EarthGregor Kanzig

A severe and analytic man, who treats each encounter with caution and formality.

a character in “Hell in the Trenches: The Landship”, as played by 7achary

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Lt. Kanzig stands tall at 5'11 with a straight posture and confident stride. He is the very image of what an officer of the Herzigovan military should strive for. His sandy colored hair is well groomed, parted to the side as is fashionable for young officers, and his face clean-shaven. His cold gray eyes peer over a hawkish nose with more than a few breaks. His uniform is impeccably clean and pressed, his left lapel turned and opened in line with regulation. His boots are polished a dull black sheen.


Lt. Kanzig's manner is quiet and resolute. Teh man seems to look at nothing and see everything. Through his years in the service Kanzig has met much opposition in his attempts to climb the hierarchical ladder, and this has made him wary and ruthless.


M2960 Revolver
Pipe and Tobacco


Kanzig was born to factory workers in a northern province. His education as a child was minimal, but this did little to dampen his cunning. Everyday was a battle, you had to be the meanest, the toughest, the smartest. while their parents spent long hours in dangerous steel mills the children were left to their own devices and the predations of older children.

When Kanzig was fourteen a soldier came to the school to take all boys of appropriate age away to the glamour and majesty of the military. Kanzig wasn't the only one to lie about his age, he was sure another of the boys was twelve. They were shepherded in a single car on a military supply train and shipped to the nearest base.

Immediately off of the train Kanzig and the other boys were subject to various physical and mental tests, medical exams as well. Kanzig and another boy, older than him were put back on the train and sent to another base. On the way they passed a train of girls, headed in the opposite direction. When Kanzig and his fellow, a boy by the name of Ivan reached their destination their world was changed forever.

In the coming weeks Kanzig would learn that while he was far behind the other officer's candidates in education, few of them were as decisive. He could make decisions that won victories for his troop in the war games, he could trick his opponent because he knew his opponent. His opponent wasn't the other troop or his rival in his own troop, it was knowledge. "Know thy enemy, one of his instructors had once quoted, and know thy self."

Kanzig spent long hours reading the books in the study room night after night, books on war and language and philosophy that fit in line with the Herzigovan teachings. Everything Kanzig did was done to the best of his ability, his shoes the shiniest, his bed sheets the tightest, his test scores the best. For years he shined beyond and above. No matter what he did, some things cannot be erased. One day Kanzig was called into his commander's office. "Candidate Kanzig, do you know why I have called you here?"

Gregor did his best not to smile, "It will be graduation soon, sir, and my scores stand, never bested."

The commander smiled thinly at a piece of parchment in his hands. "Indeed" He paused to take a drink of the coffee on his desk,"I'll be giving command of your troop to Candidate Kemmler. Do you know why?" Kemmler paused again, looking up. "His father holds the ear of my own commanding officer."

Kanzig stared ahead, straight faced.

"You may think this unfair, and while in a way it might be, you are a promising young man with youthful vigor and great potential. You are a man of the field, not of office politics. These are your transfer papers." The commander handed them to Kanzig. "Congratulations, Lt. Kanzig. You are free to go."

So begins...

Gregor Kanzig's Story