Heirs of a Lost People

Heirs of a Lost People

5000 years ago, the technologically advanced nation of Nalua was lost in a catastrophe. But a handful of survivors lived on in the ruins of a city.

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5000 years ago, the technologically advanced nation of Nalua was lost in a catastrophe. But a handful of survivors lived on in the ruins of a city. While the city is still in ruins, the heirs of Nalua number around 5000 spread out in villages throughout the former metropolis, growing their food in the former parks and gardens of the city. A huge nearly unpassable mountain range encloses the city preventing its discovery for the past 5000 years.

But one day, a team of adventurers managed to survive the passage of the mountains and discovered the ruins. The heirs of Nalua are very cautious of the outsiders and some are even hostile. One village has allowed them to stay given the circumstance to never leave the city or to leave by the morrow without taking any artifacts, leading to a dozen of the adventurers to stay while the rest left to disappear in the mountains (and probably didn't survive the way back. Here the adventurers decided to explore the valley and the vastly different culture.

Aker: It was a province of Nalua which was one massive city, possibly with tens of millions of inhabitants on an area big enough to be a country. With hills and rivers in the valley and many overgrown and eroded ruins. A massive tower stands in the middle of Aker at a height almost as tall as the mountains themselves. Most of the buildings look as if they are made of a dark stone, a lot of which seem to be hollowed out due to decay. Some parts of the ruined city still illuminate with a blue glow at night as the power source still functions and may function for at least another 5000 years. The villages are mostly found in the massive city parks or in lowrise areas of the city and travel is still possible by some old rail lines or mechanical horses. While a lot of technology has been lost, a lot of technology is still in use today.

The people of Aker: Of the 5000 or 6000 people who live in Aker, 500 or 600 live in each village in the former city. Their culture is similar to old East Asian culture, specifically the Japanese and Ryukyuan cultures. Their warriors or guardians are similar to samurai and ninjas and are augmented with technology. The people of Aker can live up to 250 years of age. But even their elderly can be pretty physically fit up until age 180, but many grow weary of life by 150 years, so old people aren't too common among the people of Aker. Due to a fear of foreign invaders, the forces of Aker constantly train and can likely fend of a foreign army with only 500 augmented warriors as the outside world is still in a medieval like state. Akerian villages function as council democracies within a loose confederation.

The adventurers: There were twenty of them of which twelve of them decided to stay for the rest of their lives. They come from the kingdom of Kerrywood on the other side of the mountain range and have been so far the only ones that survived the journey across the mountains from outside of Aker. They are equipped with swords, bows and spears as well as leather armor. While their language is far different than Naluan, they learned Naluan from someone who left Aker years ago to discover the outside world. They also have a bit of a hard time with the beliefs of the Akerians as they believe in spirits of the land whereas the dominant religion of Kerrywood believe in a single goddess and tends to have inquisitions against heretics. The Akerians aren't interested in the beliefs of the outsiders as they believe that someone with too much power will be corrupted by it.


Occupations within Aker are mostly food providers such as bakers, farmers, cooks, brewers etc., warriors such as samurai or ninja, craftsmen such as inventors, roofers, carpenters etc. and scholar such as doctors and scientists. Of the adventurers they are expected to accept an occupation, but for warrior or scholar they will need to be apprentices for far longer.

Additional info:

Warriors after augmentation have eyes that glow blue.
Animals found in Aker are usually rabbits and deer and dangerous animals are usually wolves. Domesticated animals are usually sheep, goats, buffalo and some types of deer.
Future invasions or settlement can come through outsiders or survivors of other Naluan ruins finding secret passageways to Aker.

Starting point is Ruko, the largest village in Aker at a population of 1100. Special features are bars, gaming parlors (like Shogi and Mahjong), restaurants, music halls and other stuff. Many Akerians come on the weekend for entertainment.

Character sheet:

Origin (Aker or Kerrywood)
Clothing (Akerian clothing is a mix of western and eastern clothing, see walolis or Touhou for reference, Kerrywood clothing is medieval western clothing)

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Character Portrait: Anako Shihara Character Portrait: Arthur Borssen

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#, as written by Aniihya
Wandering through the streets of Ruko, Anako's eyes scanned the area for a bar to fill up with some booze or a parlor to play some shogi. Not much was open since it was the middle of the day and she may need to buy a bottle to drink and find someone to play shogi with her. She ended up going to a shop and bought a small bottle of rice wine. It took another couple minutes until she found an old man who would play shogi with her. They both sat in front of a house and began playing pour some rice wine into tiny cups from time to time.

Anako had hoped to find one of the foreigners to learn how to play shogi from her, but they seemed kind of uptight and thought the game would make gambling easy, when Anako mostly played for a favor or some rice wine.

"Ah you beat me, old geezer! Next round I'll win, aight?" Anako said. The old man chuckled.

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Character Portrait: Anako Shihara Character Portrait: Mizune Namiko Character Portrait: Mizune Hirokichi

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Hirokichi and Namiko were walking down the street together, both in search of their own, yet equally elusive quarry. Hiro was looking for Anako, who he wanted to ask a few questions, mainly about what girls would like, or rather, one girl in particular.

One would think Namiko would be better to ask, what with Anako being a bit of a tomboy. His cousin had gotten sick of Hiro's talking about Aiko-san though, and put her foot down (metaphorically). In the process she had threatened to remove Hiro's manhood with a rusty kunai if he ever came to her about his crush again. A promise he was pretty sure she would keep.

Namiko, on the other hand, was looking for her maternal grandfather, Miura Kazuto, on behalf of her honorable grandmother. The man had made several promises to his wife the day before, but had hightailed out before the crack of dawn. At the thought she couldn't help but suppress a shudder. The man had guts, both for marrying the at the time Hyouno Setsuna, who was known for her fierceness, making her go through childbirth thrice, as well ditching his 'duties' whenever he felt like it.

Well, that, or he was simply insane, a very real possibility.

Then a loud, ["Ah you beat me, old geezer! Next round I'll win, aight?"], could be heard.

Namiko grinned, and elbowed Hirokichi in good humor,

"There's your target, dear cousin, have fun."

She was about to move on, after Hirokichi walked into the parlor, when her cousin called out to her over his shoulder,

"Found yours too!"

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Character Portrait: Anako Shihara Character Portrait: Mizune Namiko Character Portrait: Mizune Hirokichi

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#, as written by Aniihya
Behind the old man, Anako spotted Hirokichi. She raised her hand up and called: "Ey, Hirokichi! How ya doing today? Are you up fer a round of shogi or wanna go to a bar?" She just needed someone to hang around now, because everything was boring alone and the old man would probably lay down for a nap soon.

OOC: Should I put in a scene where a warrior goes rogue and ends up getting cut down the middle by Anako?

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Character Portrait: Anako Shihara Character Portrait: Mizune Namiko Character Portrait: Mizune Hirokichi

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Hiro grinned, "Shogi sounds fine, but it's a bit too early for a bar for me."

Not that Hirokichi had let that stop him before, but he was trying to become respectable to woo Murasaki-san. Which brought him to the next point, as he sat down opposite to her, in the seat that had only seconds before been unwillingly vacated.

Namiko had come in, slinked past him, and was currently dragging her grandfather out by his ear.

The people around them where ignoring the happenings, as if they saw it happen every day.

(Which, honestly, wasn't that far from the truth)

"Though I actually came her to ask you a few questions... Mind educating me a little about what girls like during the game?"

OOC: Could be possible, but it'd be kind of random if there wasn't some kind of reason and/or build up to it.

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Character Portrait: Anako Shihara Character Portrait: Mizune Namiko Character Portrait: Mizune Hirokichi

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(Accidental double post)

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Character Portrait: Anako Shihara Character Portrait: Mizune Hirokichi

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#, as written by Aniihya
Anako grinned. "You are asking me what girls like? Of all the women in town, I am probably the least feminine one. But if you are asking me, women like clothes, accessories and sweets. A hairclip may be nice as a small gift or maybe get some sakuramochi. If you want something bigger, get a nice kimono or so. If I was the person in question, I would prefer decent sake or another set of clothes like a kimono and a hakama or a hair ribbon or choker." Anako said while setting up the shogi pieces.

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"No surprise about the sake", Hirokichi more or less joked.

He thought about all the things Anako had suggested, while they started the game proper. While his crush Aiko did like sweets, she would be less than pleased to be given them by him. Believe him, he'd tried. Something like clothes would be to big of a gesture, and summarily rejected. Accessories he could do though.

He had a few misses in the beginning of the game due to not paying all that much attention, leaving him at a disadvantage. He still had faith he could win though.

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#, as written by Aniihya
In the game, Anako seemed to be winning the game even though Hirokichi was sometimes catching up. "It's good that you agreed to play against me. It would have been boring otherwise." Anako said.

Nearby there was a bit of commotion. A female warrior was yelling at a citizen. "You dare to disrespect me! Bow down and apologize and maybe I will spare beating you!" The citizen refused and said: "You are getting worked up over something petty. Just chill." "How dare you?!" The warrior said and grabbed him by the collar. "You want me to crush your windpipe and break your neck?" Anako got up and said: "Put him down! Our duty is to protect and not get full of ourselves!"

"You stay out of this, Anako! This man should have watch where he was going!" The female warrior said. Anako repeated: "Let him go, now."

OOC: My next post will be an escalation of that situation.

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Hirokichi sighed at the woman's poor behavior. This is why the Mizune family, amongst others, had always insisted on psyche evaluations before someone went through the enhancements. Some people just weren't suitable for having power, often letting it go to their heads.

He stood up after Anako, about to attempt to de-escalate the situation, or at the very least attempt to shift the woman's anger to either him or Anako. Probably him though. How to start though? In the end Hiro decided to first appeal to her (undeserved) sense of superiority.

"Ah, Tsume-san", he said brightly, "Lovely day, isn't it? How about letting that man go? Surely it's beneath you to hold a grudge, however deserved it might be?"

Pretty much everyone but the warrior would have thought, "Undeserved in this case", but they kept quiet, seeing what Hiro was attempting to do.

From the corner of his eye, Hiro saw Nagisa perched on one of the rooftops, weapon drawn. He made to scratch his head, and signaled his cousin, hand hidden from the warrior's sight by said head. He was slightly rusty when it came to the signs ninja tended to use, but could get by well enough.


He saw Nagisa sign back. {Affirmative}

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#, as written by Aniihya
OOC: Got health problems and I have a hard time figuring out what to write. I wish I posted more often, but circumstances make it difficult to post more than once a week. I'm sorry. Additionally due to us being only two people, it is also further difficult.

The warrior didn't listen nor heeded the warnings. "You shut up! I am tired of not getting the respect I deserve." The warrior said.

Anako said: "Being a warrior is sometimes a thankless job. We are here to protect citizens and not to be elitist. I am telling you again, drop the man right now or I wont hesitate to cut you down the middle." "Are you threatening me, Anako? I am tired of your damn lecturing and that you act like you are the boss of everyone while being a drunken slob all the time." The warrior said. "A couple of us we thinking about getting rid of you. I think it should be about time."

Two other warriors appeared. Both men who also had grudges against Anako and the others. The warrior threw the man as hard as she could towards the wall (OOC: there is the possibility to catch him to prevent his death) and lunged towards Anako: "You die today!"

Anako quickly pulled her sword and deflected the warriors blow. "I wanted to avoid this but you leave me no choice now." Anako said. She exhaled and steam came out of her mouth as she readied her odachi for a killing blow. Before the warrior could escape, Anako swung her sword producing some condensation and a small sonic boom from the speed she swung the sword. With a single powerful swing, it seemed as if notice had happened, but the glow from the warriors eyes faded and she split down the middle as soon as Anako shealthed her sword. The metal and glowing crystal parts of the warrior became visible. Anako had cut through a metallic shell and metallic but also crystal innards with her most powerful move.

"I think the others will be able to handle the two male warriors that want to violate our code. I need to grab something to drink as I used a lot of energy." Anako said looking towards Hiro and then Nagisa. The two "criminal" male warriors were taken aback by Anako's strike but knew that she probably could only down it one more time at this time of day. And were ready to attack.

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Character Portrait: Anako Shihara Character Portrait: Mizune Nagisa Character Portrait: Mizune Hirokichi

0.00 INK

(OOC: Don't worry about it. Just focus on getting better. (If it is something that can get better I mean). While I would love more activity, it's not a problem for it to stay at the current rate of posting, assuming that you're not just going to up and abandon it. By the way, I'm not good at writing proper fight scenes, the result often being a tad bit unrealistic. I'm trying though)

Nagisa lunged forward to soften the blow the man would suffer, shielding his body with her own. It might not have been the most optimal idea, what with her own body consisting mostly of metal and crystals, but she was one of the few around who could do something, due to her enhancements focusing on leg strength, speed and reaction speed.

Hiro, in the meantime, wasted no time in charging the first male and cut of both of his legs. Something that, while crippling for the moment, was not a deathblow.

This was not out of a desire to preserve his life however. Honestly, at this point killing the two would have been a mercy. Warriors that broke the oaths to protect people that they made weren't looked upon kindly at all. No, it was to make them suffer the consequences of their crime.

He honestly pitied the fools, not for what they were going to be put through, but for their lack of brain cells in forgetting what the punishment for such deeds was.

While the guy was falling down, Hiro grabbed hold of the hilt of the man's weapon, effectively drawing it. He could have used his own blade for what he was about, but he didn't want to waste it on this scum.

He used his own blade to block the second warrior's attack, before jumping backwards, dropping the katana he had taken in the process. As the warrior charged again, Hiro used his own momentum against him, evading the man, as well as moving to trip him.

The second warrior managed to avoid falling down, but in the process his footing became horrible, a chance Hiro took to cut off the first of the man's arms. (He felt it properly poetic that after having dislegged the first offender, he would disarm the next one)

The warrior did fall down this time, the combination of his lacking footing, on top of the sudden shift in his weight center due to his missing arm, and the momentum of Hiro's attack, doing the trick. Hiro kicked against the second katana, sending it upwards, and grabbed it, using the 'borrowed' sword to literally pin down the man. the sword burrowing deeply into the ground.

As a last action Hiro cut off the man's second arm, ensuring he wouldn't be able to get up again by removing the sword.

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Character Portrait: Anako Shihara Character Portrait: Mizune Nagisa Character Portrait: Mizune Hirokichi

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#, as written by Aniihya
"Those fools. They should know the code. We cannot allow rogues and mutiny amongst the warriors. We have a court for solving problems." Anako said. "Usually attacking another warrior with intent to kill is punished by death unless the warrior is defending themselves from another warrior. The court will have to decide over the remaining two. If they get off easy, they will be downgraded to the point that they are no stronger than a normal human. However the death penalty is not off the table."

"You guys did well." Anako said to Nagisa and Hiro. She then sat down to drink something as she used a lot of energy in one blow without proper preparation.

(OOC: Sorry, short post.)

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Character Portrait: Anako Shihara Character Portrait: Mizune Namiko Character Portrait: Mizune Nagisa Character Portrait: Mizune Hirokichi

0.00 INK

(OOC: I apologise for my super-late reply. I somehow either missed or forgot the fact that you posted already.)

Hirokichi and Nagisa send each other an uncomfortable look as Anako had turned her back to them to sit down. Nagisa's shoulder sagged, while Hiro let out a sigh.

While what she said wasn't a lie exactly, it was also a statement that took an optimistic approach to human nature, not factoring in people's ability to hold a grudge. The downgrade involved in said 'best-case-scenario' would not nearly be as gentle as the upgrade had been, for example. The Warrior Caste would also look down on those who had been stripped of their enhancements, while the common citizens either tended to avoid those downgraded like the plague, or taunt them at every single moment, depending on the reason for the downgrade.

For those that had pride in their current strength, like those three had had, it was likely the death penalty would have been the kinder choice.


In the meantime Namiko and Kazuto had arrived at the home he and Setsuna lived in. The elderly man had long since stopped struggling, knowing his demise was imminent. As Namiko opened the gate with one hand, her other still holding tight to her grandfather.

"We have come back, Honourable Grandmother", Namiko called out as they crossed the courtyard, while nudging her grandfather with the hand she had opened and closed the gate with, which was now free. Kazuto send her a betrayed look. "I'm home...", he muttered, not nearly as enthusiastic as his granddaughter.

"I'm glad you have safely returned", a feeble voice could be heard through the sliding door. As Nami, once more used her free hand to slide the door open, they saw who it belonged to. "Ah, thank you little Nami", a petite woman said. All in all, Setsuna looked like a harmless old lady, her eyes closed as she smiled gently.

Then the grandmother opened her eyes, looking at her husband. Immediately, the entire atmosphere changed, as a weight seemed to press down on the surrounding area. The steely, blue eyes trained themselves on him, and clearly judged him wanting.

"Dear Husband...", she punctuated, the smile still not having left her face.

It was clear Kazuto rather wanted to be everywhere but here...

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#, as written by Aniihya
Of course the death penalty would be the easy way out, but having to live with shame gave them the chance to redeem themselves in the future. It wouldn't have been the first time someone got downgraded and sacrificed themselves to protect others.

Anako sat there and stared at the two halves of the female rogue warrior. After finishing her drink, Anako decided to clean up. "Better bring this down to the center. Maybe something is salvageable." She said and she picked up the parts.

"Hirokichi, Nagisa. I will put in a good word for ya, so you can get a promotion or at least an upgrade. Maybe they will give you the ability for powerful finishing moves or more speed." Anako said to the others.

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Character Portrait: Anako Shihara Character Portrait: Mizune Nagisa Character Portrait: Mizune Hirokichi

0.00 INK

Hirokichi felt just a tad bit insulted at those last words. Anako was talking as if they didn't have those at all. In fact, he did. They both did. Hiro just prided himself in his ability to get by on skill as well as strength. Those 'powerful finishing moves' were shortcuts in his ability, and he therefore didn't use them unless the situation truly demanded it.

He knew him feeling like he was above using those abilities could be seen as arrogance from his part, and didn't advertise that because of it.

Nagisa elbowed him in the side after a few moments, nodding to Anako in thanks. While still somewhat miffed, Hiro joined her, voicing similar gratitude, even he wasn't quite feeling it.

"If you wait a second, I'll join you in a bit", he told Anako after.

Unlike Anako, who seemed to plan to carry the pieces of the female warrior by herself, Hiro jogged to the other end of the street, to a store he knew the owner off. 2 minutes later, a slightly poorer Hiro came back with a small cart. Though originally meant to be drawn by an animal of some kind, an enhanced warrior did make a decent enough substitute. He first loaded the two surviving warriors on there (after unpinning the second), before motioning to Anako to drop her dead warrior on there too.

It would be a bit of a tight fit, and the two survivors might not be entirely comfortable with sharing what little space they had with a corpse, but Hiro was feeling spiteful, and didn't care about their feelings one bit.

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Character Portrait: Anako Shihara Character Portrait: Mizune Nagisa Character Portrait: Mizune Hirokichi

0.00 INK

#, as written by Aniihya
Anako dropped the pieces onto the cart. She turned to the others. "We have a special mission today. We are to go to the pass, climb the mountain and scope out the other side. See if the outsiders are planning anything or if they have no ambitions of trying to pass to the other side." Anako said. "We don't need to worry about falling and hurting ourselves. It happened to me before and just damaged my skin. Our bodies were made to take bigger blows."

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