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This is a list of locations that can be found in Hero Service.

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Portland, Oregon

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|| Jordan Reyes || Antigen || Riley Schofield || Oryx ||

The morning banter was interrupted by Alvarez. At least Alvarez didn't waste time yelling at the latecomers, considering that they were only a minute or two late. And he was gracious enough to not cut any of their usual banter off, instead choosing his moment to interject and remind them all of why they were really there. Proper conduct around civilians seemed straightforward, but Jordan also knew that it was too easy to get caught up in the moment and do or say something you shouldn't. So perhaps it was a good idea to teach them this before things got too serious. He nodded as he was assigned to Team Warrior, glad that he was at least still with Leo. That feeling, however, didn't last long as they were further divided, and he was assigned to be with Riley. He looked at her and smiled a little. There were worse people he could be with. His optimism went crashing through the floor as he stepped outside and straight into the cold. "Holy moth-" he started, before remembering that they were, after all, supposed to be conducting themselves professionally. He pulled his trench coat tighter around him, buttoning it up as far as it would go, and stuffing his hands into the pockets. "Nope. I'm sorry, how does anyone look professional in this freezing weather?"

Riley had stood patiently and silently as the rest of the others slowly filed in and listened to their morning banter. It was the same every morning, constant poking fun at one and then the others soon followed. If they weren't meant to act professionally, Riley would have found herself joining in on the senseless banter. Her attention was cut short from the others as Alvarez spoke up once more, silencing the others as they finally gave him their attention. Riley's optimism for being paired up with someone she could tolerate was low, as Alvarez had a tendency to pair her up with someone she wasn't exactly the closest to, especially to give her that edge of learning someone knew and how they fought. This time though, she was put into a group of people she didn't entirely hate, and didn't mind it. It was only then that they were separated even further that her expression changed, from a faint look of relief to a mild case of disappointment until she shook her head. It could have been much, much worse. She gave Jordan a small smile and nod as the large entry doors were opened and they were let out into the cold. It was a nice change of pace and environment as she had grown up on the East Coast, as well as the northern area so she was adjusted to cold weather, but the same couldn't have been said about the others. They were already struggling with the cold and it was mere seconds since they had walked outdoors. Riley rolled her eyes as her footsteps lightly thudded against the metal of the outer platform, holding her helmet in the crook of her arm as she looked at Jordan as he shuddered from the cold, "Don't worry, the more you move you'll warm up. Just give it time."

Riley looked around as the groups slowly separated into their own groups of two and three and left, leaving only a few of them alone. Feeling the cold air finally breeze past her, she decided it was a good time to finally test out the main part of her armor, she felt a slight pinch as it encapsulated her entire head, slight claustrophobia set in for a moment as she slowly grew used to the dark of the helmet. Finally as light poured in as the helmet came to life as her vision cleared she spoke, noticing her voice had sounded a bit different due to the electronic components in the gear she was given for her suit. "Alright, ready for this, bud?"

Jordan just shoved his hands deeper into his pockets as Riley told him just to keep moving. He'd lived in Los Angeles his entire life. He'd never had to deal with these bitter colds. He didn't know how anyone endured them year after year. He would have added a request for gloves to his uniform, except he always found it easier to heal if he was making direct contact with somebody. Maybe he'd just ask for a warmer t-shirt or coat or something.

He pulled on his own mask, a simple black eye mask, as Riley put on her helmet. Riley's uniform was considerably more elaborate than his uniform, but at least he still felt like himself in his, and he had more potential to make it more or less androgynous as he needed. His point about feeling like himself was confirmed when Riley's voice came out different when she spoke. "Sure. Let's do this." He replied.

Riley looked around with the view of the helmet, it didn't exactly change things or her field of view, simply gave her a clearer look as well as a few screens that could pop up at will if she wanted them to. In a sense, it was sort of an artificial sixth sense curtesy of the Hero Service and their scientists. Something Riley couldn't argue with, but the slight clunkiness that came with the suit was something she'd need to work out and perhaps change some things. For now it was strictly recon, or so that was their orders. "Let me guess, not used to the cold, huh?" she asked, trying to break the seemingly never-ending and awkward silence between the two. Riley never cared much for Jordan, but in the best way. He kept to himself and didn't bother her, and she didn't bother him unless she really wanted to, or was told to interact with him. Guess now was a good time to get to know him better due to them being stuck with each other on this mission, wherever it would take them that is.

Jordan was glad that their orders were just recon because being aware of his surroundings and trying to keep warm was taking up all of his concentration. Riley remarked that he wasn't used to the cold, but not in a harsh way. An observation, a way to start a conversation. "Born and raised in Los Angeles. Sure. we got cold weather, but never this bitter, harsh cold. I was meant to live in somewhere warm," he explained. "Let me guess, you are used to this type of cold?" He said, raising an eyebrow with a small smirk as he looked back at her. They had to work together, and awkwardly wandering around the city in silence wouldn't get them very far.

Riley chuckled and nodded at his comment of being used to the warm weather, and that he was never somewhere this bitter. Nodding solemnly she spoke, her voice coming out from behind the mouthpiece of the helmet made it sound just slightly robotic and metallic in nature. "So you really aren't a snow-bird after all? I knew it. Leo owes me now." she said with a slight chuckle but regained her composure as he asked her about her adjusting to this hellish weather. "I guess you could say that I'm nowhere near home. Sent all the way from Coast to Coast. If I wasn't used to this weather, I think I'd be a disappointment to all East Coast people." she said with a slight chuckle. "How about this, after this mission and we get back, I'll owe you a coffee or some tea to warm back up, sound fair?"

He smirked as she made a comment about Leo owing her money. She'd traveled across the entire country to get her, which was... a lot. It may have felt like a whole other world to Jordan, but it had to feel even different to her. He shrugged with a smirk as she offered him tea or coffee. "I don't know what I did for you to owe me one, but hey, I'm not going to argue." They walked in silence for a few more seconds before Jordan broke the silence again. "That helmet thing of yours is kinda cool. Not my thing, but it looks cool." He said, shrugging. His ability spoke for itself, and he knew that as destructive as his power was, it's real value was in healing, and so getting directly involved in the action wasn't always the right thing. So being able to move as quickly as possible was his first priority. Get in and out of the action as needed, and don't cause trouble.

Riley chuckled at his comment of not knowing what he did to deserve her offer for a free drink, "Well, seeing that your not a snow-bird like me, I know from experience that later after this mission is over you'd something to help you unthaw." she chuckled a bit. She didn't realize how heavy the suit was exactly at first, but the longer she was in it and walked around, it was rather clunky and restrictive. Something she'd have to let the boys back at the Department know. Her attention was taken back after a bit of being in her head as Jordan spoke back up, something about the helmet being cool, she could tell he still wasn't one for conversation and in all fairness, she wasn't either. "Heh, thanks. It's probably the best thing about this damn thing. I already have seen some issues with it, gonna have to get them worked out. But it's pretty rad, even with it still being in its early phases of being done." she said rather factly. It was true, the whole suit was still a work in progress, and nothing more would help her know what needed to be worked on more than a simple recon mission, or at least was supposed to be one if it all went smoothly. She turned her head slightly to look at Antigen one more time as they continued patrolling the streets, giving the passing people a small nod and wave every now and then. "So, how long do you think it'll take until some shit goes down? I doubt everything will go as smoothly as planned." she said with a slight chuckle.

Jordan nodded as she explained there were still some issues. Another reason he was glad his suit was mostly tech-free. Nothing could go wrong with it. Well, besides the armoring possibly giving way at an inconvenient moment. Huh. That was a thought that hadn't occurred to him before. But he couldn't afford to think like that, so he didn't. And besides, his rapid healing rate would probably mean it wouldn't be that bad. Probably. He smirked as she asked when he thought things were going to go wrong. "Frankly, part of me's surprised that everything already seems calm. But don't you worry, we'll be the first to hear about it when someone screws up and needs healing sooner rather than later. Perks of working with a healer, we're always the first to hear about the drama because usually, we need to fix it." he joked. He knew that their supervising heroes were eager not to put him under too much pressure, but sometimes they needed somebody healed, and they needed it fast. And Jordan was the only person who could help in that scenario.

Riley chuckled as he explained his thoughts on when things would go south, and how fast it would happen. He had a good point, and it made sense. He was the only real healer they had in their group of trainees. It was the only real logical conclusion to come to if she was being entirely honest with herself. And maybe it was a good idea that she was paired up with him, if anything did happen, they'd be able to have someone like him there. "Ya know, I didn't know that recon missions were going to be this boring, but I guess it really is all part of the job, huh? As well as being more preferable than someone starting some shit." she said with a chuckle as the two continued patrolling the streets.