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Heaven and Hell send angel and demon apprentices to Earth for a little experiment. They want to know a the humans love capacity. What happens when the little experiment doesn't go exactly as planned? NEED GUYS!!

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Maya Jones

Maya let out a sigh of relief as the fighting was called to an end. The short man was quite the aggressive one, she noted. She looked on her schedule and found that Math with Mrs. Duncan was first period. With a smile on her face she headed to the area indicated on her paper. Room 118. At the front was a tall blonde woman probably in her early forties in dress pants and a orange blouse. "Welcome to Math!" she announced when students took their seats. "My name is Mrs. Duncan." She wrote her name on the board. Looking over the kids she began to size them up on who would be trouble and who would be the angels of the year.

Garret McSean

Garret watched the human with growing interest. He had never seen such a fiesty human girl before. The demon girls always struck him the fighter types but this girl would do. He overheard her say he name was Zoey to the fighter angel who had backed her up. He smirked as she snapped on the angel and than quickly replaced the words with an apology. The angel was apparently Ruyu but of course that wasn't her real name, her angel name. He didn't understand why the human had decided to pick a fight with him. The slut wasn't her problem but he was sort of amused that she did.
Now for the demon girl who had backed him up, she was pretty hot too. Her name was Kali and he thought she was regarding him when she called sexy but the other demon boy replied before Garret could say anything. His name was Takio. He obviously wasn't too keen on being called sexy and Garret watched. Something was different from the demon boy. He wasn't interested in the demon girl. Garret pondered on different reasons why. This demon girl, Kali, was hot for any standard including demon standards and he knew many demons who would force was much more flirtatious response. He would figure out soon enough. "The name's Garret by the way," he looked at the two of them slowly.
They all stepped into an office with a large, plump lady wearing blue gazed up to the students boredly. Principal Rodgers opened the door to his office and led the kids in leaving the door open. "What are your names? So I know who to file a detention form for, and don't lie because it's double the detention if you do." He than walked over to the desk lady. "Laura, write down the names please," he ordered and the woman nodded, quickly pulling out paper.