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People with abilities are appearing more and more. The Company is gone, lost in the minds of there once faithful employs. With the organization responsible for hiding ability users gone, will they be exposed?

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Setting: Modern World2010-09-27 07:13:14, as written by Chulance
2010: East Coast City
Martha had been brushed aside by the construction worker in charge of the operation, most of them were underpaid immigrants, a few of them were kids of rich kids, whose parents wanted them to work, but she had a enough nature deserved no such treatment, the earth was there's. Enough I cannot abide, awaiting the virus's completion anymore, I must resume my old ways If Nature is to be served, and honored, I must create a new world where nature is the supreme. She went over to the worker with a bull horn grabbing him by the shoulder. "Excuse me sir, but your harming tree's, animals your committing acts against nature itself, i command you to repent before Nature strikes you down" The man brushed her aside. "I knew you eco nuts where crazy, but you take the cake, hell you got the icing"

Martha grabbed him, and suddenly he vomited, clutching his stomach, some of the other co workers saw them, Martha then kicked the man,causing him to fall into a mess of his own vomit. "The hell! Your one of them freak your" Martha kicked him in the face, and he rushed to get up, but she shoved him to the cement as he vomited again this time body fluids coming out, some of the other co workers went to grab there phones, but Martha raised her hand, concentrating, she headed into her vehicle, and took off, as sirens were heard, about an hour later, all of the workers were in the hospital, all of them dying from extreme fevers, the doctors had no explanation, and the victims were unable to describe there attacker, Martha was watching the news from her main Terracorp office with a smile. "And so the enemies of Nature shall perish, one by one."

2010: The Plane
Jeff wanted to shrug, it would all depend, but he needed to sound like a professional, Matt had a small smile on his face, I REALLY hate the mind reading juju or whatever Parkman, I really do. After shaking Mohinder's hand, he focused on the plane, after a few minutes it took off into the air. "honestly It should be 4 to five hours, maybe more, but yea settle back and enjoy the ride boys."