Gambit's BarPhoenix Black

Sassy woman who doesn't take any lip from anyone... Though really sweet otherwise.

a character in “Heavy Metal”, as played by Sweet Angel Jocelyn

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Phoenix has long legs, a curvaceous body, and a beguiling face. Many men have fallen for her charms. Her hair is so dark that it's almost black, and her eyes are a deep brown, chocolaty.

She's nineteen but looks slightly older, so she can drink.



She's smart, and known to talk back, though she is a sweet girl when no one is getting under her skin. She was trained to be a lady, but sometimes her tongue doesn't listen to her brain. She loves deeply, and forever, but she doesn't fall under most men's charms.


Frank Bello Signature 4 String Bass (Black)~ Fender
SR506 6 String Bass (Brown Mahogany)~ Ibanez


She grew up in Louisiana so she has a soft Southern draw, though nothing really gaudy. She had a distant mother, and no father. In a home over run by drugs, she managed to stay out of crime, but her two older brothers weren't so lucky. At the age of seven, her oldest brother taught her to play a bass, and two years later, he ended up in jail. Not long after that, her next older brother ended up in jail, leaving her alone with her mother, who brought home many different boyfriends, who eventually started wanting to be around Phoenix more. At seventeen, she left home, and ended up finding a band that wanted her.

So begins...

Phoenix Black's Story