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People with abilities are appearing more and more. The Company is gone, lost in the minds of there once faithful employs. With the organization responsible for hiding ability users gone, will they be exposed?

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Setting: Modern World2010-09-27 11:26:32, as written by Aufeis
2010: Vegas

Nicole pushed the unconscious boy down the hallway, the chair sliding easily over the carpet. Suddenly, the chair went sprawling, with both Nick and Nicole in tow, Nicole landing on top of the chair, and the chair on top of Nick, “What the fuck?” She growled, looking over her shoulder. One of Azrael’s guards. Wonderful.

“I’ve got the girl and the walking time bomb.” He said, turning his back on her. Big mistake. She picked up the fallen chair and swung it at his back, sending both him and the chair out the window. The guard’s screams could be heard as he plummeted to the welcoming pavement below. She chuckled a little as she straightened herself up. She raised an eyebrow as she heard footsteps coming her way. Ugh…the old man and the liar. Lovely. She grabbed Nick and, with some difficulty, dragged him into one of the nearby rooms. As soon as Nate and Greg were gone, Nicole re-emerged into the hallway, scowling. She wasn’t going to drag this prick all the way down to the basement to blow these fuckers to smithereens. She put her hand to her chin for a moment. She could hear screaming and a howl that sounded like her grandfather, but this only caused her to smile, “Old man’s stigma is awake.” She muttered, grabbing the gun that now lay in the hallway from the plummeted guard. She checked the chamber and scoffed. Wasn’t even fully loaded. Slipping it onto the waistband of her jeans, she threw Nick over her shoulder, letting a grunt out as she did. He was a heavy fucker.

With a bit of a struggle, she managed to get herself down the hallway and into the now abandoned elevator. She thought about it for a moment before smashing the floor two floors down. Leaving the unconscious teen in the elevator, she ventured out, gun clutched tightly in her hand. She heard a crash and heard combat coming from a room up ahead, so she made sure to avoid it. It didn’t take her long to find what she was looking for; another rolling computer chair (this one a little less lavish than the last one). Quickly wheeling it back to the elevator and mashing the down button, she propped Nick back in the chair and tapped a foot impatiently as the elevator played some music. As soon as the thing dinged, she got out, and the elevator immediately closed, heading to some other destination that she didn’t stick around to catch. Her feet padded over the carpet until she rounded the corner, a few guards stood ready to catch anyone who came their way. Nicole was already leveling the gun on them when they noticed her, shooting the first one twice, once in the chest and once in the stomach, then the second one three times in the chest. Finally, she pumped the last three rounds into another guard, leaving only one left, dazed and a little more than confused on what had just happened. She didn’t let the empty gun discourage her, though. She quickly cranked back and lobbed it at the man’s head, hearing the satisfying thud of it making contact. With a lunge, she brought her fist into his gut, and then a kick to his leg, snapping it sideways. The man let out a startled gasp as her hands lay upon his head and she gave it a quick twist, breaking it with a satisfying crunch. She panted a little before going back to Nick, wheeling him past the guards, hesitating for a moment, grabbing the guns from the men, sliding the clips out of three of them before checking the currently held gun. It was a little Glock, but it would do for now. Finding that she had been lucky and all four clips were packed, she smiled. She looked out the window and noticed a bus passing below at a red light. Perfect. As she hoisted Nick up and kicked the chair out the window, pain exploded in her right eye, causing her to hesitate.

“This is insane!” Her reflection shouted, causing her to rub her eyes. Nicole was glaring at her from inside the glass.

The stigma shrugged, “Yeah, well, get used to it, girlie.” She muttered back to herself.

“I don’t want to be you! You’re not me!” Nicole shouted, causing the stigma to smile.

“Oh really? That sounds like a real downer for you, but we can’t all get what we want.” The stigma laughed.

As she said this, a guard rounded the corner, took in the sight, and trained his sight on the girl at the window. Nicole’s eyes flashed as the movement in the glass reflected over her shoulder, causing her to spin and shoot, but not before the man shot. The bullet hit her square in the shoulder, sending her out the window, tearing through a tarp and landing on a table below, Nick landing beside her. As she hit, she felt something break in her leg, causing her to let out a cry of pain. She picked up a shard of glass and examined her eye. The stigma had receded. She got up, yelping a little as she put pressure on the wounded ankle. After a few deep breaths, like her Dad had taught her, she was able to stand on the broken ankle, holding back a cry of pain but tears began to fall from her eyes. She managed to get Nick into the broken chair (One of the arms had broken off after being sent through the window, and the leather was torn savagely from the glass) but it still rolled. Using the chair to prop herself up, she placed her hand over her bleeding shoulder and compressed, like Nate had showed her, hoping to stop the bleeding. With a limping gait, she began to push the chair forward, letting out a few sobs and small gasps of pain. She rounded the building and saw two figures, one laying sprawled on the ground and the other hunched over the body. After a few more steps and a little bit of blinking to get rid of the tears, she realized it was her father and grandfather. Something was wrong, “Dad! Grandpa!” She shouted. No matter how angry she was with her family, they were still her family. She limped as quickly as she could toward them, but the chair caught on a crack in the pavement, sending the chair sprawling again. She hit the ground and let out a small scream of pain as her wounded shoulder hit the ground, but she didn’t get up. She hurt really badly, and no amount of training from Rose or Nate could make up for the fact that she was still only fourteen, and had never been in this much pain before. She let out a few pathetic sobs as she propped herself up on her uninjured left arm.


2010: Meyer Mansion

As Jessica looked up from her food at her son, she shrugged as he asked about his outfit. She had never been one for fashion, though the "mother" comment seemed out of place for some reason, "Hey, 's long as it covers your ass, doesn't matter to me. Where'd you find those boots, though?" She asked, making a lazy motion toward Emmet's new foot wear, "I guess you don't look bad. I guess. Better than if you went around wearing a tutu or something like that. Then again, fashion isn’t exactly my forte," Her comments were dismissive, but not altogether unapproving, not that she figured he would care, but still.

She was still pondering over why his body language and attitude was so different. Obviously something had changed from when he had gone out and when he had come back, but what, exactly? She was overjoyed that his powers were back, but what had changed? She would make it her business to find out when she could get Emmet alone, but she supposed now wasn’t the time to ask questions like that.


2010: Petrelli Mansion

Terry and Brenden followed after Magix and Claire, taking note of their surroundings. Brenden’s mind was almost wholly on learning to control his ability. Was this the place that Magix and Claire had mentioned earlier? He supposed he would have to simply wait to find out. Terry was regarding the specials. It seemed everyone was a special, and he scanned each one for what their ability could be. The man in the sand chair was somewhat less tricky to figure out than the others, but his eyes fell over them in turn. Aside from Lucifor, he couldn’t tell their abilities.


2010: Government Facility

David finished with his call with Matt and hung up. It had been a very brief conversation, but he had given Matt necessary information on Hiro, and had even let slip the Rene and Noah were in their custody. He went back to the room with his bag of Skittles, which he had rescued from candy machine down the hall, “The boys were talking about some disappearances down South. And why don’t we put our buddy Noah to good use? We have his Haitian friend, which we can use for leverage. Save us on man power. Besides, it’s not like he’s exactly useless on a special hunt.”


5 A.Y.
Taylor Residence

Cindy rounded up the kids and their belongings, making sure everything was packed and ready to go for the new move to one of the other camps. She hoped to hell that Jay and Travis knew what they were doing. She was anxious to leave, but hesitant to leave Jay behind. But she knew that there was no changing his mind on the matter, so she might as well do what she could and be strong for her children.


5 A.Y.
Brenden’s Pad

Brenden yawned, “Mr. Oskin, I assure you, this is very rigorous training. It’s not merely some game. Besides, your daughter is getting very good with a gun.” He smirked, and Nicole rolled her eyes. As someone knocked on the door, she went over to it, “Great Grandma! What are you doing here?” She asked the woman, giving her a pleasant smile.

Brenden simply laughed, “It’s too bad Emmet ain’t here, cause then this could have been a nice family affair, right?” He knew very well what had happened to Rose, and knew that the family didn’t like to talk about it, especially Nicole, and the hurt glance he got from her only confirmed his slip up, “I…er…just, uh…just give me a few minutes. Nicole can take you to the tent we use for training.” He said, nervously putting his hand on the back of his head.


5 A.Y.
Camp 47

David finished off the beer and turned to the younger men, “Well, better head out if we’re going to go bitch hunting. Better now than later, right?” He said, eying each man in turn. Nick was determined for revenge for his late wife, as was Ron. Kurt just wanted to show off and kick ass, but that was okay too, he supposed.


5 A.Y.

Bridgette sat on a rock, trying to sort through her memories. She remembered a camp. Forty-Seven. The numbers were etched in small scars on her left arm. She’d clawed them there herself. If there was anyplace that Nick and Danny would be, it would be there. The only problem was that she didn’t know how to get there. As her anger flared up, a tornado picked up a large jumble of rocks and threw them. She muttered something under her breath and hugged her bare knees to her almost bare breasts. Just then a hand fell on her shoulder. The winds around her picked up, but a voice spoke up, “Be not afraid, child. I am a friend.” She turned slowly to face a man with odd blue hair.

“Who…?” She asked, quietly.

“Call me Tony.” He said with a friendly smile, though it was slightly clouded over by his mask. She nodded as he handed her a small metal object. It looked oddly like a Gameboy videogame system. She gave him a look of confusion, “A gift. To find what you seek, child.” He said, before he liquefied into what appeared to be blood. She was a little unnerved by this, but her eyes returned to the machine in her hand. Lifting herself from the rocks, she began to glide toward the small blip on the device.