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People with abilities are appearing more and more. The Company is gone, lost in the minds of there once faithful employs. With the organization responsible for hiding ability users gone, will they be exposed?

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Setting: Modern World2010-09-28 03:03:39, as written by Chulance
2010: Government Facility
Noah was extremely bored, he'd been imprisoned multiple times mainly in various Primatech facilities, he'd even spent spent some time in Level 5, that had certainly been a fun adventure. He actually missed his bouncing ball, at least that gave him something slightly entertaining, and Rene didn't want to talk being in a constant state of prayer about there situation. "Do not fear Noah, for I know we shall be released, we have done nothing wrong." Noah wondered he was capable of committing murder without any remorse, but he was one of the most religious individuals he'd met, and was somewhat optimistic now that he knew his family was alive, but of course in Danko's captivity, was death better? It's not my job to tell him that, If his spirits are up, then that's a good thing. He was preoccupied with thoughts of his family too, Sandra was dead, her body torn to pieces so bad not even Claire's blood could help her. Claire, Lyle..

He hoped his family was safe, Claire was in Magix's capable hands, but what of Lyle, he wished he could contact them. That's when an agent came in, motioning for him to come, Noah got up, turning to see his friend for what might be the last time. He was briefed on the mission and given a gun as David entered. The other two agents left, and Noah sighed looking at David. "So you working for them now? He said wondering who's said he was really on. "I'm surprised you didn't grab The Haitian. "He gave David a sly smile wondering what was going on, as he tucked his gun in his gun holster. "Let's go Partner." He said heading out of the room, he just wanted to get out of here, hopefully he could contact his family.

2010: Airport/Meyer Mansion
Kurt knew he had a mission, to unify his family and all of that track down Brenden, he didn't know what he wanted to do next, but he hardly wanted to stay the school, the Chinese may have vanished, but he didn't want to be a target when they returned. After Ron had gotten him to the air-port, he decided to grab some manga Yu Yu Hakusho, he hadn't picked up the series in a while, and hey it helped to have fresh new characters in his database, he also grabbed a Burrito from a Moe's, and took a seat near his terminal, wishing Ron the best of luck with Katie. Hey man, make sure she's ok, I'm going to meet an old friend who can provide some information as to where Brenden might be. If you can drop by the school to see if Mr. Parkman can get any paintings. All he knew was Brenden Shultz, nothing else, his image, and picture, when they began calling his flights, he headed there he had no luggage except his food, the manga, and the paper, the latter he stuffed into his pocket.

He boarded the plane, and took a seat, his search for his brother would begin, it would probably be hard, but it was something to occupy him, a new mission in life, has father had said tough times were coming ahead. I'm probably going to need my brother's help to face whatever's coming next. I just hope I can find him in time. He said leaning against his cheer, finishing up the manga's he fell asleep, a few hours later he was awoken by the pilot's voice talking of landing, he got up, he had a cramp of sorts from the way he'd fallen asleep on the chair. He made his way out of the airport in record time, with only bag and with no luggage to pick up, the only thing that had slowed him down where the security procedures. Finally outside he let out a sigh of relief, wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of the air-port, getting away from the attention, he made his way into the streets of the city, he was thankful for Ruth Aldine's abilities, he managed to get a taxi, and after a fairly long ride payed the man and headed out getting to the Meyer Mansion. I just hope her visions where right. Making his way to the door he knocked, wondering if Emmet would be the one to answer.
2010: The Hotel(Not THAT Hotel)
Darry slept in he awoke around 11: 30 am which meant he probably missed breakfast, he wondered if Raquel had gone down, it was free so there was the possibility that she had, he was going to stop by Ihop he'd already contacted his family, or maybe a Denny's he thought in a last minute thought. He quickly took of his clothes, and made his way into the shower, finally about thirty to forty five minutes later he was fully dressed and packed, he was going to head to his mom's house, he needed somewhere to stay, he'd made some calls, the devastation in Florida was enormous, and Raquel was a wanted woman there, so he'd avoid that place for now, maybe head down to Vegas gamble or something. He made his way out of the room, and headed to Raquel's door knocking. "Hey Raquel, you up? if you are, then let's head out if you haven't eaten, we can stop by Ihop."

2010: Tokyo, Japan, Cementary
Ando Masashi lay in his Tomb, now a Zombie, thanks to Ferlina's ability, would he remain int his state forever, trapped in the tomb, bashing against the walls, making inhumane noises, would someone help him escape, the reanimated corpse wondered if he'd be tracked down, free. Finally his ability manifested, red sparks, the rage filled creature focused the red sparks into a concentrated blast of concussive energy, breaking the tomb into pieces, he came to the surface bringing in air, unnecessary but good. Making his way out some people at the cementary were in shock. "I am back now. "He said to himself, looking at some people, he raised his hand firing a blast of concussive energy slamming a frightened woman into a tomb-stone, and he began trudging out of the tomb-stone, part of his skin was rotted, but he looked like a normal human. What Must i do Master. He said as he fetched the sword laying near Kaito's tomb-stone, holding it up. Come to me Ando, Hearing Ferlina's voice, he began walking heading to her current location.

2010: The Carnival
Benjamin Washington ala Knox didn't know what to do with his life now, he'd accompanied Samuel, and Sierra to the Carnival, he'd heard about from the files at the Company the place where Specials were gathered by this Sullivan character, who could apparently feed on the force every special's ability produced, and then use it to enhance his own abilities, making him one of the most powerful specials on the planet when he had enough people to feed on. Sounds like Sylar without the head killing. That's what he'd told Michael, he wondered what his boss was up too, he was sitting in a bunker, this place wasn't exactly as safe as it was made it to be, he'd been shot in the arm, the woman from earlier had healed him again. I'm just glad we have a doctor up in here. He'd been filled with fear during the shooting, he'd even tossed a trailer in the direction of the shooters, and heard a groan, after that he'd been shot, he hadn't been able to take the shooter down, he had no plans exactly, but he didn't plan to live his life out at the Carnival, although it was a source of lots of fear, the Carnies seemed to live there lives in fear now a days. They needed a more improved living quarters, living out int he field in trailer parks wasn't exactly his idea of the "Good Life" He had taken out his Ipod, plugging the ear phones into his ear, and playing the song Hero He was instantly pumped by the second, pulling out his cell phone, and typing in the GPS. Heh, I'm back in Cali, I best be finding the old crew, Imma run the streets. He got out, heading out of his cabin, and heading into the forest area, making his way towards the city.

2010: New York City
The City was a mess, Homeland Security was still confused, but they realized it was no hoax, these were legit, the people had died, and now had been revived, presumably by a special. Lisa was already been interrogated, and she decided to the cover story of course, heading down to the office, getting into one of the numerous empty vehicle's, a key left inside, probably some people had fled it when the Tsunami came, Floyd twisted the key in the ignition, and the vehicle roared to life, closing the door, the two left heading down to Lisa's office. "So what you going right about, people think it's Aliens, some think it's Petrelli, I think it's him, he has more powers then I have. " Lisa nodded. "We'll I'm just glad he helped me gain control of mine, he says i'm special! " Floyd rolled his eyes. "Course you are Lisa, but you can control yours, since you make other powers do what you want them to do, can you make mine actually work" Lisa leaned over to him, as Floyd stopped at the red light, she gave him a hug, and a yellow light was seen. "There ya Go Floooyd! They should work fine" Floyd grinned. "Thanks Baby" As the light flashed green he resumed driving as they neared a massive building, parking on the street, Floyd came and helped her out, and they made there way inside through the revolving doors.

2010: Mindscape
Nathan was sure the rushing water was to be his hand, the pressure alone would crush him, or he'd take in to much water, and his body would float in the see's of this alternate dimension forever, and ever. But again it seemed this man's power made him the master of reality, he was surrounded in water, he opened his eyes he could see clearly, he held his breath, he began to swim forward, using his own flight to enhance his speed, and manuever in the water easier then most. I'm still alive, but where's everybody else what's. He saw his mother, and another woman talking, his body was begging for air, he didn't know if one of them had an ability that was allowing there underwater conversation or if Azrael was allowing this. He dared open his mouth, the water didn't flow in and fill his body, he could breath it in like oxygen. "The Second Stage? Excuse ma'me, my name is Nathan Petrelli, if you could provide some information on these stages, and what exactly is going on? And how are we breathing is this because of YOUR ability, and mine is very simple I can fly"

5 A.Y.

Camp 47/Ferlina's Hut
Kurt was ready to go, he'd never gotten close to anyone, he was the perfect Soldier, he was skilled in combat, armed, unarmed, and with the usage of his abilities which he had honed over the years, more so then he would if times had been more peaceful. His abilities had been diminished somewhat due to the lack of any new fiction, but he still had old sources to rely and fuel his powers. "Alright then Parkman do you have the paintings" Matt pulled out the paintings, as Son Goku put his index and middle finger on his fore-head examining the photo. "I've felt her ki signature before, it's so odd, it's faint, but the signatures around are powerful, and whenever there attacked, the powers raise dramatically" Kurt wondered. Could she have killed Ando, it would explain why beating her is near impossible. Nick nodded gathering raw energy in his hands. "Let's move, we have no reason to wait around, let's strike her down fast and furious." Goku got them all to hold hand's, and teleported them, instantly they reappeared near an area filled with thousands of zombies. Nick despite his anger was shocked, they'd hit the mother load, even Kurt was amazed at the gathering, not to mention many of them were armed with weapons, and no doubt there were Zombies everywhere, this was just Ferlina's private army. Will killing her even rid our-selves of the issue or just make them savage monsters. Matt masked himself and David with an illusion, pulling out his gun he opened fire on the reanimated corpse's, while Nick began firing blasts of raw energy, and Kurt produced laser guns from Men in Black and opened fire.