Heroes vs Villains: Fugitives

Heroes vs Villains: Fugitives


People with abilities are appearing more and more. They are now in the public eye closely monitored, and policed, their rights slowly stripped from them? Now a fight for their survival begins.

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GM: Chulance
Co-Gm: FunnyGuy

Written by Chulance

People with abilities are appearing more and more. . The future is unsure with the events that have take place are unlike anything they have faced before, will the world face salvation or destruction? Even with their expose to the media, many try to remain hidden. Since time immemorial humans with abilities beyond normal human comprehension have walked the earth, abilities such as Flight, Teleportation, and Tissue Regeneration. Since the Dawn of Time they have been regarded as many things Gods, Demons, Supernatural Creatures, Witches, and now mutants. They've been loved, they've been hated, they've been heroes, and they've been destroyers. The Government continues to strip Evolved Humans of their rights, and mass retaliation is on the horizon. A war is coming and the world will be changed forever.

Now if you haven't seen the show it's ok as long as you have played at least one gifted roleplay in your life you may join. The setting for the roleplay is like it says the past the present and the future just how it is on the show and it's sounds kind of hard to roleplay like that but I think it will be fun even though I have never did a roleplay like this. All characters from the show are playable and you are aloud to create your own like I will be doing. All Characters are aloud to have one power, or one power that can do multiple things such as Space-Time Manipulation, or Mental Manipulation. Also there should be no one with any form of ability duplication, including Replication. Well I guess I'll post the setting for the roleplay now let me think how will this start, Ok I got it! xD

Specials were exposed on a televised fight between two specials Peter Petrelli, and his father Arthur Petrelli. His farther Arthur planned to give everyone abilities in order to end the conflict between normals, and specials however everyone having powers would lead to the end of the world. Peter resulted in murdering his father on live television saving the world, and exposing abilities to the public. Tracy Strauss using her vast poltiical resources put together a school for Specials, however the Government transformed it into a semi prison camp using as a chance to monitor young and developing Specials to develop a counter attack against their abilities lest they eve turn against the country. With chaos on the rise, and people in fear with specials committing crimes no longer needing to hide the usage of their powers in criminal activities.

Now however the Government starting with America has decided something must be done about this new problem. With the rising amount of super powered terrorism in America, they have set up a new act the Petrelli Bill in honor of President Nathan Petrelli. The Bill has been set up to enforce laws to make it safe for "Everyone". Of course this is utter and complete bullshit, as the laws effectively strip Specials of their rights. Now Normals, and Specials alike are forced to register, and have ID Cards that allow them to go certain areas, and deny Specials the privilege of going certain places, and of course certain rights. Discrimination is on the rise, even religious funded discrimination. At First the Bill isn't funded too harshly until Super Powered Squad of renegade Chinese soldiers invade Los Angeles, and Florida in an attempt to wipe out America's anti special task forces, however through the efforts of Michael Henderson and Peter Petrelli, and others the invasion was stopped showing a more positive side to specials. However despite this the Petrelli Bill is enforced more harshly, and it seems Specials days are numbered. It is July 4th, 2011, hatred is in the air, and no one knows what's going to happen next.

Roleplay System
Realism System: Also known as RS, is the system being used for this roleplay. This system makes the roleplay as real as possible, and the consequences to your characters can potentially be fatal. This means if someone fires a gun at you point blank, chances are you will be hit. This does not mean you can godmod, and say" Johnny shoots a bullet, into Jerry's chest". But, if Jerry somehow dodges, there better be a logical reason. This also means if you attack a character much more powerful then you, they can attack you, and deal you more lethal blows.

This means abilities can be used to their fullest. So if someone has mind control, they can use it, but if someone shoots beams of energy, they cannot godmod, and say the beams hit you. This also means your character takes damage on a REALISTIC level, so he won't get up and run down the street after getting shot in the leg 3 times. This does not mean people who wield stronger characters should go on a mad rampage either. I trust everyone will use common sense and not buse their power over other characters. However death may not be final, for there are many ways to be revived.

Canon Characters:
Peter Petrelli-Chulance
Nathan Petrelli-
Angela Petrelli- ShinigamiRiku
Claire Bennet- xoxMissClairexox
Noah Bennet-Chulance( Up for Grabs)
Matt Parkman- Chulance
Hiro Nakamura- Chulance
Ando Masashi- Chulance
Mohinder Suresh-ShinigamiRiku
Tracy Strauss-Chulance
Claude Rains
Maya Herrera - ShinigamiRiku
Flint Gordon-ShinigamiRiku
Elle Bishop-ShinigamiRiku
Benjamin Knox-
Meredith Gordon-
Adam Monroe-
Emma Coolidge-
Sabine Hazel-
Jacob Hazel-Chulance
Matt Jr. -Chulance
Micah Sanders-
Molly Walker-
Niki Sanders-ShinigamiRiku
D.L. Hawkins-Chulance
Samson Gray-Chulance
Samuel Sullivan-Chulance

Original Characters
Nick Vinel-Chulance
Aiden Linear/Legion-Chulance
Kathy Burrows-Chulance
Amahon Nakan-Chulance
Jante Vinel-Chulance
Raquel Teixeira- Jaybt9
Michael Henderson- FunnyGuy
Emmet Baehrens-ShinigamiRiku
Tabitha Jones-ShinigamiRiku
Drake Ortega-Shinigami Riku
Hannibal King-ShinigamiRiku
Lucifor Mandrake-ShinigamiRiku


Character Sheet:
"Quote said by character, or quote another character has said about said character"

Place in Time:
Appearance: (Optional if picture is posted)

Note: For Canon characters just ask if there are any you want that aren't on the list tell me or FunnyGuy and we will add them. As for Abilities, the one's with a name means it's reserved for a Canon character only. I might be willing to negotiate depending on how important said canon is.

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