Hidden in the CaribbeanCharlotte Cantrell

"I'm bigger than my body gives me credit for."

a character in “Hidden in the Caribbean”, as played by Lavender

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Full Name: Charlotte Elisabeth Cantrell, goes by Cee.
Age: Nearly eighteen.
Race: Shape Shifter


When it comes to C, there is definitely more than meets the eye. She is your typical shy kind of girl, who loves laughing and will normally be smiling but lacks the general outgoing aura she wishes to have. She's got a pensive disposition and seems to get caught up in her own thoughts and daydreams more often than not. Charlotte is usually assumed to be weak and girlish, underestimated most of the time although she is anything but those two things. Shifting into a powerful black panther, she could take anyone down without blinking. Maybe her human appearance is simply a way to divert people.

She is very cunning, though it doesn't seem like it. She's clever and was known as a prankster at her old school, along with her other friends. She can easily persuade people and easily tricks. Lying is definitely a gift of hers, even though it might not be a good thing sometimes.


Charlotte was raised by her older brother, William, after her parents were killed in a fatal car crash when she was ten years old. He was of legal age to be her guardian, so they moved into a smaller apartment and have lived there, just the two of them, since. They were close but there were often arguments, just because they had different personalities. She found out he was a shifter when she was thirteen, around the same time she discovered her ability as well. He helped her through it, helped her control it.

So begins...

Charlotte Cantrell's Story