A small group of six adventurers take part in an epic quest to defy a dreaded prophecy. The stakes? Chaos, war and the destruction of civilization as we know it.

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In a world corrupted by dark sorcery, infested with savage monsters and on the brink of war. A rag tag group of four adventurers take part in an epic quest to defy a terrible prophecy. The 1000th anniversary of the empire is fast approaching and with it comes a wave of chaos that has already begun to consume the land. For nearly a decade now the voice of rebellion has been growing louder. Crime and corruption in the cities have reached atrocious levels. Taxes have never been higher and greedy mayors and other officials accept bribes to keep a blind eye to the madness. Pirates continue to destroy merchant ships along the coast and bandits hijack caravans and kidnap travelers on the roads on a regular basis. Vast hordes of Ogres, Trolls, Orcs and Goblins destroy mountain villages and hostile elven tribes raid the border towns. There seems to be no end to the madness. All people of all races can feel is coming. A great war that will engulf the whole land and destroy the last remnants of peace. However it seems there is one last hope. The last prophet of the primal gods has announced to the emperor that four chosen heroes have a chance to save the empire and bring back a true peace that shall last for another 1000 years. But can these four friends truly succeed? Only time shall tell.


Human Warrior - Long Lost Lius
WoodElf Ranger - oldtimereminiscence
Human Cleric - Chuckles
Human Marine - barney_fife
HalfOrc Warrior - Yvandir
DarkElf Rogue - R.T.M.X


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[7] Stats, race/class abilities & dice rolls will be used in his rp, but I will keep track of them all. Only I will be using dice.
[8] Never assume your attacks will hit its target, it's my job to decide that.

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Eianna wasn't surprised to find Yala still at her shoulder as she raced forward- they'd explored enough together for the elf to expect the giantess to be at her shoulder more often than not, and Trevor to bring up the rear; a powerful though often unseen ally. It had worked well for them in the past, and looked to be falling into that same rhythm again as they took the handful of seconds necessary to look at the situation they were about to burst into...

When there was a yell. And a blur of green motion. Eianna frowned, and blinked for a moment in surprise, before being rocked out of her momentary stupor by Yala's 'pat', and the view of her friends back as she rushed forward into combat. The elf swore once, quietly and in her own tongue, before checking left and right and running towards the nearest tree, making a leap with arms extended to grab a branch above her head and pull herself into the canopy. She's painfully aware of the long tortuous seconds it takes for her to reach a position where her feet are planted on a hardy branch, and her view is relatively unimpeded by the canopy that opens before her.

Thin, long fingered hands move with the utter surety that comes only with endless repetition, and pull forth her bow, nocking an arrow without looking, her eyes instead transfixed on the fight before her. There appears to be no question as to which side she finds herself upon; the uneasiness that had begun to grow when she'd considered the odd readiness of the knights now blossomed into full distrust and disgust. She'd seen many orders, of many races, and few would seek to hound down a lone man the way that she saw now- certainly none that served the gods of order over the coming darkness.

And so she chooses her target. With Yala and the half-orc stood guard over the fallen man, Eianna turns her attention to those around them. The knight with the bloodied shoulder she dismisses for now in favour of one of his more actively dangerous companions, choosing one of the outer knights who had been shouldered aside but otherwise unharmed as Yala and her new battle-buddy ran head first into the fray. A rare, hungry seeming smile crawls onto Eianna's face then, and she pulls the arrow free of the string again, clenching it between her teeth as she feels within her quiver for a different pattern...

The arrow she chooses is one of the few magic items she'd ever really come to appreciate. She couldn't remember in that moment if this set of enchanted arrows had been one of Trevor's ideas or not, but in truth it mattered little. Nocking her chosen projectile she draws, aims and releases, aiming at the knight most central to the cluster who had been shouldered aside. Should it make it's mark, that knight would be having a very unpleasant experience, as fire followed the initial pain of the impact- a fire that, hopefully, would spread to his companions... But she doesn't wait to find out, instead readying and loosing the normal arrow that she'd put between her teeth soon after, perfectly content to begin raining death down on each knight within her view, firing two arrows before switching target, so each felt harried and distracted...

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So far the plan had worked, he sailed from his tree branch and hit the ground in a roll, but as he started running, he felt a searing pain unlike anything else in his leg.

His muscles spasmed and he hit the ground, the flurry of punches and kicks followed giving the lone Marine no time to assess his wound through the searing haze of pain.

The elder knights words rang in his mind as he fought to stay conscious, this man seemed to know a lot about him, about his people. Techniques that Cameron learned in the academy did little to help him as he found the blade inches from his neck.

The momentary distraction provided by the strange greenskin and the large woman proved an excellent out, as they rushed their targets, Cameron used the last bit of his energy to fight through the pain, pull the disruptor pistol holstered at his right thigh, activate and fire it.

Two deafening cracks followed two brilliant flashes of green light as Cameron fired his weapon at the closest knight at point blank range, and then he fired two more shots at the second knight, shots that were likely to veer wildly off course through the pain induced fog.

Brilliant green flashes of light seared into the canopy, and Cameron used what reserves he had to roll away from the fighting so he wouldn't be caught in the crossfire.

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Character Portrait: Eianna Imryll J'Oren Character Portrait: Yala Steelblood Character Portrait: Cameron Gage Character Portrait: Trevor Albert Delphi III Character Portrait: Tsarrack

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#, as written by Sonofel

The four knights surrounding Cameron are caught completely unawares as Yala and Tsarrack charge head 1st into their midst. All four knights are launched several yards away in all directions. Before they could stand, arrows are fired from a nearby tree. Eianna succeeds in hitting the nearest knight. As the arrows burst into flame he stands to his feet and screams in terror and the fire quickly consumes him. Cameron is barely able to sit up on his knees, fighting through the pain, he manages to pull out his pistol and fires a shot directly at one of the knights. His armor disintegrates into dust and the dark warrior collapses. A pool of blood seeping into the ground. Cameron attempts to more shots with his pistol, but they blast off into the air as the pain in his leg spreads ever closer to his chest. The veins in both his legs are now pulsing green and slowly continuing to spread. The knight holding his bleeding arm abandons the corpse of his friend and mounts his horse, escaping farther into the woods. The knight furthest from the group who was knocked into the tree also mounts his horse and flees. Now only the elder knight is all that remains. "You dare strike down the Knights of Grim!?! May Havok curse you all, peasant swine!" He lifts his black blade and tendrils of darkness lash out at the two giant warriors. One manages to slash Yala in the chest and icy cold frost sends a chill down your spine. Tsarrack barely manages to dodge the shadows. "The Grimone will surely slay you for this! You haven't seen the last of me!" With that said, the tendrils of darkness from his sword target the last remaining horses. The animals instantly turn to dust as the elder knight mutters some sort of incantation. A mysterious cloak of shadows envelops him and without a seconds thought, he vanishes from sight. Now nothing remains but two corpses and several scattered piles of ash. However the knight that is currently burning alive continues to scream in agony shouting all manner of hellish curses.

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Tsarrack still infused with his bloody rage, the Half-orc wouldn’t abide by allowing the cowards to flee, taking the weighted forge hammer from his belt he’d launch it at one of the fleeing knight’s horse, as the man mounted and in the brief moments it was within a good range. If the hammer struck, the pelvis and left femur of the horse’s left rear leg would be shattered. Ensuring the poor creature couldn’t get a kick off to run and to fall backwards and over. thus risking the rider to get trapped underneath his horse.

He turned quick enough to dodge the Elder knight’s attack, he gripped his blade and death glared the knight of grim in the eye. Raising his blade to charge the man down only to be stopped by the sudden disappearance into a cloud of darkness and the horses slaughtered and turned to ash.

He lowered his blade and turned to the burning screaming knight, his breathing relaxing and the bloodrage leaving his senses, he looks about, heaving in air as his heart rate lowered back into its resting range. He stabbed the blade into the soft earth and pulled the magic arrow from the knight’s wounds and began heavily, and somewhat uncaringly, beat the flames down untill the man lay in burnt robes and scorched armour, he places his boot onto the knight’s breastplate and begins to push down, applying only a small part of his 250Ibs. Weight upon the man’s chest. “who are you bastards?! And why did you seek to kill the stranger!?” he growled the words out bearing jagged fanged teeth and applying more weight.Risking crushing the man’s chest underfoot.

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Character Portrait: Eianna Imryll J'Oren Character Portrait: Yala Steelblood Character Portrait: Cameron Gage Character Portrait: Trevor Albert Delphi III Character Portrait: Tsarrack

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It was a good swing, Yala would have undoubtedly given a low whistle as she watched the knight fly a not so gracious curve through the air. Yet the situation surely hadn't been solved, her eyes were still cautiously darting around the small battlefield. The man practically right underneath her had aided in demolishing the Knights, yet done so with a more than strange weapon, the Orc which has slightly put her to shame earlier didn't seem to be done with them, even as they called for a retreat. She herself was unfortunately unable to either reveal in the quite easy victory, or even join Tsarrack in harrowing the fleeing Knights.

Magic, oh how she detested it. The attack was rather shameful as a blackened claw was suddenly reached from one of the fleeing Knights, slashing her right across the chest. It struck, she flinched and took a singular step back. That was perhaps the worst part of it. Pouting she took a glance down at her own chest. Observing the throbbing wound across her chest while furrowing her brows. The wound weren't all that worrying, the magic perhaps a little more, a terrifying chill rolling down her at the mere touch.

She planted her axe into the ground, although for others it'd be more of a slam, perhaps a little close to the strangers head. She patted her own chest, feeling how much pain it caused, turning around to look at the others with a quizzical look. As if asking if they know what the hell just happened. True, she had mostly followed through on the charge after being spurred by the Orc, but maybe it wasn't too wise leaving room for one to escape, both that and the wound across her chest.

Without really thinking about it she instinctively searched the shrubbery for Trevor. Hopefully he'd not feel too awkward tending to her, not that he had much choice in the matter, despite, he's the only one who'd know the nature of what she was just hit by. Even if the wound was rather badly placed

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