New Cosmopolitian CityAria Temeed.

A Small girl with big powers.

a character in “Heroes and Villains: A New Threat”, as played by invaderTINA

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Name: Aria Temeed
Public Name Aka Hero Name: The Pink Lady.
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: 5 ft 2, long brown curly hair, Slim, Green eyes, Slightly tan, button nose.
Hero Outfit: Pink leather jumpsuit. Pink long curly wig.
Villain or Hero?: Hero.
Power 1: Superhuman reflexes
Power 2: Memory manipulation
Power 3: Affinity for the elements.
Lair/home: An "abandoned" warehouse
Extras: [optional]
Affilliates: ((gang, police, military, etc.)be specific!) The police and special forces know of her.

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She's very well spoken and pretty brainy. Shes sarcastic and cocky and She doesnt tend to trust people easy, she can be quite harsh to the people she doesnt trust. She would seem like your average person if ya know she wasnt a super hero and all that.


Her powers.


She developed her powers around the age of 16 and her parents became afraid of her. They payed her a large sum of money to leave home and never return. She's been living alone for the past two years and thanks to her parents doesn't trust people easily.

So begins...

Aria Temeed.'s Story