over. "Thanks for backing me up back there. I wasn't looking for a fight or anything, it's just that I hate bullies. Or people who act even remotely like bullies. They just make me want to punch them in the face." Zoey explained to the girl, clenching her fist as she did so. She took another deep breath, forcing herself to calm down. "Sorry." She apologized again, adding an apologetic smile into the mix. "Um... My name's Zoey, by the way. Zoey Stella Taylor. Whats your's?" She asked, smiling broadly. She stuck out her hand, hoping the girl would shake it.