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People with abilities are appearing more and more. The Company is gone, lost in the minds of there once faithful employs. With the organization responsible for hiding ability users gone, will they be exposed?

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2010: Vegas

Greg struggled down the hall, dragging Nate with him. Nates injured rib cage sending waves of pain. He barely noticed though. Nicole, His baby girl, the stigma awakened. Watching her runaway, dragging Nick along, hurt more then his cracked ribs. Fucking Azrael, why did he have to bring Sophie up, and how did he even know her?

Nate hadn’t received word from her in years. They’d met when he was fourteen and she sixteen. Back in those days, he’d been a real hellion. Doing all drugs, drinking, fighting, and of course sex. He wasn’t picky about whom either. Guy or girl it didn’t manner. He didn’t think of himself as bisexual, not wanting to be weighed down by a label. He met Sophie at a party one night. They’d clicked instantly and ended up fucking on a pool table. From that moment on they continued seeing each other. Not really dating, just hooking up, going to parties, and participating in group sex. Sophie loved to watch Nate get it on with guys. When Sophie had winded up pregnant. Both voiced there disinterest in being pregnant, but it was too late for an abortion. Nate had shrugged off the whole thing and ceased seeing her. A couple months later on a stormy night, he’d been sitting in the living room, playing on his game boy when he felt something. He got up and headed towards the backdoor. To his utter shock, was a baby girl in a little makeshift basket, being buffeted by the fierce wind and rain. He quickly got her inside the house and warmed her up. He found a note attached to the side. It read that Sophie didn’t want to keep IT and felt he should.

Nate was angry, but more so on having the kid dumped on his lap then anything else. But then the baby got very sick and he had to rush her to the hospital. All night he sat in the waiting room, worried out of his mind. When the doctor told him they’d narrowly avoided a terrible situation, he fell to his knees and cried. He’d just met the kid, his daughter. But in that moment he’d felt so relieved. When asked who he was to the baby girl, he’d looked the doctor straight in the eye and said “I’m her father “

Now she was gone. Rose had been captured and it was looking next to impossible for him and Greg to get out of the hotel alive. He could hear his fathers labored breathing, it was taking all the old mans strength to get them on “Dad, just let me go, you have to get out of here “Greg glared at his son

“Nathaniel, I won’t hear that! We are getting out of here! “Greg continued on, a parent wasn’t supposed to bury there children. He could see the elevator up ahead, just had to make it there.

Micah was inspecting the layout of the forbidden lotus on his laptop. He’d been thinking about how he could contact Claire when his mother had barged into his room, it took him only a moment to realize that Jessica was in control. She’d told him she had just received a phone call from a past acquaintance. The next thing he knew, he was sitting in the passenger seat of there car. Jessica was breaking every speeding law known to man and Micah was clutching his seatbelt tightly, he Jessica wouldn’t let anything happen to him, but still, her driving scarred him.

“Wow, it’s pretty nice “he commented “One of the largest buildings in Vegas. Its top of the line security, surveillance networking, the works “

Jessica smirked “Oh really? “

Micah hit a button on his laptop “Not anymore. I hacked into there security camera system “he looked through the videos till he found one under real guard. He hacked through it. “Hey, look at this “

Jessica slowed the car down a little and craned over a little to peer at the screen. It was a large business room with a long rectangular table. Six people seemed to be eating. There was no sound so they couldn’t tell what was being said. A girl sitting at the table started shaking, then from her body movement; she stood up and threw her head back, as in laugher. Micah hit the zoom and focused more on her face. Her right eye was red, with what appeared to be a black cross in it? She started backing away, but a man burst into the room and grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and held her up. He threw the girl and punched some guy that ran forward to catch her. Some old guy did, but she shoved him away and grabbed some man that seemed to be sleeping and bolted out of the room.

Things progressed on till Jessica saw what she was waiting for.

“Redrum “she muttered and turned her attention back to the road, speeding back up

“ Redrum? “ Micah asked in confusion “ Murder? “

Jessica shrugged “Just a guy I did some work with in the past. He’s the one who called me and said he needed help with a family matter “

Micah nodded and turned back to the screen “Some family “he thought to himself

Jessica whizzed through other cars, past the flashing lights till they were at the forbidden lotus. Jessica parked the car “Stay here, I need you safe “

Micah nodded and handed her some ear pieces “So It’s like i'm right next to you “Jessica smiled and put them on “she stepped out of the car and walked to the entrance.

A guard was standing in front “I’m sorry madam but were closed for the night “

Jessica smirked “Really? Linderman must have a big job going down to close this joint “

His eyes narrowed at her suspiciously. He’d been on the staff since Linderman senior and recognized the woman after a moment

“Jessica Sanders? “ She nodded

“Good boy. Glad you remembered me, got a call from the boss awhile ago. Said he needed some added help for the job “

The man hadn’t heard any such instructions, but he knew the boss doesn’t always tell everyone his ideas. He stepped aside and Jessica walked in

Nate and Greg arrived at the elevator and Greg hit the down button. He kept a lookout for any and all incoming people. They’d been lucky so far, but that could change in an instant. Nate straightened himself up, fighting through the pain “What do we do now? “

Greg was silent “I don’t know. As we are now, we can’t stop Azrael. We need to get you some medical attention “

“…….What about Nicole? “

Greg just shook his head “One trouble at a time “

Nate nodded. Suddenly both men could hear the sound of padding foot steps. Five men with guns were running down the hall, firearms trained at them.

“Shit! “ Nate cursed. He moved to pull out a knife but one of the men opened fire. Greg shoved Nate back turned his arm into a medieval shield, blocking the bullets. He grunted under the strain. He hadn’t used his ability like that in years.

“What the fuck?! “One of the guards yelled. “Fucking freak! “Unloaded another slug and made a crack in it. The others joined in. Suddenly Greg’s body started shaking violently. His arms transformed into large blades, and his legs into battle axes. Nate staggered back to his feet “Dad? “

Greg turned to his son, his stigma blazing after years of inactivity “Get ready my boy these lambs are itching for the slaughter!! “ He howled and charge at the men. They were all frozen with shock. Greg was on them in an instant, his bladed limbs whirling, he lopped off two of the men’s head with his arm blades. He ducked down and sweep cut off the remaining three’ legs by the knees. He laughed as blood splashed him and the men screamed in mutual terror and agony. Nate watched in awe and horror as his father butchered the remaining men. He brought his blood stained blade arm up to his mouth and licked it “Nummy, come Nathaniel, the night is ours!! “

Greg dashed off down the hall and Nate staggered after him. At that moment, the elevator door opened and Jessica stepped onto the floor. She watched Nate round the corner. She looked down and saw the dead and cut up guards on the floor “Micah? “

The boy had been monitoring the floor Jessica was heading for, of course he saw Greg’s spectacle and promptly threw open the car door to vomit. “You’d wanna know, but I’m not saying. Your friend is up ahead “

Jessica shrugged and continued on.

Redrum and 777’s battle was tearing the floor up. Some of the guards had come to aid 777 but they were quickly obliterated by the two specials. 777 aimed a punch at Redrum, but the hemokinetic deftly dodged it. Due to all the people who’d fallen around them, Redrums stock in blood had increased exponent. He manipulated the crimson liquid into long swords, making there edges exceptionally sharp. He swing one at 777 and managed to cut his arm, but drew no blood.

“Hmm, Myokinetic it seems “Redrum mused to himself. “ Manipulating his blood from a distance is proving impossible, and none of my attacks are doing much damage. If I can lay a hand on him the battle is mine “Redrum charged at 777, he commanded all of the blood swords to whirl around him, he did a lunging strike, his sword piercing an inch into 777’s chest. His other swords attacked different spots on 777's body. They started to dissolve away, burying into 777. This was merely a paralysis tactic. Redrum smirked and stepped forward to press his palm to the other mans head. But suddenly 777’s body started expanding out, his muscle mass increasing. He roared and all of Redrums swords flew out of his body. 777 raised his massive fist and aimed it at Redrum, going at an alarming rate. Redrum made a wall of blood and coagulated it to increase the defensive power. The massive fist smashed into it, making several cracks, but it stood.

Redrum jumped back, putting some distance between them. Azrael certain picked a most appropriate person as a bodyguard. His ability was formidable, but not unbeatable. His stock in blood would need to be increased first. 777 stumbled towards him, his enlarged muscles beginning to slow him down. The muscle giant felt someone tap his back turned around to see a woman with long blonde hair wearing a white tank top and blue jeans.

“Hey handsome “she said slugging him. Her punch smashed up the side of his face and sent him crashing through a series of walls.

Redrum smirked “Ms Sanders, always a pleasure “

Jessica returned to the smirk “Well you seemed to be getting your ass kicked, thought I’d lend a fist “

Redrum shrugged “It was an interesting situation. One I don’t believe is over yet “Both could hear the sounds of 777 getting up. Jessica cracked her knuckles

“Heh, fun “777 came crashing at them and Jessica met him head on. There fist connecting and making the air rush. Jessica grunted slightly, fucker had a good right hook, they pushed each other away and dove back in, bobbing and weaving away from the other, Jessica used her smaller figure to move around him. She landed blow after blow, but his hard muscles seemed to be fighting her off. But little by little she could feel her punches getting through “He’s getting weaker “Jessica realized. Keeping his muscles in that state was proving too much of a strain. Now it just came down to a matter of time. 777 took advantage of Jessica’s momentary loss of focus and caught her off guard. His punch caught her in the side and sent her into a wall. 777 roared with laughter “FOOLISH WOMAN, YOUR STRONG, BUT YOUR NOTHING COMPARED TO MINE!! “

“My. Striking a woman, you’re quite bold aren’t you? “

777 turned around, Redrum was standing calmly with his hands in his pockets, behind was a massive blob of blood. While Jessica had been duking it out with 777, he’d slipped away in search of more blood. He was surprised to find so many dead people. He realized from there hacked up bodies that Greg’s stigma had awakened. He’d focused and will all the fallen blood to bend to his will, he was surprised that there was so much available to him as it all came rushing up. Now he stood there, ready to resume his battle.

Redrum blinked and tendrils of blood lashed out at 777, the points hardening. 777 knocked them away, but others soon replaced them. He screamed as his body was pierced in multiple locations. He quickly increased his muscle mass further, ignoring the aching pain. He charged at Redrum, but was hindered by a wave of blood. It was so dense and restricted his movement. A crashing sound split the air and 777 fell through the floor. Jessica walked past Redrum, dusting herself off, she had a cut on her forehead but ignored it “Compared to my dad, he hits like a bitch “she’d been punching the floor as Redrum restrained the Myokinetic. Resulting, in the floor collapsing. She looked down and saw he’d fallen two floors. Redrums blood still holding him. Jessica jumped down and landed on his head, he thrashed and she jumped off. She was suddenly aware that some they were not alone. Azraels boys were surrounding them, course none of them were sure what to do. They recognized 777, but that didn’t stop the fear. When Jessica landed on his head, they’d drawn there guns. Some of there fear leaving.

“I think you boys should leave now. Unless you wanna die that is “

They men glared at Jessica and all of them cocked there guns at her. Her smirk increased as Redrum descended down on a platform of blood. Tendrils shot out, spearing all of the men and draining them of there blood. 777 broke out of his bloody hold, nearly swallowing his tongue from the intense agony of his muscles.

Redrum shook his head, this fight was all but over, and it had proven to be rather boring. It had started out well enough, but now it was drab. He commanded all of the blood under his control to swarm the muscle user and with intense focus, shaped him into his trade mark weapon, a vast series of surgical scalpels.

777 staggered and fell to his knees; he’d pushed his body past its limits and was paying for it. His scream echoed through the hotel as every inch of his body, sans his head, was pierced by blood scalpels. He fell to his knees. His head bowed down.

Jessica strode over to him “He’s still alive?

Redrum shrugged “He isn’t worthy, you finish him “

Jessica rolled her eyes “Thanks for the honor “

She smirked at 777 as he raised his head in a pleading manner; she smashed her fist into his head, shattering it like a watermelon.

Micah had been on the edge of his seat as the battle went on. He’d managed to manage to maneuver through the camera system, trying not to lose them. He’d bitten his lip in silent horror as Jessica was sent through a wall, but sighed in relief as he saw her breaking up the ground. He grinned as Jessica bashed 777’s head to pieces, his stomach already empty. He scanned through the rest of the camera’s tracking Greg and Nate. A text came through on his phone, from his father. Micah quickly answered back “Hey dad. Mom and I are at the ice cream shop. She said it’s a mother-son quality time trip. Well be back in awhile and don’t worry well bring you some ice cream too“

Greg was having a field day. He cut through the guards like they were nothing. His arms and legs were in constant movement, followed closely by a spray of blood and scream of pain. Nate struggled to keep up with his dad. The old guy was fast as lightning, foregoing the elevator, they ran down the stairs. Nate thanked whatever that he was in such great shape. As he followed after Greg, he noticed that all of the blood of the fallen men was pooling upward.

“Redrums getting serious “he noted. Eventually he lost sight of Greg completely and stopped at an elevator. He punched the number for the ground floor and leaned back against the wall, taking slow, even breaths. When a ding sound went off he pulled out a handful of knives, readying himself for what was on the other side. He blinked as he looks on what appeared to be a massive field of corpses. He counted well over 200 men. Azrael certainly boasted a large force. Or rather he did anyway.

Nate ran through the bodies, keeping a lookout for his father. He ran through the opening doors and spotted Greg laying on the ground, his arms and legs back in there normal form.

“Dad!”He yelled and ran to the old man.

Greg coughed flecks of blood flying out of his mouth. His chest was heaving. Nate pressed his ear next to it; Greg’s heart was beginning to slow down.

“Fuck, old man, you pushed yourself too hard! “

Greg chuckled “I-I see your ok…That’s good, I hoped to take down as many of them as I could. To make sure you got out ok. Guess…I succeeded “his words were followed by another violent coughing fit.

Nate looked his father over frantically. His medical knowledge was no good hear. He pulled out his cell phone. “Need to get an ambulance here “

Greg gently grabbed Nates wrist “Forget it, my son. There’s no point. My time has come “

“WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN!? “ Nate screamed, his eyes widening madly. No, it couldn’t be true. Nicole was gone and Rose was prisoner to Azrael. His dad couldn’t be fucking dying, not now!

Greg patted Nates cheek “Stop screaming, you always were a loud child, but I always enjoyed your loudness “

Nate was bawling now. Tears were pouring down his face. He face was pressed against Greg’s chest.

“Please, please don’t leave me daddy “Nate couldn’t remember the last time he’d cried like this, the last time he’d felt so weak and vulnerable “Nicky’s gone, and Rosy too. Please I can’t lose you too “

Greg rubbed Nates back “There now Nathaniel, don’t be sad. Forgive the cliché. But I’ll never truly leave you. As long as you remember me and some other spiritual stuff likes that. Now my child, Rose is in need of saving, don’t worry, help will be coming soon “

2010: Petrelli Mansion

Thomas starred at Claire as she asked if her grandmother was there. Was she talking about Angela? He didn’t see the family resemblance. He looked out the corner of his eyes he saw a guy a little older then him, garbed all in black. He moved closer to the blonde girl. Broadcasting there relationship and a protectiveness. He turned back to her uninterested. Suddenly Hannibal was behind him

“Ah, you must be Claire, Magix, Terry, and Brenden. Come in, Angela mentioned you would all be stopping by “Thomas starred at the older man a moment, Hannibal nodded that everything was ok and Thomas headed back to the living room. Hannibal led the four guests to where everyone was sitting. Pizza boxes were littering the room, Lucifer still in his recliner of sand. Drake, Thomas, and Flint were on one of the couches. Hannibal gestured to the remaining couch that had just arrived, another of Angela’s instructions. He sat back in his spot next to Drake.

2010: Mindscape
Angela and Rose felt the wave crash over them. They were swept away by the water current. There vision was obscured by the dark water. Rose felt a chilling sensation that they were not alone in this broth of hell water. Her fear was realized as she saw the outline of a gigantic creature beneath them. It was hard to make out its shape exactly, but she could describe a series of arms. A giant squid, it seemed, emphasis on giant, Rose could feel her lungs burning for oxygen and Angela was feeling it too, but just like that, the feeling disappeared. They breathed the water as easily as air.

“I think Azrael has moved us to the second stage “said Angela with forced calmness. She too saw the creature. Nathan and Chris appeared beside them.

“A four man team “Rose noted “What abilities do you have? “

5AY: Camp 34
Gabriel nodded as the Magix clone explained why it was there “Of course, will you need dwelling or are you bringing yours “he’d suspected this would happen and had made the necessary arrangements around the camp.

Alucard and Cassandra sat at the table, Cassandra starring at Peter in growing fascination,
While Alucard just seemed to be ignoring him.

Camp 84

Nate tilted his head at Brenden and cracked his knuckles “Alright kid, what the game today? “

Godric hopped out of the car and headed towards his designated spot. He could hear Keith complaining and shook his head. He placed his hand against the rock and his most corrosive poison oozed out his body. Indeed, he would need a boost for this “When your ready “he told Jacob.