Junichi Takibana

"I don't know if doing things the right way will work but I guess I'll try"

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a character in “Heavenly Taste Candy Shop”, as played by RinlovesSesshoumaru



Name| Junichi Takibana know as Jun

Age| 17

Sex| Male

Nationality| Japanese

Height| 6'0

Weight| 67 kg

Sexual Preference| Straight


Personality| Jun has a reputation around town as a bully and a trouble maker, and he can't really deny this fact. He does pick on people smaller and weaker than himself, and he does and gets into allot of trouble. Although these things are true about him that does not mean he's just rotten to the core, he has a side that he doesn't let many people see. A caring affectionate side that as of now has only been reserved for one person in his life, thats his little sister. He would do anything for her and the reason he gets in trouble allot, he got into stealing and selling what he stole just to get extra money to help her, she has been sick her whole life and their single mother works three jobs just to get by. With his mother not around to give him much guidance and being almost totally responsible for his ailing sister this all has taken a toll on his attitude and behavior.

Likes| Being in control, Feeling important, His little sister, Smoking

Dislikes| Feeling helpless, Feeling left out, His sister's illness, Getting caught, Showing his true feelings

Random Skills| Surprisingly Jun learned to cook and bake from a baby sitter he and his sister had when they were younger. Pick-pocketing and theft is another skill... but that's not gonna do him much good here.

Person of Interest| TBA


Background Info| Jun was born into a crazy life his mother worked all the time and his father was an alcoholic who couldn't keep a job. The family struggled and when Jun was five his little sister was born. After the birth of his sister their father grew overwhelmed with everything and left Jun, his mother, and baby sister to fend for themselves. Even though he really didn't have a good relationship with his father Jun still felt abandoned and blamed himself for his father's indifference towards the family. After his father left his mother was forced to take on another job to keep up with the bills, leaving five year old Jun and his baby sister in the care of kind elderly woman that lived in the same apartment complex as they did. She was a loving old woman who treated Jun and his sister like her grandchildren. She would stand Jun on a chair at the kitchen counter next to her and show him how to cook just about anything, from baking cake, making dinner, to fudge. That was one of things she loved to make and Jun loved to eat, she helped take care of Jun and his sister till he was thirteen years old, that's when sadly the kind old woman passed away. Jun and his sister were heartbroken they had learned to love the old woman as they would their own grandmother and once again they lost someone important in their life.

Their mother unable to find another babysitter left Jun in charge of his sister when they were not in school. This added even more stress to his life, but he loved his sister and did his best, he knew his mother was struggling to pay not only the household bills but his sister's medical bills as well. Jun started to steal money from his class mates at school and it escalated from that. He started getting in trouble at school, and sometimes it brought the police into involvement, when word got back to his sister what he was doing she was very disappointed in him and begged him to stop. He had never been able to deny his little sister anything and loved her very much, but how was he going to help out with money. That was when he passed the candy shop and noticed they were hiring Jun figured he would give a proper job a try as long as they would work around him having to care for his little sister.

Thoughts on Others| TBA

Theme Song|
Nobody's Listening by Linkin Park

So begins...

Junichi Takibana's Story


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Jun Takibana

"Onii chaaaaan, waaaake up!"

Jun mumbled something about it being way to early "Mari go back to bed", a smooth deep voice said in the still dark room.

Soon the room was illuminated with sound of the blinds of the bedroom window being pulled to the very top of the window valence.

"Waaaa Mari!", Jun over turned in his bed and landed with a thud in a pile of blankets on the floor, the giggle of a young girl following the thud.

"You're such a grump in the morning Jun, but you start work today so I made breakfast for you", Mari said.

As Jun eyes began to clear and grow accustomed to the light now spilling into the room, he gave a half hearted smile to his little sister smiling down at him. Mariko was five years younger than him but small for most girl her age. This however was because she spent so much of her time sick, from birth she had severe breathing problems and a weakened immune system. Jun loved his sister dearly and worried for her, that was his reason for such an early awakening and having to get this job. He had grown used to being out at night and doing things from petty theft to ruffing up tourists for money. The last time however had resulted in Jun being brought home by the police.

He was so embarrassed and ashamed, the look on Mariko's face hadn't helped when she came to the door and the cop had pushed him in still handcuffed. That was when he confessed to his little sister that he didn't have an evening job quite like he had told her and their mother. Mariko promised she wouldn't say anything to their mother who already worked three jobs just to get by about what he was doing as long as he promised to quit committing crimes for her account. He had never been able to deny Mari anything even when they were little he would not start now. So when he found out about the job just down the road from their apartment at the old candy shop he figured it was worth a try.

He came into the small cramped kitchen/dining room/living room to see Mariko buttering toast.

"Aww Mariko you didn't have to do all this... you're just gonna make yourself tired for the rest of the day" he said with a worried look.

Mariko just laughed a little and set the toast on a plate next to a sunny side up egg, "Then you'll be super worried when I show you this" she went over to the kitchen counter then turned around to him "Taaa daaa!".

In her hands was a very tasty looking bento and a big smile splashed across her face. Jun sighed she was so proud of her work how could he deny her simple things as this.

"That looks great Mari.... thank you", he walked over kissed her on the forehead the sat down at the small table and began to eat his breakfast. Mari went along her way getting ready for her day, Jun could hear her humming all around the apartment... then the coughing started. He shot up from his chair and hurried to her room.

"Mari-chan.... have you taken your medicine today?" he asked with a worried look.

She sighed and shook her head no, "Mari you can't do this you promised me that if I did get a legit job you would take care of yourself when I'm not here." he walked over and started to set up her breathing machine.

He then lead her to her bed, she sat down with a frustrated look on her face, Jun put the mask over her face and flipped the switch the, machine began the air pump pushing the smokey medicine into the mask. Mari leaned back on a pile of pillows and propped her feet up on the bed.

Jun tucked her blanket in around her "Okay I'm gonna head out I'll see you as soon as I get back after my shift is done", he said with a smile then kissed her on the forehead again.

"Have a good day at your job onii-chan and don't forget your lunch.", the medicine began to make her tired and her eyes soon closed and she fell asleep. Jun switched the machine from the medicine to oxygen and closed her bedroom door behind him.

After dressing in his uniform and grabbing his lunch he made his way down the street to the Heavenly Taste Candy Shop, he stood in front, the feeling of butterflies in his stomach.

"Well here goes..." he knocked on the door and waited to be let inside for his first day of proper work.


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What a groggy morning it was, it being a Saturday for pete-sakes! It wasn't like the same old weekdays but it sure did feel like one. Thank god it wasn't another week of horrid school, the week seeming to drudge slowly onward which only slowed more when in a lecture or a college prep test. But there wasn't any time for such idle chit-chat! Rosemarie wasn't going to be tardy! Prepping herself, hurriedly, in her silver designer dorm room and drinking an energy drink all the while, Rosemarie rushed as much as she could, putting on only a pair of tight-fitting dark blue jeans, a white snug fit tee and cream white Dockers.

For her ivory white long hair, Rosemarie just slicked it back in a bun, her bangs being slicked back too. Spraying only a light vanilla perfume and smearing clear gloss on her lips, Rosemarie checked herself back and forth in the large mirror that stood behind her vanity trying her hardest to look halfway decent when she went to her first job interview. Thank goodness she took a shower last night for she hadn't anytime to waste, knowing she was almost late. Normally, Rosemarie would dress way nicer then what she was pulling off now, the best designer clothes, shoes and accessories that any girl could ever want.

It did help that she was from a wealthy background, her parents taking care of her financial situation while she was away in boarding school. On the outside, it seemed that her parent's cared wholeheartedly for her but that was highly the case.... Money could make you happy but for so long until reality sets in, harsh cold truths rearing it's ugly menacing head. Therefore, money could never buy love or affection readily on hand. Besides, Rosemarie was way past that phase with trying to please her parents and getting their "undivided" attention, she moving on and speaking little to them, as a result. In all actuality though, Rosemarie really didn't want to think or really want talk about it....

It was time to become more independent and Rosemarie was happily to take on that role! And the first step to independence, in Rosemarie's book, was to apply for a job. At first it was hard trying to find a job available, she having a natural picky selectiveness to positions that were available, it not being her type. One was to be a "maid" waitress at a café shop that was a mile or two away from her school. Rosemarie wasn't going to walk a great distance to her job and go through all that knowing it paid low wages to it's employees. And to make it worse, it was the type of job that degraded young women!

Rosemarie would put up with but so much until she had enough, that job "breaking the camels back" for her. Who would work in a setting where women were viewed as nothing but sexual objects to men who would treat them like crap while they were on the job?!?! Rosemarie really didn't want to answer that question, quickly dropping the crappy job position on her job hunting list. The other position that was available for her was working as a dog catcher.... Alright, how did that job position popped up on her list? Was she that desperate?... Here's the answer. The reason why was because it paid good money....

She really didn't know what a dog catcher was and took it like it was a job position at a pet shop. Little did she knew was that it was a position at an animal pound where the workers had to catch dogs who were dangerous on the streets. When she was interviewed for the job, she automatically was told what the job was about. It was good pay but Rosemarie wasn't going to chase dogs all day! She did not want to come from a job at the end of the day littered with dog bites and scratches on her porcelain pale skin and truly smelling like dog poo....

Ugh! All that job hunting and turning up empty-handed again and again.... That was until she started frequenting at a nearby candy shop, Heavenly Taste, after school.... It was a quaint little candy shop just two blocks over from her academy. At first, she saw it as just a good place to get away from school and take a break but not soon after she started to taste their selection of candies. When she tasted her first candy piece she was immediately sent....to heaven. How divine were their confectionery of chocolates, which she loved to eat the most, they automatically melting deliciously in her mouth.

But let us not get side tracked here! Rosemarie quickly looked up about the candy shop and was amazed to see that it entered shop competitions but what confounded her was the fact that their shop lost every time in the candy tournaments. To top the icing on the cake, all of it's employees suddenly just...quit. The shop had the best candy to offer and their customer service was above par so why did bad luck befallen the shop so much? Well that was what Rosemarie wanted to find out, wanting to ask for a job position that was available since most of it's employees were gone.

After grabbing a quick breakfast at the academy's cafeteria, Rosemarie clutched her silver tote bag and headed over to the candy shop. It didn't take long to get there and not soon after she was in front of the place. Immediately Rosemarie saw a young man standing in front of the door, it seeming that he was talking to himself, "Well here goes....", he whispered knocking on the door. He appeared nervous and apprehensive...but Rosemarie wasn't quick to jump to conclusions about the guy on first appearances.

She walked up slowly to his side, gazing with light lavender eyes at the door curiously, "Are they open yet? I hope so...", she asked plainly, her British smooth accent light and airy, folding her arms nonchalantly.


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#, as written by lokisma

I rushed up to the shop. "Am I late?" Two people stood outside the shop. The shop's sign said closed. "Oh thankgod..." I said all in one word. I leaned up against the doorway trying to catch my breath. "So- Are you guys customers or what?" I looked at the dude, he wasn't half bad. " You're kinda cute I said flat out to him." My gaze shifted over to the girl. I smiled smugly. She looked like she belonged in the sweet shop. She looked like a cupcake.