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It is 25 years after the war. In the border village of Cellrin, Hexes and Mages are no longer at war, but there is still tension. The small Mage villages that survived the war are forming an army to win back their nation. The legend of the spirit elementals says "They are unlike any other element. Unlike other elements, their spiritual power is not canceled out by technology , it is enhanced by technology." More may be discovered as time goes on, this myth may be true. Who knows?
The Hex-
Geography: somewhere in Europe and some parts of Russia.
Religion: mostly no religion some may believe in some region.
Art: buildings and inventions are kinda art. Things they consider to be art have another use as well.
Architecture: Plastic houses and houses made of metal.
Politics: Hexadecimal is their leader and the royal family help make decisions
Economy: The most popular brand name belongs to the government, but hexes make their own companies as well.
Social classes: Almost anyone can afford robotic appendages unless they are really poor. Robotic appendages are considered attractive to hexes.

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((I've had this post ready for a while so I'll just post it))
A dusty book lies on a beautifully crafted table. After wiping off the dust, it reveals the words "For Hexes Only" under it lies another copy of the book. They don't seem out of place in the house belonging to Hex royalty. Am I a hex? I sigh and open the book carefully, trying not to damage it. My hands reach for the necklace I always wear, it's just a habit. The necklace glows blue, too bright for my taste. I know it's the necklace of Hexadecimal. It's such an honor to be trusted with a part of Hexadecimal. It means nothing to me. It's just a necklace I must wear to honor my family or something idiotic like that. The book is definitely outdated, not much use for it now besides history.
Guess who made it!
I hear a voice say. It is not coming from anywhere, it's coming from inside of my head. It's happening again.
"I don't care. Who are you?" I respond, not caring who hears. They already think I'm insane.
That's pretty rude, Lucinda. Have you been taking your manners classes? I'm disappointed in you. Your dear mother would love for you to take your classes.
"Shut up!"
I realize that I had thrown the book across the room. There is only silence until Mother runs into the room.
"Lucinda, are you all right? I heard-"
"I'm fine."
Mother's frizzy, red hair is in an elegant bun. She wears a long pink gown to cover her legs, obviously. A crown finishes her regal look. She frowns at my silence and looks over at the book I threw.
"My mother helped write that book. She was a spy for the Mage nation."
"Why do you live here then?"
"The Mage nation is gone now. She's dead."
"Don't you have more family?"
I turn around, looking away from Mother.
"Where's Valentino?"
"In his room, you should be going to school now." Mother's blue eyes reveal her sadness.
I run up the staircase leading to Valentino's room.
"Are you ready for school?!" I yell at him.
"Yeah. The teacher will killus if we're late." My brother replies while going down the stairs. I follow him. School, the place where we try to be hexes. It may work, but for now I'm a Mage with a robotic arm. The disgraceful royalty of the Hex nation. The child of Fernando Waters, the legendary war prince, and his second wife, or as others like to call her, 'that bimbo that the prince married'. A half-breed not meant to be in such a high position of power. Not worth holding the fate of Hexadecimal. Valentino is more clueless, he barely notices all the rumors and insults. Ignorance is bliss I suppose


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Character Portrait: Nymeris Targaryenn

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Eleven years before present day, somewhere underneath the royal palace.

Age: 14 years old.

Scrutinizing her creation, The Maker blew a stray piece of hair out of her face. She adjusted the levitating magnifying glass in front of her, then resumed toying with the chip in front of her. The small tool in her left hand snagged on one of the ridges in the dime-sized chip, moving it oh-so-slightly out of place.

"Shit!" Nymeris slammed her head into her palms, taking a deep breath. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the task in front of her, calming down her ever-busy mind.

A crash from the other side of the room caused her to groan and peek through her fingers at the workshop around her. All seemed well, nothing out of place in the meticulously organized area. Wait...

The magnifying glass that she had been using was in a twisted jumble of metal and glass, embedded in one of the shelves across the space.

"What the hell..." As The Maker cautiously made her way over to the slightly smoking piece of equipment, she noticed that the metal had crumpled in on itself, as if some fist of gigantic strength had taken hold and decided to squeeze. Her gaze fell back to the table where she had been working, eyes landing on the supposedly ruined chip.

The chip was about two feet to the left of where she had left it - It mist have been moved when she shook the table in frustration. The gears in her mind turning, she looked back and forth at the heap of junk that had once been her favorite magnifying glass, and the chip that she thought was ruined.

She used a pair of tweezers to nudge one of the ridges again, and one of her screwdrivers flew off the table an - That's not the whole screwdriver. Only the metal part had moved, had been wrenched from the translucent handle.

A slightly diabolical grin spread across Nymeris's face, and she quickly got back to work.

One year later - ten years before present day

One year, countless trials, and several scars on her scalp and head later, The Maker had competed her biggest project ever. She had successfully implanted the very same chip, the very first chip, into her own brain.

Sitting up gingerly, Nymeris moved to the edge of the operation table and felt around her scalp carefully. Her fingers grazed old scars, each a reminder - and a tally mark - of trials past and failed. The very first time, she had only just discovered what the chip could do. The long scar running across her cheek was a constant reminder of the fact that , back then, she had had no idea what she was doing.

"Ow!" Nymeris hissed, running over something that was definitely not an old scar. It was about an inch long, and was on the very top of her head, dead center. Once her hair grew back, no one would ever know it was there.

She held her hand out, palm up, and concentrated as hard as she could. The screwdriver tip floated from it's honorary place on a shelf into her hand.

Grasping the tool in her hand, she allowed herself to smile for the first time in a year. "Happy 15th birthday to me."


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Character Portrait: Becca DuPree

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I am running. Running and feeling free, the wind in my hair, pulling at my braid, my loose shorts and flowing tank top moving with me. I climb up a tree, my clothes lose enough that my movement is not restricted, but tight enough not to catch on any branches. Grinning I look down as I see my friends are still looking for me, as I'm the only one who has yet to be found. Lanie, a blonde girl with big brown eyes, stands there listening. She is the only other elemental in my group. I close my eyes and get closer to the tree, hoping that her wind abilities can't tell her where I am. I slowly move around the thick tree and climb down on the other side before they see me. I'm by the river and dive in, breathing in relief the moment I'm under. I beg the river to flow over me like it normally would, and it agrees, though sluggishly. I close my eyes as let my senses become part of the river, feeling wonderful and free, the way I can never truly be. Suddenly I feel dirt being kicked into river. My eyes snap open. "shit." I curse. My friends are smart, I'll give them that.

It was probably Tony (Anthony Grass, don't laugh, that's his real name). He's always coming up with crazy solutions like that. I grit my teeth and try to ask the river to brush the dirt aside and not let it settle on me. I concentrate really hard, but the river is like me, it hates to be restrained, and I lose control. The dirt settles on my figure and I feel three pairs of hands reach down to grab me. I am wretched up so suddenly, it takes a moment for my lungs to realize they are supposed to inhale air, not water. When I can breath again, I cough twice and say "fuck you" in a dry, scratchy voice.

I look up into the brown face of Kari, who is laughing at me. She grins crookedly and says "Honestly, it's not our fault that you have lung confusion. Anyway, nice job. You held it for a WHOLE MINUTE this time!" I scowl at her and she laughs. I hate that I still am not that good at controlling my powers. I mean..I'm the 2nd best in our age group, but that's not saying much.

"Hey!" I say, "Least my senses could tell why you guys were based on the dirt. Lanie, couldn't sense me when I was hugging a tree."
Lanie laughs. Tony, who is always defensive of Lanie says, "Yes, the poor tree must have been groaning under your weight. It's pained cries probably confused her." I laugh with all my friends.

After laying around a joking for a while we walked my into the village, and I feel myself lose my carefree feeling as the weight of being inside my home, where my Mother can affect everything I do settles on me. Of course my friends see, but they just keep joking with me, knowing I'm always this way. I can't control this. I always feel oppressed. Water can be molded into any shape, yes, but it escapes the moment the mold is gone. It likes to be free. The Village is my mold, and the moment I leave it, I'm free.

I know that my mother must feel the same way. Mum's an air elemental, she knows what it's like to want to be completely free, I know she does. I see how her smiles are wider, her eyes less tired when she is outside of the village. Yet she keeps forcing me to come back, she keeps forcing me into a mold of who she wants as a daughter, and I know I can't take it much longer. Eventually I'll explode, but in the meantime I feel like I'm slowly dying.


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Character Portrait: Lucinda Waters Character Portrait: Valentino Waters Character Portrait: Reneé

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"My sister really doesn't like you," Valentino says. We're sitting at a table in a fast-food restaurant. "No dip," I say, laughing. My head feels like it's about to explode. I haven't taken a magic hit this whole day. It's all I can do to act normal. "How do you put up with someone like that?"
"No, seriously. I have something to ask you."
"Ask it then."
"Well, I, uh..." He scratches his head awkwardly. "I was just, okay, you might be mad at me but..."
"Hurry up and fucking say it. Jeez."
"Are...are you using some type of technology to seduce me?"
"Am I what?" The question takes me by surprise. I was expecting an awkward breakup or something.
"Well, I don't know. I can't think of a good reason why I would like you...plus I know you are in the advanced class for mental tech..."
"Fo' real, you think that? No, I'm not. I don't even think that's possible."
He seems relieved. "Good-"
"What are you doing with my brother, bitch?" Lucinda's icy cold voice startles me, but I keep my cool.
"Come on, Lucinda. You really couldn't tell we was together? Like all dis time?" All this time being one day, but I exaggerate to make Lucinda mad.
"Lucindaaaaaaa! I didn't know you came here!" I hate how much Valentino looks up to his sister. It's his one flaw, how much of a pushover he is, but add being Hex royalty and I'm willing to overlook that.
"Really, Valentino? Get lost, Renee. I need to talk to my brother in private."
I am about to retort, but then Lucinda yells at the air, not even looking at me- "Shut up!"
Valentino looks worried, much more so than I would think he'd be for a random comment. "Come on, Lucinda, let's go." He leans down to kiss me on the cheek. Lucinda doesn't even notice. Her eyes are glazed over and she's muttering to herself, like she's hearing voices. Great. Now the bitch is psycho. Well, that was predictable.
"Catch you later." Valentino's eyes are apologetic. "Yeah, okay, go help her," I say in a rush.
They leave and I pull out a bottle of liquid magic. It's technically illegal, but I've been taking it for 3 years. Being only half Hex, the Magic part of me gives me headaches if technology is too dominant. I take liquid magic to maintain balance. Most of the Halfies do it, we just don't talk about it much.


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Character Portrait: Lucinda Waters Character Portrait: Valentino Waters Character Portrait: Reneé

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"What the hell was that?!" Lucinda whispered, trying not to attract attention from anyone outside the fast food restaurant.
"Lucinda shouldn't we go home before you lecture me?"
She took my hand in hers and as if guiding a child, led me to the hex palace.
"Why were you with Renée?" Lucinda demanded.
Could it really be that big of a deal? It's only been a day.
"She just asked me out and we went to eat."
"She asked you?"
I simply nodded in response.
"What does she want from you? Renée only cares about herself. Plus, she's been drinking illegal liquid magic"
In truth I had no answer to my sister's question.
"How do you know she's been doing drugs?"
"People in our class, most of them drink it too."
I raised an eyebrow.
"You trust them?"
"They know about doing drugs and who's been doing drugs."
Lucinda fiddled with the necklace of Hexadecimal. I should feel jealous that I'm not next in line for the throne, but I can't. I know she'd be a better ruler than I could ever be, if it ever comes to that.
"I'm sorry, Luce." That was all I could manage to say to her. I couldn't defend Renée, nor could I agree with my sister.
"Lucinda, Valentino, you're home!" A high-pitched voice could be heard throughout the castle. Lucinda cringed. We easily recognized Adelaida's voice, Dad's other wife. In an effort to maintain Dad's affection since he's royalty, she essentially became a bimbo to make up for the fact that she can't have children. It's kind of depressing, she would've been a respectable person if not for that. Of course, the same could be said about Mom, but I prefer to ignore that. I can only hope Lucinda doesn't let it get to her head. She always seems to have a lot on her mind.
"I know." Lucinda finally responded, narrowing her eyes at the woman.
"Lucy, why do you always have to be so rude to me? I'm basically your mother, you must learn to respect me." Adelaida contorted her face in an attempt to seem angry at her.
"I don't really care what you have to say." Lucinda bit her lip, likely in an attempt to not say anything too insulting. She has an image to maintain, of course.
"Miss, my sister doesn't like to talk to people very much. Please don't hold it against her." I attempted to calm the situation.
"Oh I know, dear. Don't worry, I forgive her, only because I am a kind woman. Unlike that mother of yours." The hex woman left the room with a smirk on her face insinuating victory.
I definitely noticed a spark in Lucinda's robotic arm. She must've been trying to use magic. It was then that I noticed the unmistakable rage in Lucinda's usually emotionless face. To most, it would've seemed like a slight change in expression, but I've known Lucinda for my entire life, and hers too.
"Lucinda?" I turn to face her.
The princess's expression softened ever-so-slightly.
"Valentino..." She responded.
What was that supposed to mean? The conversation became very awkward very quickly.
"...thank you" Lucinda then exited the room.


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Character Portrait: Nymeris Targaryenn

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Present day - 24 hours after latest post

Ten years ago, I was nothing. I had no idea what I was capable of. Nymeris smiled to herself. Well, would you look at me now!

The Maker stood up and stretched, cracking her neck and knuckles, surveying her latest invention. A mechanical whirring emitted from it as the metal began to cool off.

Ten years had passed since she had implanted the chip into her own head, seven since she had fully mastered it's abilities. In the meantime, she had managed to keep the metal manipulation a secret, more or less. No one really missed that boy anyway. Also being kept a secret was the true purpose of her workshop. Of course, she had been given projects on how to make life easier for the people of Cellrin, and from there it was heartstoppingly simple to get the required materials for her own projects. All of these serviceable inventions were so boring.

Her invention ceases it's whirring on the table, drawing her attention back to it. She had had the idea for this for nearly five years, scrapping through any extra parts that she could salvage or convince the royal family to give to her for a framework alone.

Finally finished, it was a mechanical masterpiece. In appearance, it didn't look like much different from the robot form that she had made Hexadecimal. This, however, wasn't a suit for a former leader. This was a body, a creature with a mind of it's own, and it was called Vabri. It was completely made of metal, with none of those other, human, weakness, like feelings or pain. It was stronger than anything she had ever seen, surpassing even her. It could repair itself from injury, given time. Each part was made of metal so finely interlocking it looked almost soft to the touch. And it was all hers to control.

Vabri's robot eyes flicked open. It sat itself up in the table, and began to work through each of their joints, testing it's own grip strength. Picking up a piece of scrap metal, the robot crushed it easily as if it were a paper clip.

Nymeris smiled. She tensed her hand, then spread her fingers wide. A cloud of drones, easily 50 or more, all about the size of doorknobs, rose up around her. Spare time did pay off after all. Behind her, Vabri stood up off the table.

Turning around, she stood among her creations. "We've got work to do."

Literally less than 5 minutes later

Screaming, Nymeris though to herself. Yes, that would have to go.

Her drones went out first, to quietly take care of the servants and staff of the palace. Inevitably, one of them was spotted by one of the lesser nobles.

Their yell of alarm was quickly and permanently silenced.

Vabri stayed by Nymeris's side as she made her way through the royal palace, towards her final destination, the throne room. Where Crown Prince Hades and his whore were. Their little brats were still at some school or another, unfortunately out of harm's way. She would have waited, but Vabri was finally completed, and she could barely wait.

Nymeris made her way to the throne room without incident. There was, of course, the one Lord who thought that he would be the one to save the royal family by standing in her way. He actually tried attacking me! His revolt was short-lived when Vabri crushed his windpipe.

Funnily enough, no one seemed to want to get in her way after that.

Having finally reached the reinforced steel doors to the throne room, Nymeris wrenched them from their frames with a clawed hand and a swiping motion.

Hexadecimal's robot form was standing in the doorway, blocking the entrance. "You are no longer welcome here."

The Maker sighed theatrically. "I suppose I'll just have to leave now. You've obviously beaten me, with your robot form made completely of metal - Oh, wait." She threw Hexadecimal out of the way and molded the entire suit together, with no escape for the computer program.

She stalked into the room, where Hades and Samantha were standing, defiant.

"Nymeris! What is the meaning of this?" The Prince moved in front of his mage, taking futile measures to protect her.

"My dear Crown Prince, it is good to see you. I've only been living underground for so long, I though a change in scenery would be nice." With that, she closed her eyes and shredded the remains of the doors behind her. The Maker opened her eyes, and with a flick of her wrist, sent a shard of metal the size of a tree branch between Hades's eyes. He slumped to the ground, no longer breathing.

Nymeris walked calmly forward, even as Hades's mage bitch started screaming at both her and him, begging him to stand up. With a thought, Nymeris sent iron manacles towards the newly appointed widow.

Samantha stumbled backward with the force of the restraints. "You won't get away with this!"

"I think you'll find that I already have," said Nymeris coolly, then turned to her robot. "Vabri!"

The robot lifted its eyes to meet her own, standing passively by the body on the floor.

"Bring me the rest of the palace. Any means necessary, dead or alive."

With the last command given, Nymeris settled herself onto the throne of Hexadecimal.


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Character Portrait: Valentino Waters Character Portrait: Reneé Character Portrait: Nymeris Targaryen

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"Code Red. Code Red. Take proper security measures. A threat to our royal family has been detected."
I stare at my friend Le-a and raise my eyebrows as the bus goes into lock-down mode. We've stopped in the middle of the road, but nothing's moving anymore. They must have all heard the command. Metal plating slides out from a compartment on the side of the bus and covers the sides, blocking out all light except that from our glowing phones and arm-bands. I can only remember one lock-down drill, and everyone knew about it before it happened. This must be the real thing.
"Keep your hands and feet at your sides, please," the robotic voice of Hexadecimal comes over the loudspeakers. We hold still as metal plating slides out from the back of each seat and encases us each in separate pods.
I take out my phone and face-time Le-a. "Y'know whats goin on?" She says. I shake my head. "Lemme look it up real quick," I say. I pull up HNN ((Hex Nation Network)) to see if they have something on what's happening. "It says here that Hexadecimal is going to go on and tell us what happened in two minutes."
I start playing a game on my phone.
The newscast opens itself automatically. Hexadecimal's robot form ((Yes Ashley, she has more than one)) is on. I listen closely.
"The royal family has been attacked and the palace has been infiltrated. Prince Fernando Waters has been killed by the attacker."
A picture comes up on the screen. "Our database has identified her as Nymeris Targaryenn, a Hex builder and servant. She is on our most-wanted list. If you come in contact with her, hide immediately. She appears to have a type of metal controlling technology. Do not attempt to use weapons on her. The queen Adelaida has been rescued, and the royal children are safe. The Hex government has this all under control. She holds no position of power, let me assure you. In the meantime, before this is resolved, stay away from the palace."
"So if dey got it all under control, why we gotta go into lock-down mode doe?" I complain to Le-a.
"Isn't yo bae one o' them royal people?" Le-a asks.
I forgot about Valentino. I send him a text to make sure he's OK. "Yeah, I think he OK doe. I mean, he was at school today so I mean I know he didn't get attacked or nothin'."
Valentino responds to the text. "No, my dad was killed. What do you think?"
I've never known him to be rude before. "Sorry," I text back.
"It's OK. We're staying in a hotel with Adelaida. I don't know where my mom is."
The bus goes out of lock-down mode. People start talking loudly, relieved that it wasn't something serious.
"That bitch stupid," I say to Le-a. "What she gon go take over the royal family for? She know they aint do nothing really, its all Hexadecimal."
"They gonna catch her real easy," Another girl on the bus says.


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Character Portrait: Becca DuPree

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I am not being trampled by a herd of elephants, sadly. Nope, I am sparring with my mother. And I am losing. Badly.

Every few days my mom decides that she needs to kick my ass. And I agree. Why? Because it's made my ace all my classes on fighting. However...it sucks. Mum seems to believe that beating me up will make me more resilient and a better fighter, and while it does, it also makes me hate her for 24 hours.

"Come on Becca, raise your arm a little higher. No, lower. Seriously, it's either too low or too high! It's like you can't decide if you're a boy or a girl!"
I sigh. It's a well-know fact that boys protect lower, and girls protect higher...for obvious reasons. I however, have been hurt both in the lower area and higher several times, so I fight like I'm gender confused, because no matter what the gender, it bloody hurts either way.
"Yes mum." I say, trying hard not to voice my irritation or my pain. I grit my teeth and stand up again after being knocked down, and manage to get a good hit in on my Mum's solar plexus. She goes down and groans in pain. Sheesh, I must have gotten a better hit in then I thought. I walk over to help her up, and Mum pulls me down, knees me in the gut, and pins me. Fuck. I did it again.

"Stop it!" my Mum chides, "Yes I'm human, yes you know me, yes I'm your mom! But to you, when you fight, whoever you are fighting is your enemy."
I hate fighting. I am better at stealth. That is why I want to be a spy. But of course, spy have to fight as well.
"Look, We'll wrap this up. Go for a swim Becca." Mum says, sighing in a slightly disappointed manner. I scowl as I change clothes, and I run out into the river. I swim several laps, and feel better as the water soothes my aches and my temper.
After floating around a while, I feel a rock splash next to me, and I look up. There's Ben, my best friend. He's the only one who gets what it feels like to be a constant disappointment to his family. Both his parents are elementals, but he...just isn't. He's smart, he's funny, he's even handsome, I guess, (I know that much from how some girls sigh when they see him) he's someone anyone could be proud of. But not his parents.

He heaves a great sigh and sits down next to me when I climb out of the water. "So," he starts, and I lie back in the grass and feel the sun warm on my face, preparing for the 3 questions. It's a stupid game we play where we each get to ask three questions and then we have to answer honestly. We created it years ago, when we both couldn't talk to each other comfortably because we were only just starting to be friends. I smile at him, and he continues. "Which mistake?"
I sigh, "The 'It's my mum' instinct." He winces.
"Oh, she got you good after that one, of course." I nod, and look back at him.
"Which potion?"
He groans. His parents always feed him "awakening potions" to try and get powers to manifest. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if he was high all the time. "This time? Um....I believe they called it "Wind's breath." I rolled my eyes.
"That stuff is crap, and you know it. What is it? 'Blood of a Wind Mage infused with a gentle summer breeze'?"
He snorted and replied, "something like that."

We just lie there, in silence, just happy to be next to each other. We don't even bother to finish the game.


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