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Heaven Help You » Places

Places in Heaven Help You

This is a list of locations that can be found in Heaven Help You.

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The Prince's Palace

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【Why is it always me???】
【Observation Room --> The Lion's Den】

Amos stood, watching, with a heavy sludge of dismay settled in his lungs. Why was it his job to deal with this? These demons were beyond unruly. Not that it surprised him, trapping a group of demons together in a small room like that was a recipe for destruction, especially after the chaos these particular demons had already wrought. The little wrath certainly seemed to be the ring-leader of wanton destruction. As long as she didn’t start setting things on fire…

Has anything else happened while I was gone?” he asked the boy seated in the observation room. The charms used to display what was going on in the rooms were simple enough, but at this magnitude, two in the main room, one for each bedroom, and one in each of the other rooms, though the majority of those were still dark, they must have been quite expensive. Abadeer seemed to be quite serious about this situation.

As of now, whatever chaos that had occurred in his absence had long since finished. The painting had been torn down and defaced and the demons seemed content to nap amid their mischief.

He tore his eyes from the projections and turned to the boy. He was young, though there was a solemn set to his face. Probably one of Abadeer’s personal servants, since Amos rarely saw him around. Well, they were in this together. The boy looked back at him with a stoic nod.

Nothing too crazy has occurred since your peek into the room. Just destroying the painting." The boy said, before adding that the demons didn't seem to interested in finding out who the killer was so far.

Amos sighed softly. “
I appreciate your hard work,” he said, pulling a cinnamon bun wrapped in a napkin from his pocket and putting it on the desk. This would be a long week for his partner, holed up in here, watching that nonsense all the time. “I can’t believe they would be so...bold,” he said, reaching to the display that showed the defaced painting. It rippled slightly at his touch.

He tipped his head as he turned back to the boy. “
Which one do you think did it?” he asked. “Any suspicions so far?

Thanks," the boy said softly, nibbling at the pastry with a thoughtful look on his face. "Well my first thought is always wrath but I am not sure that is the case here. Ino's collections of poison is troubling. I feel like Ino may be up to something. But there are a lot of missing links. I think we need to…. Add some pressure to this crucible. What do you think? You were actually in there with them."

Amos chewed on his bottom lip. “
Truly? I’m not sure. The wrath seems very aggressive, but is she clever enough to enact such a large scale plan on her own? She seems more reactive than premeditative.” He ran his fingers through his hair. “One of the others has to be a ring-leader, right? None of these seem to have both the motive and the skill to work on their own, except the envy...” He shook his head. Now wasn’t the time or the place to speculate like that. They were here to observe. And speaking of…

Some pressure? I fear it would lead to an explosion more quickly than you think. The glutton and the wrath especially seem to delight in agitation.” He turned to study the other. “What did you have in mind?

He leaned down as the surveillance guard explained a plan to sow discord amongst the demons, and possibly unearth some information at the same time. He hadn't thought much about the greed demon so far, that one seemed fairly polite compared to some of the other troublemakers. But if the boy thought it would work...

As the afternoon dragged on, Amos got the summons to bring food for the detainees. Which meant he had to go back in there. And take the painting too while he was at it. No need to let them deface that any further, at this point, they’d probably have to burn it. He would be doing them a favor, as he couldn’t imagine Abadeer would be very happy to see such a mockery of himself and his wife.

The sun had drifted low enough to gleam through the windows of the boys’ rooms, casting long shadows into the main room. Amos sighed as the serving shuttle rattled merrily alongside him. The guard who had given him the orders had seemed rather unhappy about indulging their detainees, but apparently someone thought they deserved to eat well. The silver shuttle was stacked full of platters--roasted and breaded meats, canapes, rices and noodles, thinly sliced and and delicately arrayed vegetables, tureens of stews and sauces, and pitchers of light, refreshing drinks. No alcohol, however.

He entered the room cautiously, the door melting away behind him as soon as it snicked shut. Between the rattling sounds of the dishes, and the distinctive sound of the door, he was sure he’d captured the attention of any wakeful demon, and he didn’t particularly care for that. All he needed to do was get the plates off the cart and onto the table, and remove the painting, and he could go. No need for the little wrath whelp to attack him again. Though this time he had replaced his sword at his hip with a large stick in case he needed to do any defending.