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Who said you're not worth it?

a character in “Heir Apparent”, as played by chocolateloversuntie

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Name: Hope Emerson
Age: 16
Race: White
Role: Girl 3
Appearance: Image
Personality: She is cute, but very clumsy. She enjoys reading and loves making people smile. Her ultimate goal in life is to make peoples life brighter. No matter how hard you try and bring her down it won't seem to take an affect. Even when she's having the worst day of her life, she'll still try and brighten up your day.
Skill(s)/Abilities: She is a great archer. Skilled in hunting and hand to hand combat.
Likes: She LOVES sunsets, and warm vibrant colors. She enjoys reading and holding peoples hands.
Dislikes: She hates alcoholics.
Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Watching Sunsets
Fears: Of drunken people. Dieing, Heights
Deepest Desires: To fall in love and show people that she's more than a human
Love Interest: Prince 2
History: Most of her history remains unknown, other then that she refuses to speak about her family, or anything involving her past.
Theme Song: http://youtu.be/bGzHl0u9EsI

So begins...

Hope Emerson's Story